Can You get Geek Squad Protection After Purchase?

Yes. Once you buy a product from Best Buy, you have up to 60 days to pay for the Geek Squad protection plan. Talk to the customer service team at a Best Buy store to get this plan. Ensure you present the receipt, which acts as proof of purchase.

Buying different appliances and devices without thinking of protecting them is wrong. Such valuable items are prone to get damaged and might need repairs or replacement at some point. When you pay for a protection plan, it can give you peace of mind since it can cover the device well for a certain period. Geek Squad gives you the chance to protect different products that you get from a Best Buy store. Here is more!

What is the Geek Squad protection plan?

Geek Squad has been successfully working with Best Buy stores for years now. This offers protection plans to products sold at different Best Buy Stores. Some of the plans from Geek Squad include the standard protection plan, protection replacement plan, and the plan with accidental damage.

A protection plan can cover your products, devices, or appliances that you use at the workplace or even at home. Once you get a protection plan from Geek Squad, you can enjoy replacement or repair services when one of your appliances fails to function properly. Paying for a protection plan from this service provider can therefore prevent you from incurring high out-of-warranty costs.

The protection plans from Geek Squad cover all the crucial repairs that are lacking under the manufacturer’s warranty. For instance, they cover devices against failure caused by wear and tear or accidental damages caused by power surges. They can also help you enjoy comprehensive coverage for a couple of years.

Geek Squad even gives you the liberty to transfer the protection plan if you choose to hand over the covered device or sell it to someone. Some of the devices that the protection plans cover include musical equipment, tv and home theatre, drones, health and fitness equipment, cell phones, tablets, and computers.

The protection plans available at Geek Squad

What it includes
The standard plan
This applies to electronics and major appliances. It covers such products against battery failure, power surges, and wear and tear.

Accidental damage handling coverage
This provides the cost of parts required to repair the damaged product. It covers a device damaged from liquid spills or drops.
This plan does not cover products against cosmetic damages.
The protection replacement plan
It offers the replacement of the covered product that is defective.

Adding Geek Squad protection after purchase

When buying a valuable product from Best Buy, you will be presented with the idea of paying for the protection plan from Geek Squad. This plan comes at certain costs based on the price of the device you purchase. If you don’t have extra cash to pay for it or are not sure whether it is worth it, you can choose to pay for it at a later date. 

Geek Squad gives you up to 60 days to make the decision and pay for the protection plan. If you don’t do this within the specific time frame, you will not be allowed to pay for it after this period.

The return policy period is specified at the back of your purchase receipt.  For you to add this protection plan after purchase, you need to visit a Best Buy store within the specified duration and pay for it. The protection plan will begin the day you pay for it.

How long does Geek Squad protection last?

Lots of customers choose a protection plan from Geek Squad because it offers coverage longer than the manufacturer’s warranty. Most appliances and electronic devices are accompanied by a one-year limited warranty that the manufacturer provides.

You can choose the standard protection plan from Geek Squad, which lasts for two years. It begins the moment you pay for it and extends past the manufacturer’s warranty until the two years are over.

Geek Squad also offers advanced plans that can last up to 5 years. Once the period is over, the plan can expire. During this period, you can make claims in case the covered product gets damaged.

How do I claim my Geek Squad Protection Plan?

Suppose you get a new appliance from Best Buy, pay for the Geek Squad protection plan, and the device stops working a few weeks later. You can file a claim either online or by phone. To file a claim online, you need to explain the problem with the product and submit a few details.

Geek Squad will then get back to you, informing you whether it will repair the device. If Geek Squad cannot repair the device, it can replace it with a different product of the same quality and kind. If it does not have a similar product, Geek Squad can reimburse you with a gift card or voucher which is equal to the value of the product.


Geek Squad is a popular tech support service provider that can ensure that your devices work properly for a long time. It offers different protection plans to customers that get their devices and appliances from Best Buy stores. These plans can give you great coverage and prevent you from costly repairs.

You can either pay for a protection plan upon purchasing the product or within 60 days. The standard plan can give you coverage for two years, while the advanced plans cover the devices for up to 5 years. If you want such coverage, get in touch with Geek Squad soon.


How many times can you use Geek Squad Protection?

When you have been paying for the Geek Squad protection plan, you can file a claim up to five times within its term. You can file only two accidental damage claims.

Does Best Buy warranty include Geek Squad?

Yes. Best Buy gives you up to 60 days to pay for the Geek Squad protection plan.


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