AS2 Vs SFTP – How do they compare

secure file transfer protocol

AS2 and SFTP are two protocols that are utilized in the transfer of files between users. How do they compare?

AS2 – This is an acronym for Applicability Statement 2, which is the ability of this file transfer protocol to request for a receipt known as an MDN, Message Disposition Notification, from the receiver. This receipt is used to confirm that the receiver has received and decrypted the message that had been sent. Aside from this AS2 transfers its files via HTTPS over SSL.

SFTP – This is a secure File transfer Protocol that is built on the Secure Shell network security protocol. It is designed to allow for the secure transfer of files between users via the SFTP servers and clients. It should be noted that other than their similar primary function, there is no direct relationship between FTP and SFTP.

Why would the two be compared?

AS2 and SFTP are compared because they have the same primary role, which is file transfer. This similarity would be sufficient for a comparison review, but in this case AS2 uses HTTPS for that primary function. This makes the comparison of AS2 to FTP similar to HTTPS to FTP save for the request of an MDN.


It would be more suitable to compare SFTP to HTTPS or HTTPS over SSL, since they are the file transfer protocols, other than AS2, which uses HTTPS for its file transfer but has an additional security feature that allows for the request of an MDN.


What ports does AS2 use?

Since it utilizes HTTP, AS2 operates using the standard HTTPS and HTTP ports which are port 8443 and 8080 respectively.


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