(Solved) Chromecast problem connecting to cloud – Causes and how to fix

Are you trying to set up Chromecast to cast content to your TV but are having problems connecting it to the cloud? This is a common problem that some Chromecast users have been reporting.

You may feel frustrated trying to cast content to a bigger screen but are stuck. When Chromecast fails to connect to the cloud, it prevents you from finishing the installation process and forces you to exit. You can try some things to solve the problem. For instance, check your internet connection, reboot your devices including router, modem or Google Chromecast, or factory reset the Chromecast device. Here is more!

How to fix this problem

Focus on your internet connection

You should ensure that the Chromecast device is located somewhere near the rest of your devices. Experts recommend placing it with 20 feet of the device you are using to set it up. This could be a computer, tablet, or phone. Check the LED light of the Chromecast device. It should show a white flashing light when working properly.

You should also try to confirm if the rest of the networks are visible, including the home wifi. Your mobile device or phone should also be connected to the internet through wifi only and not using an Ethernet cable. Do you prefer using an Android device? If yes, ensure that the location services section reads on. If you are, however, using an iPad or iPhone to access streaming apps and cast content to your big screen, you should ensure that Bluetooth is on. You can do this by clicking Settings on the home screen then Bluetooth.

Reboot your router and modem

Rebooting the router can also help solve the problem. Look for an on and off switch on the back part of your router and turn off the device. Give it some time before turning it back on. Alternatively, you can also reboot this device by unplugging the power supply. Wait for at least30 seconds before plug it back on. You should also ensure that you place the router within 15 feet of the Chromecast device. You should also unplug the cable from the modem. Ensure that there are no lights on the modem for at least ten seconds before plugging the power back on this device.

Follow these troubleshooting steps

If you are still struggling to connect Chromecast to the cloud, you could try closing the Google Home app completely and reopening it after two minutes. If it fails to work, you should consider uninstalling then reinstalling the app on your smartphone. Consider rebooting the Google home app by opening it then choosing the menu on the top corner. Click on devices, then pick the options menu, finish the process by selecting reboot, then click okay.

Try turning the wifi off then on from your set up device. Check if Chromecast can now connect to the cloud. If nothing changes, try using a different device for you to set up Google Chromecast. If you have the 1st gen Chromecast device, you should ensure that it uses the 2.4 GHz band rather than the 5GHz band.

Power the streaming device properly

You should power the Google Chromecast properly. Do not use a USB input on the smart TV or any other device to power your streaming player.


In case you cannot find the device, you should look for the input button on the TV remote. Pressing this button leads to a menu being displayed on your screen. Use the down and up buttons on the remote to choose one option then use the okay button at the center of your remote to choose one option.

Factory reset the Chromecast device

How to reset Google Chromecast

If you still cannot connect Chromecast to the cloud, the only option you may be left with is factory resetting your device. Beware that you cannot undo this action. Factory resetting Chromecast will clear all the data and make the device new again. You can do this either from your device or using the Google Home app. Factory resetting from the device is a straightforward process since you only need to press down the reset button your device while it is plugged into the smart TV.

The lights will start blinking orange then turn white. As soon as you see this light on the Chromecast device, you can release the reset button. Google Chromecast will then start the reboot sequence. If you choose to factory reset Chromecast through the Google Home app, you should start by opening the app then proceeding to settings. Click on more located at the right corner then choose factory reset.

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Chromecast is a reliable streaming device that can help you play content such as videos and music from a mobile device to your television. During use, you may, however, experience certain problems. Knowing the issues associated with this device and finding out how to solve them can prevent you from frustrations. One of the common problems that some people report with this device is being unable to connect to the cloud. You should try some of the steps we have highlighted above to fix this problem.


Is it possible for me to use Chromecast without wifi?

Yes. You can locally cast stored content from your device to Chromecast without connecting it to wifi.

How can I use Chromecast in a hotel room?

You have to connect to the hotel’s network by entering the wifi password and username. Ask these details from the customer care desk.

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