How to use internet during call on android


Many people usually do not know how to use the internet during calls on android. Here is how to keep connected to the internet while seamlessly remaining on your call.

Finding yourself without an internet connection because you are on a call on your android can be frustrating sometimes. Luckily, there are a few hacks and tips you can use to remain connected while still conversing and holding calls on your android. First, you can enable VOLTE HD calls which properly work in a 4G zone, you can enable HD voice to still surf the internet while on a call and you can turn on Wi-Fi calling. These are the simple hacks to remain connected to the internet while still on a call on your android phone.

To begin with, there are a few reasons why you might not be able to use internet during a call on android. First, you might not have turned HD voice on or off. Secondly, the downside of 2G phones is that you cannot use the internet during a call on android. This is because with smartphones have only one antenna and 2G works with different frequencies for voice calls and internet connectivity. Simply put, android phones can only transmit one frequency at a time so 2G is locked out from switching between both. Fortunately, most phones now are 3G/4G enabled with 5G even making the debut to the tech scene. These can simultaneously handle making calls and internet connections.

So how do you use the internet during a call on android?

First, you can enable VOLTE HD calls. Since your android phone will usually switch from a 4G network to either 3G or 2G when you are on a call.To be sure you can work with VOLTE HD on your phone you can contact your service provider to confirm if your network supports it. If it does, your carrier’s customer service ought to go ahead and activate the service. Once active, all you need to do is Open the notification panel,tap and hold on Mobile Data, then enable VOLTE HD Calls for the SIM you need. The only downer is that VOLTE service only works with 4G networks so you need to be in a properly working 4G zone to enjoy this.

Secondly, if your android device has HD Voice, be sure to enable it. Once you have enabled it, you can enjoy voice and video calls while still surfing the internet. However, do note that this works with the 4G LTE Network Extender so you do need to switch off Wi-Fi calling to access it.

While settings do vary from phone to phone, here is a basic overview of how to enable HD voice on most android phones. From the Home Screen, click on Apps then Settings and navigate to Advanced Calling. If this is not available on your phone, you can still get to Advanced Calling by first navigating to Settings then Network and Internet (which is also listed as Connections on some android phones). Once there, tap on the Advanced Calling switch to turn it on or ff. Once on, be sure the check mark that shows enabled is on for both HD Voice and Video Calling.

So in a nutshell, enabling HD Voice on your phone entails navigating from: Apps>Settings>Advanced Calling then turning it on for both HD Voice and Video Calling.

Another way to use internet during call on android is by turning on Wi-Fi calling. First, open the Voice app, on the top left corner, tap on Menu then navigate to Settings. Select Make and Receive calls under the Calls Tab then finally select that your phone should prefer Wi-Fi over mobile data. By doing this, you will be using Wi-Fi connection for a call straight from the Voice app. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that if you do not use the Voice app, the call will use up minutes from your data plan.

Fourthly, if your phone is dual SIM-enabled, you are in for a treat. Calling using a dual-SIM while using your internet connection will not interrupt any of your uses.

Finally, have you ever found yourself at an interview or an urgent meeting, or you just had to use both your internet connectivity while still remaining on a call? There is a simple trick you can use if you are in such an urgent situation. The only disclaimer is that this trick only works if your phone is a dual SIM.

Steps: Navigate to Call Settings>Call forwarding>Forward when unreachable then type in your SIM 1 number. If you use your SIM 1 for the internet and SIM 2 for calling, you can now be able to seamlessly use the internet during a call on your android phone.


We have all been there-been unable to use the internet during a call on our android phones. Luckily, there are ways you can tweak your phone to seamlessly handle being on the internet while you are on a call. These ways are: enabling VOLTE HD calls, enabling HD voice, turning on Wi-Fi calling and enabling your secondary SIM card to access the internet if you have a dual SIM phone. With any of these steps, or a combination of them- you can now enjoying using the internet during a call on Android.


What is Wi-Fi calling?

As the name suggests, it is the service on smartphones that allows you to make calls over a Wi-Fi network. It uses IMS/SIP technology.

How does HD voice work?

With HD Voice you can get simultaneous 4G LTE data and voice calling.

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