Why your Linksys RE6400 will not reset – [And Possible Solutions]

As one of the best and most reliable Wi-Fi range extenders in the market, the Linksys RE4600 has become increasingly popular. So, what should you do when you need to reset it but cannot have a successful run? Below is a detailed breakdown. 

If you have a home that covers a wide expanse, it can be a huge challenge getting all rooms on all levels to get good internet coverage. This is the reason why many home owners end up getting Wi-Fi range extenders. The Linksys RE6400 is a pretty commonly used Wi-Fi extender, largely because it is pretty reliable. As part of ensuring you receive good performance at all times, you need to routinely reset it. This ensures that you get great internet speeds and coverage throughout. So, what causes difficulty in resetting your RE6400, and what can you do to resolve the said problem? One of the main reasons why most people have trouble resetting their Linksys RE6400 is that they do not hold the reset button down long enough to initiate the reset. 

It is important to note, at this point, that pushing the reset button (usually the Power ON/OFF) for a short time only prompts the Wi-Fi extender to turn off without resetting, leaving the settings as they previously were. So, how best should you go about the reset to facilitate optimal gadget performance?

How to Reset your Linksys RE6400

There are two major methods you can use to reset your device that include a regular reset, and a hard reset. Below is a breakdown on how to go about each method. 

Regular Linksys RE6400 reset

To perform a regular reset on your Linksys RE6400, press the reset button and make sure you hold it for at least 10 seconds. This will allow the device to reset to its factory settings. During the reset, you will notice the LED indicator light begin to blink. Once the light becomes a solid green color without blinking, then it is ready for use.

Hard Linksys RE6400 reset

A hard reset requires a couple more steps to make sure you have a successful run. This is how to go about it;

  • Begin by shutting down all devices connected to the Wi-Fi extender. Before proceeding with the reset, go on and conform that all devices are disconnected. Make sure that you also shut down the extender and disconnect it from the power source.
  • Once the extender is off and disconnected, go on and reconnect it to the power source, and allow it to boot on its own. Watch the LED lights and make sure to wait until all of the are stable and not blinking. 
  • Unlike a regular reset, you will not be using the reset button for the hard reset. Each Linksys RE6400 Wi-Fi extender comes with a reset hole that essentially requires that you use a sharp object to push into. Grab a sharp and steady object such as a paper clip or pin that I long enough to go into the reset hole. 
  • Push the pin into the said hole and hold for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Wait until the LED lights begin to blink, the release then pin from the reset hole.

When you have completed the above, you have successfully reset your Linksys RE6400 Wi-Fi range extender. You can proceed to reconfigure the Linksys RE6400 through the Linksys wireless extender setup. 

Once the setup is complete, go on and reconnect the devices you wish to use via the extender’s network. In case you are still experiencing trouble resetting your Linksys RE6400 extender, here are a few things you can look into.

Other reasons why your Linksys RE6400 will not reset

Outdated firmware

One of the main reasons why your Linksys RE6400 may not successfully reset is outdated firmware. Go on and update its firmware, then proceed to try and reset it. Apart from the Wi-Fi extender, also make sure that your router is also using updated firmware as it will cause you to experience random disconnection from the internet. When both are updated, you will be able to reset your range extender. 

You are connected to a public hotspot

Always make sure you are using a secure hotspot when using your gadgets to access the internet. If you find that you are using a public hotspot, go on and change to a private and secure source. This will allow for a seamless reset and better internet usage experience. 

Your range extender could be too far from the router, o in an overly crowded space

When resetting your device, make sure that it is properly connected to your router. One of the major reasons why it is unable to connect properly is distance. Make sure that the extender is within a range of reach from the router. Also, you may be having too many obstructions such as thick walls and furniture that keep your range extender from receiving internet transmission as best as it should. If possible, move it closer to the router, or have it in a space that is free of too much clutter or other types of obstructions. 

An overloaded web browser or internet network

if you have too many gadgets connected to the main router, you may have real trouble performing a successful range extender reset. Begin by disconnecting as many of the as you can to allow the range extender the capacity for uninterrupted connection. Also, if the Linksys web setup page is wrong, you will have trouble accessing the range extender.

How to tell whether or not your Linksys RE6400 is working based on LED light indications

LED Indicator Light Color/ State
What it means
Blinking Green 
It is starting up

It is running a reset

The device is updating firmware 

Solid Green
The extender is ready for use
Blinking Orange
Disconnected from router

WPS pairing has failed

Solid Orange 
Poor connection to router


There it is, that is as easy as it gets. Resetting your Linksys RE6400 is pretty straight-forward. Make sure all the parameters are as they should be before conducting the reset so as to avoid experiencing unnecessary trouble. Also, keep checking the LED indicator light from time to time to make sure that the extender is working as it should. 


Is there any such thing as a soft reset, and how do I do it?

Yes, there is. Go to the Linksys wireless extender setup page to reset your gadget.

Will my Linksys RE6400 blink orange if the router is turned off?

Yes, it will. Go on and switch the router on for internet connectivity. 


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