Is Tivo worth it anymore?

Over the years, the way many people watch television has changed. A few years back, viewers were always keen on television schedules. Things changed with the introduction of Tivo.

The company that came up with Tivo was among the first to offer digital video recorders. Though other television options have come up, viewers still find Tivo to be worth it. This is because it gives one the chance to record video content in HD quality. Customers also appreciate its user-friendly interface and ability to pause live TV.

Introduction to Tivo

This is a digital video recorder that is both a service and a set-top box. The company behind Tivo has been in existence for more than a decade, and it has managed to sell more than a million service subscriptions and DVRs. Most Tivo customers like it since it not only enhances convenience but also puts you in control.

Though the market offers so many television options, Tivo has managed to remain competitive due to its affordable pricing and useful features. The set utilizes an operating system known as Linux, which manages its application and resources. For you to start using the Tivo set, you have to subscribe to the Tivo service. You can either pay for it every month or choose the annual subscription.

It allows you to record shows on the hard disk available in the set-top box for later viewing. The hard disk storage is enough for you to store all your favorite shows. Apart from using DVR technology, Tivo keeps on adding more options to its boxes, such as integrating it with most of the major apps. You can, therefore, use Tivo to stream content from popular services such as Netflix.

Tivo gives you the freedom to choose from different set-top boxes. The most popular option is known as Bolt Vox, which comes in two models. These models have varying storage capacities and a number of tuners. For instance, the 3TB Bolt Vox features six tuners. If you choose this option, you can record a maximum of 6 shows simultaneously.

The second Bolt Vox version comes with tuners and allows one to record at least four shows at a go. If you wish to record over the air broadcast, you should consider the Romaio OTA. This is a great option for people who utilize the HD antenna when viewing local channels. The Romaio Ota has storage of 1TB and four tuners. You can also get Tivo service on several televisions in your home. To enjoy this, you should consider the Tivo Mini VOX. You don’t have to worry about paying extra costs on top of your monthly plan for this.

What you should expect from Tivo

One of the reasons why Tivo is considered to be worth it is its versatility. If you enjoy watching live TV, you should consider Tivo, which can easily integrate with a cable subscription. You can even pause live TV when using this service. Tivo can help you record movies and shows when you want to watch them later. It delivers a high level of convenience by allowing you to schedule recordings.

Since Tivo integrates with different streaming apps, it can help you find all your favorite content on Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. It allows you to stream content on various devices such as an iPad or iPhone. Some users are, however, disappointed with Tivo since it integrates with fewer streaming apps compared to its competitors.

Regardless of the specific Tivo plan you choose, you will enjoy the many features included in this platform. Tivo stands out since it offers speed-watching for slow-moving broadcasts such as movies and sports. Unlike most of its competitors, you can enjoy using Tivo without getting disrupted due to too many commercials. Since Tivo is compatible with 4K setups, using it can help you enjoy an immersive viewing experience.

Tivo comes with a unique search function known as Wishlist, which can scan streaming services and broadcast TV simultaneously. Feel free to enter the name of an actor, title of a show, or a certain genre on the search function and wait for Wishlist to show results. Since Tivo started working with Amazon, so many customers have been benefiting from the service known as Amazon Unbox.

This gives you the chance to rent or buy television programs and films at You can then download them to your TV set and watch them at any time. If you choose a Tivo set-top box that has network capability, you can manage it remotely. You only need to install certain software that emulates the operating system of Tivo.

Apart from the features, you will also like the excellent user interface of Tivo. You cannot compare the interface of this DVR with VCR. The Tivo set up is also quite straightforward. Once you have set up Tivo, you can easily activate most of the features.

The merits and demerits of Tivo

Merits Demerits
It allows users to record videos on the hard disk. Tivo can accumulate user’s private information.
You can pause and rewind programs.
Great interface
It is convenient to use
Easy setup


If you no longer want to pay for DVR services that cable companies offer, you should consider Tivo. This is a DVR that can offer similar services at a cheaper cost. Many people still consider Tivo to be worth it since it makes digital video recording quite accessible. It also offers a lot of unique features that are hard to find elsewhere. Tivo has remained a popular option due to its great value.


Does Tivo come with monthly fees?

Yes.  Regardless of the precise plan that you choose, you can either subscribe to it annually or monthly. Though Tivo used to offer a lifetime subscription, this option is no longer available.

Do I need an internet connection to use Tivo?

Yes. The Internet can help you configure and activate the unit. You also need an internet connection to download Tivo’s program guide.

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