How to kick devices off wifi Linksys

It’s critical to protect your wireless network from unauthorized users who hack into your network to gain access to your confidential data and spy on your online activity. With every gadget connected to the internet, network security has become even more important since a hacker with only a laptop, tablet, or any portable device within the broadcasting range of your router can hack your network.

However, as a Linksys admin, you can use your device’s media control address on the Linksys setup page to kick devices off wifi Linksys and block them from accessing your network in the future. With the Linksys smart wifi app, you can securely access your home network from your mobile or web browser. You can easily access your router’s settings, configurations, and features.

The best feature about this app is that you can manage your wireless and wired devices that are connected to your wifi even when you’re far from home. You can change the names and icons of your connected devices for easier identification and also add or remove devices from your network.

Viewing connected devices

You can view the wireless and wired devices currently connected to your network from the ‘My network’ page in your Linksys smart wifi account.

  • Log into your Linksys smart wifi account
  • Click on the ‘Network map’ tab
  • Select the ‘My Network’ icon then click on the ‘Filter map’ tab to give you a list of the connected devices by their groups and the type of connection the devices are using.

How to find unknown devices connected to your router

If an authorized user connects to your home or business wifi network, you can find the MAC addresses, name of the devices, and the IP addresses for all the connected devices in your router’s admin interface. Here you will get a list of all connected devices and the unknown devices connected to your network.

  • On your web browser type in your router’s IP address to help you log in to your router’s admin interface
  • Use your username and password to access the Linksys interface
  • At the top of the navigation bar, click on ‘Status’ then click on ‘Local network
  • Click on ‘DHCP client table’. This table will give you a list of all the connected devices to your router by their IP addresses, device name, and MAC addresses.
  • From here, you can easily remove the unknown devices on your wifi.

How to kick devices off Linksys wifi

  • On your web browser, type on the address bar and press ‘Enter’
  • Type in your admin login credentials then click ‘Ok’
  • Click on ‘Status’ then go to ‘Local network’
  • Click on the ‘DHCP client table’ locate the unknown device and write down its MAC address
  • On the right side of the device, check in the box then click ‘Delete’ then ‘Close’
  • Select ‘Security|wireless MAC filter|enabled|prevent PCs list below from accessing the wireless network’
  • Type in the unknown device’s MAC address in the MAC 01 slot
  • Click ‘Save settings’ to remove the unauthorized device form your wifi network

How to manage devices in your network using the Linksys smart wifi

The network map tool or the device list tool as labeled in some Linksys routers will help you to change the name and icon of your connected devices.

Change the name of your devices

  • Log into your Linksys wifi smart account
  • On the smart wifi tools menu, click on ‘Network map’
  • Click on ‘My network’
  • Next to the device you want to change the name, select ‘Connection type’ then click ‘Device info’
  • Click ‘Edit’ to type the name of the device. If you decide to change the name of your router, it will reflect automatically on your network list on your Home page.
  • Click ‘Ok’ to save the new name

Change your device’s icon

  • Log into your Linksys wifi smart account
  • Click on ‘Network map’ on the smart wifi tools menu
  • Click on the ‘connection type’ icon next to the selected device
  • Click on ‘device info’ to display details like the name, model, IP address, MAC address, manufacturer, and OS. You can also get the device details by clicking on the device’s icon.
  • Click on ‘change’ next to the device icon you want to change
  • Select the icon you want to use from the icons available
  • Click ‘ok’ to change the selected icon

Issues that can affect your wifi speeds

Unknown activity
Too many devices using your internet and applications running in the background can siphon a large portion of your connection causing a slug in your wifi speeds
Low bandwidth
The number of users and devices will cause you to experience slow downloads and uploads which means you need more wired bandwidth to accommodate everyone’s needs.
Network interference
Your neighbor’s wifi hotspot or microwave can cause interference in your network resulting in poor connectivity.
Bad wifi reception
Your wifi signal and not your internet could be causing delays. Your router could be out in the open so it’s more prone to interferences or unwanted users could be stealing your bandwidth
Your internet plan
If you’re paying for a low tier plan, you’re going to get the speeds you’re paying for and it might not be enough to cover your entire home


Sometimes you might notice that your Linksys wifi is slow, sluggish, or your router light keeps flickering even when you’re not using your wifi. It’s very easy to remove any unauthorized devices on your network and ensure it doesn’t connect again in the future.


Can my neighbor’s wifi affect mine?

If you live in a densely populated area like an apartment complex and use a 2.4 GHz router, your neighbor’s wifi network can interfere with yours. This will clutter your network and reduce the performance of your devices. You can change your wireless channel to fix this problem.

Can having multiple devices connected to wifi slow it down?

Theoretically, it doesn’t slow down your internet speeds, but practically, the more the number of devices connected shares the bandwidth and this will affect the speed.

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