Can I move my modem to another room

Though they don’t directly connect your wireless devices to the internet, modems play a significant role in the internet connection process. These gadgets convert data into digital signals for your router to transmit. Mostly, they’re installed where the cable outlet is, but can you move it to another room?

Yes, you can move your modem to another room. This is however dependent on the type of internet connection, the coaxial and telephone cable if you use one, and if the other room has an active cable outlet.

What exactly is a modem

Your home network components all speak different languages and your modem acts as the translator. The modem takes signals from your internet service provider (ISP) and translates them into digital signals which are the internet connection that your Wi-Fi router can then broadcast. There are three types of modems – DSL, Cable, Dial-up, and Fiber modems. These modems operate through different cable mediums depending on your ISP. Cable modems are the most common in retail shops while Fiber ones are not easy to find in stores. When shopping for a Cable or DSL modem, make sure to get the appropriate modem that is compatible with your subscribed ISP download and upload speeds. This is because, if the modem can’t support the speeds, then it will lead to a slow connection.

Download and upload speeds

Download or downstream speeds refer to how fast the data comes into your home when you’re doing online activities like streaming videos. Upload or upstream speeds refer to how fast the internet connection can send data to the ISP. For example, when you upload a photo on Instagram or send an email. Most ISPs list these speeds as two numbers. For example, 250/15 Megabits per second refers to the download and upload speeds with the download speeds being the larger number.

How to move a modem to another room

Home Internet service is usually delivered in two ways – via a DSL or Cable modem. Cable internet is delivered using a coaxial cable similar to a cable TV service and doesn’t require any filter in between. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) on the other hand uses a copper telephone line and might require a filter.

Cable modem

There are two ways to move your cable modem to another room – by unplugging your modem and moving it to another room or by using a coaxial cable and then connecting the modem from there. If you choose to unplug the modem and move it, then ensure that the room you’re moving it to has an active cable outlet. Most houses have more than one coax outlet whose coaxial cable is usually split using a splitter. If it doesn’t have one, then you can have it set up. Most technicians usually split the line going into your house using a two-way splitter – one for Cable TV connections and the other for internet services. However, each time the line is split, the quality of the service can regress depending on what the end load is.

DSL modem

If you have a landline telephone, then you will need a DSL filter between the DLS modem and the telephone jack. If you use DSL service and the room that you intend to move the modem to has a telephone jack, plug the DSL modem into a telephone jack if there’s any and then connect the router to the modem. Sometimes, the router and modem are combined into one. If you are unsure of anything, then consult the user manual or call for a technician from your ISP which incurs a cost.


Alternatively, you can use an Ethernet wire long enough to reach the other room. Get a long Ethernet wire and connect it to your modem from the original cable outlet to the room you want to set it up.

Issue Modem How to Fix
Can I move my modem to another room Cable modem Look for an active cable outlet in the room and connect the modem. If there’s no outlet, get a technician to set up one for you.
DSL modem Check the room for a telephone jack and plug the modem into it.
Alternatively, use a long Ethernet wire and connect it from the original cable outlet to the room.


Is a DSL modem faster than a cable modem?

A cable modem is faster than a DSL modem.

What is a DSL filter?

DSL filters prevent interference between the DSL modem and the plain telephone service line by separating the incoming signal.

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