Connect Direct Vs SFTP – How do they compare

Connect Direct Vs SFTP

SFTP and connect direct have the same primary function, which is to facilitate file transfer between devices. How do they compare?

SFTP – This is file transfer protocol that is built on a Secure Shell network to allow the transfer of files between devices I a way that is both secure and reliable. It should be noted that SFTP is not directly linked or related to FTP other than that they have the same primary function.

Connect Direct – Also referred to as NDM, Network Data Mover, it is a computer software that allows for the transfer of files between midrange or mainframe computers. In recent times, it has expanded its use to ordinary computes and included additional features.

Why would they be compared?

SFTP and Connect Direct would be compared because they have the same primary function. However, a detailed comparison between the two cannot be made for two main reasons:

  • First, Connect Direct was not designed for use on the same devices as SFTP, making the two protocols different not only in their functionality, but also in their applicability. It is notable that Connect direct is making its way into the market of ordinary computers, but this is fairly new, hence there is little data on it.
  • Connect Direct is highly complex, which makes it not only difficult to us, but also limits its pool of users, making it difficult to compare it to SFTP which is very common and widely used.


SFTP seems to be the way to go because it is simple and reliable in addition to being commonly used, which gives the user a pool of qualified technician for advice and product support.


Is it possible for a user to utilize Connect Direct to facilitate SFTP transfers with the end user as a SFTP server?

No, it is not possible. This is because Connect Direct makes use of its proprietary protocol which is incompatible with other file transfer protocols such as SFTP,, FTPS, TFTP and FTP.

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