Why Can’t I Connect to my Linksys Router? [And Possible Solutions]

Linksys routers are possibly some of the most popular and reliable internet connection devices around, but they are not always dependable in the way they work. You can expect, as with other brands, to experience connectivity issues from your router every once in a while. So, how should you go about it?

Internet connectivity is determined my multiple factors that include your ISP, your router or modem, and even the connection of devices in your home. When one of these, or any other factors are compromised, you are more than likely to experience a connection problem. The main reason why you are unable to connect to your Linksys router is the fact that there is a major disruption in the internet connectivity to your device or devices.

The internet connectivity may be as a result of hardware or software trouble, and you need to check a number of things so as to identify and solve the issue. Below is a list and breakdown of some of the most likely scenarios keeping you from successfully accessing your router. 

Why Can’t I Connect to my Linksys Router?

Distance of device from router (Dead spots)

Your lack of connectivity could be as a result of as simple a reason as your device’s distance from the router. One of the most important factors to have in mind is that every router has a range of transmission, meaning that there is a maximum radius beyond which it cannot transmit an internet signal. 

If the device you are trying to connect is in an internet dead zone, you can try to move it closer to the router so that it is within the range of internet transmission. If, however, your device is not one that can be moved (such as a TV), you can purchase a Wi-Fi extender and install the same closer to those devices experiencing trouble accessing an internet connection. 

Compromised cable connections

In case you are using a cable connection from your router to your device, you need to make sure that it is properly set. Check to see that the wires are properly inserted and that there is no loose or broken connection. In case you come across a lose connection, go on and fix it, the restart the device you are trying to get connected to the Linksys router. 

Improper wireless settings

The wireless connection settings are important in making sure that you can access the internet properly via your Linksys router. Try and find out whether or not the previously set wireless settings have been changed through another computer in the web based setup page in your home or office.

To solve this trouble, you will need to connect your computer or device directly to the router through an ethernet cable. Once connected, you will be in a position to connect your device to the Linksys Connect Software. Go on and update your Easy Setup Key, then proceed to reconnect your device to the wireless network. When you are done updating, unplug your device from the ethernet connection, then use the Easy Setup Key Wizard provided on your screen to connect your computer to the wireless connection. 

Outdated router firmware

For proper functioning, your router needs to have its firmware updated constantly. Lack of the same will compromise its ability to transmit internet to your devices, meaning that you will not be able to access it. To update router software, follow the steps indicated below:

How to update Linksys Router Firmware

  • Begin by logging in to your Linksys Server Account. Once the interface opens, go on and click on Connectivity.
  • Proceed to click on the Basic tab, then select Firmware Update. Once open, click on Check for Updates. Your router should be able to automatically check for updates. If available, you will be prompted to download the updates to your device. If there are no available updates, it is an indication that your router has all the latest updates. 
  • If updates are available, click on the Yes tab on the Update Firmware box that will pop up in your screen. Your router will begin to automatically update its firmware. During the update, do not, at any point, try to switch the router off. Be certain to allow it time to complete the update.
  •  When the update is complete, you will receive a popup requesting you to reboot your router. Select OK to allow the reboot. You will then see a popup that lets you know that the firmware update is complete and successful. Go ahead and click on OK.

Once you have completed the steps, you should be able to have an internet connection to your devices from your Linksys router. 

Wrong IP address

Another reason why you could be experiencing trouble connecting your devices to your Linksys router is the IP address. If you enter it incorrectly, you are not going to receive an internet connection at al. to make sure that you are using the correct IP address, this is what you need to do:

  • Try and connect your device to another secure network, preferably via ethernet cable. On your device’s search bar, key in ‘cmd’.
  • Once done, select Command Prompt, then proceed to type ‘ipconfig/all’ and press Enter.
  • Go to the Default Gateway section. The correct IP address will be indicated right next to it. Proceed to enter it and wait for an internet connection. You can reboot your router to allow for a faster connection. 

Summary of connection problems and solutions

Possible Problem 
Recommended Solution
Dead spots/ device distance from router
Move the device closer to the router, or buy a Wi-Fi extender for better connection.
Compromised cable connections
Make sure all cables are connected in the right ports, and that connection is firm.
Improper wireless settings
Check router setup and change device settings.
Outdated router firmware
Update router firmware.
Wrong IP address
Find and insert proper IP address.


A poor or faulty router connection can be very frustrating, especially when you have a hard time identifying the reason behind the failed connection. Thankfully, the problems causing this may not be too many, and it can be easy to determine what the problem is. Once identified and solved, you can easily access the internet via your Linksys router with ease. 


Can bad weather cause poor internet connection?

Yes, it can. Bad weather can cause trouble with internet transmission, especially if wires from your ISP snap or break. 

What if my Linksys router is broken?

If broken, you will need to have a technician look at it. You can call Linksys tech support for assistance.


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