How to fix Hulu error code 504?


When streaming movies on Hulu, you might come across the error code 504 because it is a common occurrence. Here’s what to do when faced with this error message. 

Error code 504 on Hulu points to an issue with the internet connection. However, there could be tons of reasons behind the error and by the end of this article, you will know them.

If your internet speeds are affected by either maintenance or use of old equipment, you are prone to get the 504 error on your screen.

To get rid of the 504 error on your Hulu display, you must refresh the connection both for the internet and the configuration in the wiring between equipment. 

Why am I seeing error 504 on my screen?

Error 504 is a gateway timeout error that is caused when a web server fails to get back information in time from another server.

There are two reasons for this failure to load. One is that the server is overwhelmed with pending requests or two, it could be under maintenance.

Either way, since the issue lies more on the server end, there is not much that you can do to change the situation other than just to report it after trying some simple troubleshooting tips.

Fixing Hulu error code 504

Refresh Web Page

As previously mentioned, error 504 points to a temporary issue such as an overwhelming number of requests. These can be quickly solved by refreshing the web page.

Most browsers use the F5 key as a shortcut for refreshing. Alternatively, the refresh symbol is featured somewhere on the address bar.

This solution might not deal with the issue completely but it is easy, simple, and worth a try.

Check Site Status

When you face sites that you have a problem connecting to, do some research to find out if it is the same for more users or just specific to you.

Logging on to sites with statistics showing details of varied webpages will help inform you of the network conditions within your region.

If the site indicates that the webpage you are interested in is down for everyone, you have no other option but to wait out until the issue is resolved.

However, if the site reports that the webpage is up and running, it means that you have a problem on your end.

You may even try to load the page on a different browser just to be sure that it is a configuration issue you are facing.

Restart your devices 

After fully confirming that the issue is on your end, you may proceed to make a few switches to your setup to see what happens.

It could be that there is a problem with the connection between your computer and the networking equipment. Performing a restart on all the devices in the set up will help to clear out any temporary issues.

The error 504 on Hulu could be caused by a DNS issue. This can be resolved effectively by switching DNS servers and restarting the device before checking to see if the issue is cleared.

Check Internet Connection 

Turn off all devices connected to the home network. Then close all applications and programs running in the background.

Put the router or modem close to the device like a TV or laptop for wireless connection or use an Ethernet cable to foster a wired connection between the two.

Perform Power Cycle 

By restoring the effectiveness of all devices and their network connections, power cycles help to improve streaming conditions.

Power cycles are done by long-pressing the power button and leaving the devices off for a few minutes before powering them back on.

Summary table showing details on Hulu error 504

Issue Cause Fix


Error Code 504

Slow or unstable internet Change or upgrade service
Corrupted browser cache Clear cache history
Outdated Hulu App Update Hulu
Hulu server busy or facing technical error Uninstall and reinstall Hulu

Update or reinstall Hulu

Having followed the recommended suggestions above, your Hulu connection should be back on strong again. If this is not the case, you may try this last resort of a solution.

Uninstall and reinstall the Hulu app on your device. It will not only get updated to the latest version but it will also help to clear out any old data logs.

You must be sure to use a third-party uninstaller to effectively clear out all that is related to Hulu before going back to the Play Store app to reinstall it again.

Once this process is complete and the error persists, there are a few things to do; one is to clear the cache stored on the app to make functioning smoother.

Second, you must check the internet connection you are on. If it is not serving you well, it needs to be changed or upgraded for better service.

Try again later

As expressed earlier, the issue behind the 504 error code on Hulu might lie on the server’s side. Having tried all the suggestions given here with no changes to the error status, you need to call the experts.

You have the option to contact the website in question or the Hulu support team. Either way, they have a dedicated workforce that specifically handles errors and connectivity issues.

Once you have reported your issue, they must speed up their troubleshooting and see to a permanent fix.


Error 504 on Hulu may be caused by poor internet or server failures. After adjusting your connection and reconfiguring your networking equipment, the only thing to do is to wait for the server owners to fix the issues.


Why is my Hulu saying “connection error”?

This is because there might have been an internet error encountered by your service. Check and confirm that the device is still connected to the internet.

Why should I use a third-party uninstaller for Hulu?

This is because uninstalling the app alone will not rid the system of its junk files and registry entries. If left behind, this backlog will cause interruptions and malfunctions in the newly installed application. A third-party uninstaller will clear out all history and data related to Hulu.

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