How to Reset your Linksys Router Password

Forgetting device passwords, including those of routers, is a fairly common problem that can be overly frustrating. The good news is, it is fairly easy to reset the password and resume normal use. Below is a breakdown on a couple methods you can use to reset your router’s password. 

Even though a router’s admin password is considered only a small part in the general functioning of your device, it is pretty important since it has the capacity to lock you out of your router and, by extension, the internet. Resetting your router’s password is a fairly easy task, but you run the risk of losing all your personalized settings since you are almost always required to reset your device to its default settings. So, how should you go about getting your password reset?

How to Reset Linksys Router Password – Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Reset your router to default factory settings

Before you begin the reset, make sure that your router is on. Seeing as many Linksys routers do not come with a power button, you will have to do this by connecting the router to a power outlet.

  • Once you have established that the router is on, proceed to find the rest hole usually located in the back panel of the router. You are going to need a sharp object such as a paper clip or a pin. 
  • When you find the reset hole, go on and push the paper clip or needle into it and push hard, and wait at least 10 seconds before releasing. If you are using an older Linksys router model, you might have to hold at least 30 seconds as opposed to 10 for the reset. 
  • After completing the reset, proceed to perform a power cycle on the router. To do this, turn the router off by unplugging it from the power source. When it is turned off, wait 30 seconds then proceed to plug it back in again. Check the LED power indicator light to make sure that the router is on. You will know that the power cycle is complete when the LED light stays on without blinking. 

Step 2: Change your Linksys Router Password

When you have reset the router, you will have returned to the router’s default SSID (router name) and password (usually ‘admin’ or a blank field). Here is how to change them to your preferred SSID and password. 

  • On your computer’s browser, go on and open the Linksys web based set up page. When it is open, proceed to click on the tab labelled Administration. 
  • Find the section labelled Management, and under it, you will see a field called Router Password and another called Re-enter to Confirm. Enter your new desired password, and proceed to re-enter it in the second field. For a strong password, it is recommended that you use an assortment of both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation marks and other characters. This way, you will be able to keep your router secure from persons who try to use default passwords, or who try to guess yours. Be certain to note the new password down for easy access the next time you need it. 
  • When you have entered and re-entered the password where you should, proceed to click on Save Settings.

After resetting your Linksys router’s password, you will have to reconnect your devices once again since they shall have lost their connection to the router. 

At this juncture, it is important to note that your router’s password is not the same as your admin password. The admin password is used to log in to your Linksys router’s web based setup page which allows for settings update, configurations, verification and other activities. So, what happens when you have forgotten your router’s admin password? 

How to change your Linksys router’s admin password

  • Begin by logging in to your Linksys cloud account. Once logged in, proceed to click on the field labelled Connectivity.
  • Find a tab labelled Basic, and beside the Router Password, find the Edit tab and click on it. You will be able to see your old password on the Router Password field. 
  • When you have clicked on the Edit tab, you will be prompted to key in your new password on a field labelled New password, and to confirm it by keying it in to the field labelled Confirm new password. Again, use varying characters and note down the new password for later use. You can also use the Router password hint in case you do not want to come up with one. 
  • When you have entered and confirmed the new password, proceed to click on the Apply button. You will then see a popup on your screen asking you to confirm that you want to change your admin password. Go on and click on Yes, then select Ok to finish the process. You now have a new admin password.

If you are not willing to change the Linksys router admin password, you can look for a Linksys Notepad File created by Linksys Connect 1.4. In it, you are likely to find your router’s admin password, as well as its SSID and router password. You can note the down and use them where they are needed.

In case you ae unable to reset the router’s admin password, and if you cannot find the password on the Linksys notepad file, you can try to reset the router altogether so you will end up with the router’s default settings. 

How to reset router admin password on Linksys cloud

Step 1
Log in to cloud account and select Connectivity
Step 2
Edit password on Edit Tab under Router Password 
Step 3
Enter and confirm new password
Step 4
Apply and save changes


Losing and forgetting a password can be quite the setback, but it is not anything you cannot fix. The system is, thankfully, designed to assist you retrieve your old passwords, or to create new ones altogether. The above step by step guide will have you reconnected fast and easy. 


Can I use the Linksys cloud account to reset my router?

Yes, if you are having trouble performing a hard reset, you can use the cloud account to reset your password. 

Can I have the same router and admin password?

You can, in some instances, but it is not recommended. 

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