Why do I lose 4G when on a call?

Are you wondering why you lose your internet connection (4G) whenever you are on a phone call? Here are all the reasons why this might be happening and how to deal with it.

Whether or not you are good at multi-tasking, it can be quite frustrating when you lose your internet just because you are on a phone call. Especially in this modern age where we are all heavily reliant on our phones, reliable phone reception and good internet connection is a must have. So, are you at a loss why when you are on a call and your connection just drops? Worry no more as I have done extensive research to know why this happens. I have also included simple ways you can try to fix this mishap.

If you lose 4G when on a call it can be because of a myriad of issues including: different settings on your dual phone, you do not use VOLTE, your network settings or poor signal wherever you are.

First, if you lose 4G when on a call it is likely because you have your internet data and phone call functions on different SIM cards. If you have a dual SIM phone, and you have both data and calls on the same SIM, you can seamlessly hold your phone call while still being on 4G. However, if you have them on different SIM cards will notice this interference.

Also, do note that if you do not have VOLTE (Voice over LTE), when you are on a call, your internet speed will be confined to 3G while you are on the call. To ensure this is working, you can confirm with your service provider/carrier if it is supported on your phone. To add, if you make a call on your default SIM card, your internet will be temporarily.So, be sure to enable HD Voice on your phone so that you can connect to the 4G LTE network extender. To do this, ensure that Wi-Fi calling is disabled and you have clicked on both HD voice and video calling under settings.

If you have an android phone, navigate to Apps>Settings/Network and Internet>Advanced Calling. Once there, tap on the Advanced Calling Switch to have it on. Once on, click on HD Voice and Video Calling to have them enabled.

If you use an iPhone, on the Home Screen navigate to Settings>Cellular (ensure Cellular Data is turned on). Then click on Cellular Data options and tap on Enable LTE. Once LTE is enabled, go ahead and enable Voice and Data (check mark indicates it is on). Finally, if you have a Windows phone, navigate to Apps>Settings>Cellular +SIM>SIM settings>Tap on Advanced Calling switch to turn it on.

Secondly, you may lose 4G when on a call depending on the kind of network you are using for internet and calls. When you are on 2G, data usually goes dormant just as soon as your receive or make a call. As for 3G, you can have your data n while still making a call. With 4G on the flipside, you data may just switch off during your entire call duration. In a nutshell, it depends on what your service provider supports. If you can enjoy anything from 2G to 4G, then your 4G connection might drop but you can still have your internet running.

Thirdly, you might find yourself losing 4G and going down to 3G when you are on a call because of your network settings. Usually when you call your provider complaining about this they suggest resetting your network settings to sort this out so it is worth the try. You can even do a hard reset if need be.

Finally, you might be to losing your internet connection simply because your signal is weak. Ideally, the closer you are to a cell phone tower, the better signals you get. In turn, the further you are from the cell phone tower you are bound to get weaker signals that can affect both your calls and data connection.

If you absolutely cannot get better network where you are and you want proper internet, you can try Wi-Fi calling. The latest smartphones now come with Wi-Fi calling and texting which are largely supported by many U.S cell carriers. If you also do not mind it, you can use messaging apps like Whatsapp that come with voice and video calling capabilities.

Also do note that if your phone is not 4G enabled you simply cannot make calls while still being on the internet. This is because 2G works on different frequencies for data and voice calls yet most smartphones can only transmit one frequency at a time.


This article has reviewed all the reasons why you can lose 4G when on a call. These include:-disabled voice over LTE (VOLTE), poor signal network or if your internet and call functions are enabled on different SIM cards. You no longer have to suffer through iffy internet while on a call because of simple hacks like even turning on Wi-Fi calling.


How does Wi-Fi calling work?

As the name suggests, Wi-Fi calling is just like a regular call only that your carrier uses an available Wi-Fi network as opposed to its cellular network.

What to do if you are still losing 4G when on a call?

You can contact your service provider and explain in detail how you have tried to solve the issue but it still persists.


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