Can I Setup My Linksys Router without a Computer?

Oftentimes, routers are setup on computers since it is easier and faster, and also because it is almost always recommended by ISP providers and router manufacturers. So, can you set up your Linksys router without a computer, and if so, how should you go about it?

So, you have bought yourself a Linksys router that you intend to use in your home for internet connectivity, but you have no computer on which to set it up. Often times, the Step by Step guide offered by router manufactures and Internet Service Providers call for the use of a desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet. So, is there another available method by which you can set up your router in case you do not have any of the mentioned gadgets? Yes, you can set up your Linksys router without a computer. Your mobile device can act as an ideal tool with which to perform the setup as long as you have an active internet connection on the said device. 

So, how should you go about setting up your Linksys router on your mobile phone?

How to Set Up Linksys Router on your mobile device

At this point, it is important to note that set up on your mobile phone may be slightly different from the regular computer set up.  Below is a list of things you need to make sure you have before begin your router set up. 

  • A smart device (phone or tablet) that has an active internet connection
  • The default IP address to your router
  • Your router’s default SSID (user name) and password
  • Your router’s default Admin name and password

Step by Step Guide

Step 1

Begin by making sure that your router is turned on. When you boot it, give it time to complete the entire cycle. You can wait a two to three minutes to make sure that the device is completely turned on. 

Step 2

On your smart phone, proceed to turn the Wi-Fi on. Even if you do not have an active router or hotspot, make sure that you turn the Wi-Fi on your phone on as this is how you will eventually connect to the new access point wirelessly. 

Step 3

Wait a couple moments for your mobile device to detect the router’s default SSID. Your device will then display your router’s name (SSID). Proceed to log in to the device using the default SSID and password. In case you do not have the password, look for it on the underside, back panel or side panel of your router. In case it is not there, look for it in the user manual and key it in on your smart phone. 

Step 4

On your smart phone, open the browser. On the address bar, key in your router’s IP address. In case you do not have it on hand, check the back of your router for it. If you find that it is unavailable, use the network discovery app for assistance. 

To get the IP address from the discovery app, go on and turn it on in your phone or mobile device. The app will automatically show your router’s IP address. Note the address down for later use.

Step 5

When you have noted down the router’s IP address, go back to the mobile device’s web browser and key it in on the address bar. The browser will then redirect you to another site where you will be prompted to type in your router’s username and password. You have successfully logged in to your router. You can now change the router’s SSID (username) and password if you like. 

You can now access the router on other devices wirelessly. Note that, if the router had been used before, you may have to reset it to its default settings, so that what you have is the default username and password with which the router came. 

Possible problems you may encounter when trying to set up without a computer

Possible problem 
Recommended solution 
Username and password fail to work
Go on and reset the router to get default username and password
Troublesome discovery app
Use a verified and safe discovery app
Mobile device will not connect to router
Use ethernet cable to make wired connection

So, can I access my Linksys router without an internet connection?

Well, the answer is yes and no. there are certain aspects of your router that you will not be able to access without an active internet connection. Its settings, however, do not require internet connectivity for access. Here is how you can access the settings with no internet. 

  • Using an ethernet cable, plug the router into your computer using an available ethernet port on the back of the device. In case you are unfamiliar with ethernet ports, look for what looks like a phone jerk.
  • On your browser, key in your router’s IP address. In case you do not have the IP address, click on Start and proceed to key in ‘cmd’, then press Enter. In the command prompt window, go on and key in ‘ipconfig’ then press the Enter key. Find the Default Gateway where you will find the router’s IP address. 
  • In the login window, key in your router’s SSID (username) and password. Usually, the default username is ‘admin’ while the default password is either ‘password’. You can also try leaving the password field blank.
  • Proceed to click on Log In, and your router’s settings will be available to you. 


When it comes to matters technology, the bulk of use assume that the way to go about certain problems or procedures is cast in stone. Nothing could, however, be farther from the truth. There is almost always a loophole, or a way through which you can navigate certain activity. You can easily set up your Linksys router without a computer, and you can also be able to access its settings without internet using the above mentioned methods. 


Are the mobile setup steps outlined above relevant for both Android and iOS?

Yes, you can use these steps for both Android and iOS gadgets. 

Do I have to switch mobile internet off when accessing a router’s settings without internet?

No, you do not since it does not affect the procedure. 

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