How much does CenturyLink charge to install a phone jack?

Different CenturyLink router and modem models require different steps to set up. However, each one of them requires a phone jack to successfully set up CenturyLink internet service in your home or office. But, you should be ready to pay an installation fee if you do not have one.

So, how much does CenturyLink charge to install a phone jack? Rather, what should you expect on your first bill? CenturyLink will charge you a one-time $85 fee for the installation of a new jack in your home or office. This fee is directly reflected in the One Time Charges area of your final bill.

Generally, you do not really need a phone line to connect to the internet. In fact, most of the cable companies, including CenturyLink, provide internet services by fixing up the Ethernet cable or coaxial cable to a cable modem. To add to that, if your computer is already working with a wireless signal, you can always fix up the cable modem to a wireless router. However, if you have chosen to subscribe to the DSL internet connection, it is important to have a phone line or jack in your home, but you do not necessarily need to pay for any phone service if you aren’t using it.

How much does it cost to get a phone jack installed?

The cost of installing a phone jack ranges between $50 to $400, depending on the length and complexity of the new wiring. Hiring a professional to fix the wiring often increases the cost as it includes a professional charge as well as the charge of setup and installation. The low end is about $50, that is, if you do it yourself. However, if you incur the services of a tech professional, you are likely to pay about $250 to $400.

Just to add on that, a typical phone jack with only one outlet would cost between $3 and $10. However, a phone jack with multiple outlets often costs between $5 and $10. Phone wiring, on the other hand, with good shielding and about 4 twisted pairs costs $0.15 per foot if you buy 100 ft. of it. A simple phone jack installation only requires a screw driver and strippers, which often cost less than $10 each. This explains why installing a phone jack can cost as low as $50 if you do it yourself.

The cost of hiring a professional typically ranges between $50 and $80 per hour. A complete installation requires about 1-3 hours per jack. So, this means that it can cost anywhere between $50/$80 to $150/$240 and can go up to $400 depending on how complex the process can be.

The table below gives a summary of the average phone jack installation costs

Single-Line Phone Jack
Multi-line Phone jack
Any Additional Components (Parts +Labor)
Costs (in US dollars)
20 – 200

What can I use if I don’t have a phone jack for Wi-Fi?

Generally, you do not really need a phone line in order to get internet services from any internet service provider. This means that if you do not have a phone jack, you can easily hook up the coaxial cable line to a special cable modem.

The cable modem is designed to transform the cable signal to an Ethernet signal, which can be attached to one of the ports on your computer. In addition to that, if your computer is able to receive a wireless signal, you would need to hook the cable modem to a wireless router. Here are a few steps you can follow to hook up the coaxial cable line to a special cable modem.

Step One: Confirm that you have the basics

First, you need to ensure that you have signed up for internet services with your cable company and that you are using a cable modem that is compatible with your ISP.

Step Two: The connection process

Here, you need to locate the coaxial outport, which is often found at the back of your cable box. One goes to the back of the cable modem and the second on goes to the TV. So, attach one end of the coaxial cable here, and then attach the other end of the coaxial in the port of the cable modem. Once you are done, take the Ethernet wire and run it from the cable modem to the Ethernet port on your computer.

Step Three: Power on all your devices

At this point, you need to power on all your devices. Your computer should automatically take care of interfacing with the modem and you will get a set-up program that guides you through setting up internet access.

Does CenturyLink have free installation?

Yes and no. CenturyLink charges a one-time $99 fee for a technician installation of services. The installation fee covers all costs and expenses incurred to ensure successful installation of CenturyLink internet in your home or office. However, CenturyLink’s Gigabit Fiber plans waive the installation fee for new service subscribers. Also, some introductory fiber plans and DSL plans sometimes waive the installation fee.

So, what exactly does CenturyLink charge for? The table below summarizes CenturyLink’s internet plans and pricing.

CenturyLink Internet Package
Type of Internet
Download and Upload Speeds
CenturyLink Fiber Internet
A maximum of 100 or 940 Mbps both ways
$49 – $65 per month
Simply Unlimited Internet
Maximum download speeds of 100 Mbps and maximum upload speeds of 30 Mbps
$50 per month (subject to change)

Final Thoughts

Telephones are quite uncommon in today’s world; however, land lines still have many benefits where they exist. Just to touch a little on the benefits, they allow for a completely dedicated line, offer a reliable signal and because of these landlines, there is often a lower chance of interference from the weather. So, if you want additional benefits or in the event that damages to your home interfere with the existing lines, then you need to install a new phone line. However, you should be ready to pay the price!


  1. Can I turn an electrical outlet into a phone jack?

Yes, you can. In fact, one of the easiest phone connectivity is by converting an electric outlet to a landline.

  1. Where exactly is the phone jack in my house?

To find the phone jack in your house, you need to look on the outside of your home and search for the part where the electric meter is located. More often than not, the telephone box is located next to it.


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