Can you hook up CenturyLink without phone line?

Yes, you can. You do not necessarily need a phone line, a phone or an active phone service in order to get internet services from your ISP.

Traditionally, a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) uses the copper wires of a phone line to connect with the internet. The DSL connection allows you to use both the phone line and surf the internet simultaneously without interfering with your phone calls. While the DSL connection has its perks, it isn’t the primary requirement for accessing the internet.

Most CenturyLink subscribers, however, prefer to bundle DSL with a phone line. Unlike satellite and cable internet, these Digital Subscriber lines are often private and directly connected to your home. In this case, no one else shares your DSL connection and you don’t necessarily need to dial-up to connect to the internet. Bundling up services also allows you to stay connected during high traffic times when satellite or cable internet speeds are quite sluggish.

Does CenturyLink use cable or phone line?

When looking for a new internet service provider, you will come across to connection types: cable and DSL (phone line). Cable internet simply runs through an underground coaxial cable network and is the most ideal option for anyone invested in heavy bandwidth applications such as online gaming, streaming on multiple devices and large file uploads. DSL broadband internet, on the other hand, runs through landline phone wires. It offers speeds between 10 and 25 Mbps, which is just enough if you are looking for an affordable internet option for light to medium use.

Now that we have a background on how cable and DSL (phone lines) work, let us answer the question on whether CenturyLink uses cable or phone line. Well, V uses both cable and the digital subscriber line. While it is an older technology, it is much affordable than satellite/cable and seamlessly meets all your internet needs.

The table below shows significant differences between cable and DSL (phone lines).

Comparison Feature
Internet Delivery Process
Through newer ‘coaxial’ lines, which carry more bandwidth
Uses older telephone lines that carry less bandwidth
Download Speed Range
10 – 500 Mbps
5 – 35 Mbps
Upload Speed Range
5 – 50 Mbps
1 – 10 Mbps
More expensive
More affordable

 The second table shows the Pros and Cons of Cable and DSL

  1. CenturyLink Cable Internet

–          Delivers internet through copper coaxial television cable

–          89% coverage nationwide

–          Higher speeds and much lower latency compared to DSL in most cases

–          Bandwidth is often shared with neighbors

–          Speed tends to slow down by 20-40% during the evenings (mostly because of bandwidth sharing


  1. CenturyLink DSL connection

–          Delivers internet via copper phone lines

–          Has 90% coverage nationwide

–          Speeds vary depending on your distance from the ISPs local office

–          Has lower bandwidth and higher latency than cable

 Can you get CenturyLink internet without home phone/Do you need a phone line for CenturyLink internet?

When internet services were first introduced in the world, the first consumers got it through the landline phone lines in their homes and offices. This simply means that the only way anyone would access the internet back then, was if they had a phone line. Based on this background, it is common to assume that for anyone to access broadband internet services they would need a home phone. But is this really the case?

No. Actually, CenturyLink offers High-Speed Interent/modern DSL that doesn’t require an active home phone line. Depending on your respective location, the connection speeds may vary, but you still get sufficient access to the internet. If you want bundled services, however, you can always ask their customer service to sort you out.

Can you set up CenturyLink without a computer/Do I need a computer for CenturyLink internet?

Yes, you can. You don’t have to use a computer to set up your CenturyLink network devices. Even though you own a high-performing computer, you can choose not to use it if you have an Android or iOS tablet or phone that is fully charged.

So, how do you go about it? Here are the steps you should follow when you want to set up your CenturyLink network devices without a computer;

  1. Turn on your router and give it about 1-3 minutes to boot completely
  2. Turn the Wi-Fi on in your smartphone or tablet. The device should automatically detect your router’s SSID or network ID. Enter the default password, which is found at the back of the router or in the user manual.
  3. Open your browser and type in your router’s IP address on the address bar. Here, you can either use the network discovery app or check the back of your router for more information. Once you type in the IP address, you will be directed to a different site that will ask for your router’s credentials.
  4. Once done, you will be logged into your router and can access the Wi-Fi. It is at this point that you can change the SSID and Wi-Fi password to match your preference.

Final Thoughts

There are several high-speed internet services offered by CenturyLink that do not require a home phone line. Depending on your location, the speeds may vary but you have multiple options to explore, including taking advantage of Wi-Fi hotspots, using Public Wi-Fi, using cable internet and phone, fixed wireless internet, fiber-optic internet, and satellite internet. Likewise, you don’t really need to sign up for any landline services just to have internet services via a landline.


  1. Can I get CenturyLink internet without phone?

Yes, you can. CenturyLink offers high-speed internet services that do not really require a phone line. If you want additional services that include a phone line, you can settle for bundled services that are often more affordable.

  1. Do I need a landline for CenturyLink internet?

No, you do not. Actually, you don’t really need a phone line for almost all the main types of internet services, which are fixed wireless, fiber, cable, and satellite.

  1. Do you have to have a phone jack for CenturyLink internet?

Yes, you do. While you do not need a phone line for CenturyLink internet, a phone jack is required to set up CenturyLink internet services in your home or office. If you do not have a phone jack, you should contact their customer care to have one installed for you.

  1. Can you set up CenturyLink using your smartphone?

Yes, you can. If you do not want to use your computer or tablet to set up CenturyLink internet, you can always use your smartphone.


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