EDI Vs FTP – How do they relate


EDI and FTP are common terms used when referring to file and data transfer over the internet. How are the two related?

EDI – This is an abbreviation for Electronic Data Interchange and it refers to the use of a standardized format to exchange information between devices. It was designed to allow for different companies to exchange files in a way that did not require paper, but would rely on electronic transfer, making the data able to be transferred over the internet.

FTP – This is a file transfer protocol that allows for the transfer of files between a host and a server by using TCP ports 20 and 21 to establish a dual connection. This connection allows for the transfer of large data files in a way that is reliable and efficient. Its major acclaim is its speed and efficiency while its biggest drawback is its lack of security.

Why would they be compared?


The point of comparison between EDI and FTP is that FTP transfers EDI files. This fact makes it impossible to compare the two against each other, because other than the fact that they are both found on computers and make use of the internet, they are very different in their intended uses and areas of application.


There is a direct link between EDI and FTP in regard to the fact that FTP would be a suitable means to transfer EDI files. This makes it impossible to comparatively review the two since they are clearly very different and serve vastly different functions in information Technology.


Why is FTP not secure?

This is because it has a single authentication process that requires the use of a plain text password. Plain texts passwords are notoriously easy to hack, which makes the entire file transfer protocol vulnerable to spoofing and other forms of cyber-attacks.

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