Polycom Vs Cisco Video Conferencing- Which Way Forward?

Does quality video conferencing by any other name work just as well? Is one reputable brand better than the other?

Now more than ever the workplace is made up of staff and teams that are geographically dispersed. Yet, interactions between these colleagues are vital since businesses depend on collaboration and teamwork to move forward. Fortunately, Video Conferencing makes possible live video interactions by colleagues.

When it comes to Video Conferencing two major players, Polycom and Cisco are well respected. World over, these two are regarded giants when it comes to products that have greatly influenced video conferencing today. Both Polycom and Cisco offer seamless video conferencing solutions geared towards ensuring that you have the best experience. But, do they work the same?

What are the Differences BetweenPolycom and Cisco Video Conferencing?

Year Founded
Products slightly expensive
Products a bit affordable
Noise proof Technology
Polycom HD Voice technology
Audio triangulation technology helps filter background noise
Video Quality Technology
Polycom EagleEye Camera
1080p video quality
Security Features
Log-in password, SRTP and Wi-Fi encryption
Cisco Security Protocol
Public organizations
Biggest enterprise clients

Polycom Vs Cisco Video Conferencing – How do They Compare?

Polycom and Cisco are companies that have shaped the Video Conferencing arena. Many of their features overlap. Both offer high quality, reliable and extensive video conferencing products. Cisco is one of the earliest video conferencing players and still is the biggest and most known player. Though smaller and more nimble, Polycom’s interoperability gives it a competing chance. How else do these companies compare?

Video Quality

Polycom has developed Polycom EagleEye Cameras that are able to focus on active speakers ensuring that images reflecting during a conference call never go blurry. This ensures that the video quality during a conference call is of a very high standard.

Similarly, Cisco has alsoinvested in technology that has ensures its products are able to maintain high standards of video quality. Because of its massive size, Cisco is able to fund innovation that leads to diverse high-end products. For instance, Cisco was at the forefront in developing 4k resolution and 1080p video options.

Noise Proof Technology

The nature of conference meetings makes it possible to have distracting noises in the backgroundfinding their way into the meeting. Thisprevents audio clarity since participants in the meeting may not be able to clearly hear each other. Having a technology that is able to block or prevent background noise is therefore very helpful.

Both Polycom and Cisco have invested greatly in Background noise technology that prevents background noises from permeating the meeting during a conference meeting. Cisco uses the Audio triangulation technology to filter background noise. For Polycom, the Polycom HD Voice technology suppresses background noises so much so that even noises such as typing on one’s keyboard is not heard.

Target Market

Cisco’s target is the biggest enterprise clients. Almost all Fortune 100 companies, for example, use Cisco for video conferencing. All the same, though Cisco’s products aren’t streamlined for smaller businesses, it can customize solutions to fit the size of a business. Such solutions however end up being expensive.

Being smaller, Polycom focuses on personal services targeting public organizations like universities, hospitals, etc.  Its selling point is being interoperable with many vendors. This means that whereas Cisco offers many products that work well with each other, Polycom’s focus is on few products which it ensures are open and interoperable with many vendors. This works because many enterprises use a mix of vendor’s AV equipment. Polycom’s video conferencing tools, for example, are interoperable with Microsoft communication products like office 365 or Skype for Business, for example.

Polycom Vs Cisco Video Conferencing- A Comparison Review

Polycom Overview

Through its various products Polycom has been able to successfully connect people in different spheres of life, whether in business, school or at home. Through its video, voice and telepresence solutions Polycom has continued to facilitate boardroom quality audio and superb camera capabilities for rooms of all sizes. This is achieved by easy to install, manage and use solutions.

Polycom RealPresenceUtility Cart 500

When remote participants need to be in a specific location, say the operating table with a patient, it is important to get the right resources to the right location quickly. The Polycom RealPresence Utility Cart500 is a movable, flexible conferencing solution that transports far flung participates to a necessary location with the full benefit of Polycom’s powerful video and voice features. The cart has an optional battery-kit which together with the user-supplied network ensures complete mobility without power and network hitches. In addition, the RealPresence Group 500 codec enables the video and audio systems to be moved from one location to another. User experience is enhanced by the intuitive graphic design, customized user interface and the stylish form.

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Polycom Trio 8800

TDSOURCING POLYCOM POLYCOM TDSOURCING REALPRESENCE Trio 8800 Collaboration KIT - Video CONFERENCING KIT - with Trio Visual+, LOGITECH C930E and 1 Year Partner Premier
  • - Includes: Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 Confernece Phone with a Visual+ Accessory and Webcam.
  • - Exceptional audio capabilities including: Enhanced HD Voice and automatic elimination of background...

The Polycom trio series are designed to revolutionize how we conduct conference meetings. It use of the best technology to enhance video and audio performance is commendable.

Technology such as Polycom NoiseBlock ensures that conversations flow smoothly without interference from unwanted background noises. The Polycom Trio series is more geared towards video performance. In addition to the legendary high voice quality, the phone comes with 2 port Gigabit Ethernet switches, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The phone also has hybrid registration support which enables simultaneous connection to multiple platforms. Up to 3 separate lines can be registered.  User adoption can be accelerated by pairing with his/her portable devices using IP, USB or Bluetooth.

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Cisco Overview

Cisco EX60 All-in-one Telepresence

Cisco TelePresence EX 60 Web Conference Equipment CTS-EX60-K9
  • Cisco Telepresence Ex 60 Web Conference Equipment - Cmos - 1920 X 1200 Video - 2 X Network (rj-45) -...

The Cisco EX series are revolutionary video conferencing equipment with the 1080p30 absolute video quality, unmatched collaboration and easy to use touchscreen. This would enable you see every corner of your business from your desk.  The EX60 therefore offers amazing conferencing via a 24” or 21.5” high definition optimal screen. Collaboration comes naturally with the one-touch transparent sharing of HD content, high definition content sharing and a document camera that is built-in. Superior audio is enhanced by dual front speaker.

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Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832

Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832 White
  • 3.9-inch 480x128-pixel color LCD
  • Single USB-C port on the device to minimize the number of cables on the table (an Ethernet injector is...

The Cisco IP Conference Phone 8832 is a high-quality wideband audio, easy to use and manage. The 8832’s contemporary design is portable and sleek delivering a 360-degree room coverage that enables each of the maximum 26 participants to be clearly heard. The 8832 effortlessly serves medium to large conference rooms (800 sq feet) as well as private office desks.

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Let’s now compare the 2 popular Polycom and Cisco Video Conferencing models

Polycom Trio 8800
Cisco 8832
5” Multicolored touchscreen
3.9” color, antiglare display
Line Keys
4 programmable keys
HD Polycom Audio Technology
Wideband Audio, Full duplex
Artificial Intelligent
Polycom Noiseblock
NoiseBlock AI
Network Port
2 Gigabit
1 Ethernet port
USB ports
Log-in password, SRTP and Wi-Fi encryption
SHA 256 encryption
Wi-Fi Support


Ultimately, the verdict lies with your business constraints and needs. If for example you already have Cisco products or your organization is very large and complex a Cisco Video Conferencing system is your best solution. If on the other hand, your company is an educational, healthcare or entertainment entity, then Polycom products will fit better with your current AV equipment.

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