Is Philo worth it?

Philo is a worthy streaming service provider for those looking for something budget friendly while getting the right amount of content to keep you entertained. The service provider offers you the basics of streaming service, some news here, an opportunity to engage in old shows from VH1 and occasional reality shows.

Philo TV goes for $20 making it one of the cheapest streaming service providers in the market. The provider is meant for satellite and television cord-cutters. What this means is you have no optical cable running through your home, no DVR or setup box. Basically, you have eliminated the presence of a technician setting you up.

Why Philo is worthy

Let’s check out the pricing structure for Philo

Monthly Price
Philo TV
EPIX add-on
STARZ add-on

*Date effective 10/13/2020, Price and channel inclusion vary according to location

To access Philo all you have to do is download the app and you are good to go. The essence of Philo is to replicate you cable TV subscription minus the cords required. You do not need a contract to get started and can watch your channels on PC or phone.

Here is how Philo TV compares to other cheap streamers

AT&T Watch TV ($15)
Philo TV ($20)
Sling TV Blue ($25)
Number of channels
Locals included
NBC and Fox
Simultaneous streams
DVR storage
50 Hours
480p/up to 180p set-top
Up to 1080p

So, the next question is what kind of channels am I getting compared to competitors. For one Philo has live channels and on-demand shows. This channels range from food to travel through its Cooking channel, Travel as well as kids shows like Nickelodeon, and Science channel. You won’t find this on AT&T but the later stands out with Cartoon Network, CNN and TCM.

The other great part with Philo is you can watch up to three screens at the same time. Of all the platforms you can watch your Philo TV the best is on Apple TV. This is mainly due to its top shows panel that gives you highlights of the most popular shows. The provider also comes with a DVR though it operates unlike the rest that you need to record things. Here you have a button save.

Philo Specifications

HD quality
720p live, 1080p VOD
Total originals
Family Plan
Total shows and movies
Only live and VOD
Simultaneous Streams

Philo is the kind of streaming service for those who desire to watch less for a purpose. If you find that other streaming channels are offering you too much content which you do not have time to watch but just want the basics then Philo is ideal for you. On the downside you do miss out on some live sporting action.

Go back into time

What Philo does unlike other streaming services is that it records all its 63 channels throughout the day. This is in spite of whether you enjoy the shows or not. This will differ remarkably from your normal satellite provider or cable service who loan you out their DVR to do this. The benefits of this is that if you find a show you really like you can go back to its recording like 72 hours ago. This is one of the key reasons why you find Philo using the term “Save” for their DVR unlike “record” used by other service providers. The other benefit of this is that for your favorite shows you can skip through commercials like you do on your DVR.

When it comes to setup the company allows you to test their services for the first seven days. All you need during this time is your phone number. Once you do this they will send you a link that you will use to sign up for their services. At the end of the trial period, you will be asked whether you want to proceed with the subscription or not. Remember that you will nowhere be asked to enter your credit card number so do not worry about unnecessary billing. The other key benefit of joining Philo is their no additional charges. You get what you pay for which is pretty much compared to other service providers like Sling TV that costs $20 for 30 channels. This affordability is what has made Philo to be quite popular.

Philo TV channels streaming specifications

As mentioned earlier, Philo gives you access to 63 channels. The content is good and watchable but lacks the crisp picture clarity of 4K movies you often find in Disney+. The Minimum internet specifications you will need include 3Mbps for SD, 13 Mbps for multiple HD, and 7Mbps for one HD. The video quality on the channels is superb.


Philo TV is a great streaming service to air shows that run some 72 hours ago. This is the key reason why it uses terms like save instead of record for their DVR. The streaming service works well for your smart TV, iPad and smartphone devices. The pricing is extremely low and due to the cordless status of the application it is a an awesome streaming service provider for those who do not want so many channels that they do not get to watch.


What do I need to subscribe to Philo TV services?

The first thing you need to start accessing Philo services is your phone number. This gives you access to their seven day trial where you can try out the services. Philo will then ask you after expiry of this period whether you want to proceed. You do not enter your credit card numbers during the trial phase.

What kind of channels should I expect from Philo?

You can will get channels like MTV, AMC, COMEDY CENTRAL, BBC AMERICA, FOOD NETWORK, TV LAND, and HGTV. This channel selection is almost double what you will get on other competitor platforms like Sling TV.

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