How to fix League of Legends error code 003


One of the most frustrating error codes you are bound to experience in League of Legends is the error code 003. Popping up just as you attempt to add new patches, here is what to do to fix it.

This error code signifies a problem in the connection between the receiving client and the patching server. Most of the time, an unstable connection is a reason behind it.

While you would be exploring the shifting meta or testing out new content, error 003 keeps you stuck for a long minute trying to troubleshoot the issue.

To fix error 003 on League of Legends, try restarting your computer, reconfiguring your internet connection, or closing the application and then re-opening it again. 

These are the basic first steps to take when you encounter this error but they are not the only resolutions available.

Fixing error code 003 on League of Legends 

Restart computer 

Again, this is the most basic troubleshooting technique you should use as a first attempt at fixing the error.

Simply close your game client and restart your machine. Once back online, you may try launching the game again.

However, if the issue persists, check your internet connection before relaunching the game.

Delete data from Release file 

A significant number of gamers have reported a quick resolution to the error 003 by deleting the Release file’s contents.

To do this; Close your game client and find your list of installed program files. Go to Rads, then Projects to lol_game_client releases.

Click on delete the latest release file that will delete the last patch which your computer will try to download again.

Then restart the game client.

It is important to remember not to delete all the files because this might affect the core game files.

Run game as administrator 

If your user rights are limited or you have some admin privileged programs competing with your game files, this could cause a system crash leading to error 003.

By running the league of Legends game client and the executable file as an administrator, the error 003 can be quickly resolved.

This is because doing so will assist the game to reach every resource needed to perform seamlessly. Follow the steps recommended to do this right;

On the game’s icon on your desktop, right-click and click on the Compatibility tab. From the pop-up box, select “Run this program as an administrator” and launch the game client again.

The error should be gone but if not, try the next solution. Note that Riot Games tends to download new versions of these files for every new patch.

This means you may need to repeat this process every time there is a new patch in store.

Use the Hextech repair tool 

Coming in highly recommended by a large pool of League of Legend gamers, the Hextech repair tool can fix different connection issues like error 003.

This tool is downloadable from the website Riot games for free. Once downloaded and installed successfully, run the application and then relaunch your game client.

Be sure to run this tool under administrative rights to automatically clean up the occurring error.

Check Server status 

There are plenty of available League of Legends (LOL) servers. The error 003 may be caused by an issue within the server you are trying to connect to.

To fix this, you need to try connecting to other servers available.

Disable Anti-Virus and Firewall 

If even after running the Hextech repair tool you still cannot clear the error, try disabling your firewall. The antivirus software in your machine way creates a block and prevents the tool from running effectively.

This is possible because most gaming files are installed into the PC in a zipped format which is why they are hard to scan.

To avoid internet browsing while your anti-virus and firewall are turned off, send a message over to the Riot Games tech support team.

Re-routing VPN

When all else fails, try re-routing your VPN connection while running the patch request. This will make communication between server and client easier and clearer.

It is possible that the game cannot be played in your region because of a limited connection.

There are tons of reliable free VPNs to choose from so pick one from a reputable site such as TunnelBar and check if the error disappears.

Table Summary: How to Fix error code 003 on League of Legends 

Issue Cause Fix




League of Legends Error 003

Server issues Upgrade version or fix bug
Corrupt Content Delete corrupted files
Anti-Virus Disable
Internet Issues Change VPN or network connection
Windows Update Clear update queue

Delete Folder Content 

Your Windows Update Content might be corrupted which stalls the updating process that results in the error being triggered.

When we delete the content inside the folder, it will rid the computer of the corrupted content and this will be reinstalled by the launcher.

To do this successfully; go to the game’s main folder and navigate to the location: Riot Games\League of Legends \league_client\releases\

Select to delete all the content within the folder and finally run the updates again and confirm if the error is cleared.


All the tips and tricks recommended here are safe, tried, tested, and proven to work. After trying all the suggested resolutions to no avail, it is time to involve the Riot Game support team.

Draft up a message clearly and extensively detailing the specific error on your screen and the steps you have taken in troubleshooting. Then sit back and patiently wait for their response.


What can the Hextech Repair Tool do?

This tool can effectively perform any repatches or reinstallations, display issues in your region, log data of your crash history, and manage your firewall functions. 

Why are the crash logs important?

The crash logs are a detailed account of system errors in your connection. The League of Legends support team can use them to identify the root of your connection issues which will help advise them on the best, most permanent solution.

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