How to use an internet dongle for Xbox

Do you enjoy internet gaming through the Xbox? You should ensure that you have a reliable internet connection for this. Though the gaming console can keep you entertained, it does not come with wifi.

You can use an internet dongle to get strong connections as you play games through Xbox. The dongle can connect directly to the Xbox without needing any Bluetooth pairing. To make the connection, start by turning off your modem and router. Attach the internet dongle at the back part of your gaming console and line it up using the two slots available. Flip the antennae then configure the settings on your gaming console.

Introduction to internet dongle

USB broadband stick

The internet has made it possible for online gamers to enjoy their favorite games any time they want. A dongle is a device that allows you to access mobile broadband so that you can start playing online games without any delays. It is a simple device that looks like a tiny USB device.

Most gamers choose to use internet dongle on Xbox since it offers a lot of flexibility. You can even carry it on a business trip to enjoy gaming from your hotel room. Some people call the internet dongle a USB modem, USB broadband stick, or USB network adapter. The internet dongle is one of the simplest ways to get the Xbox on the wireless network.

How can you use the internet dongle for Xbox?

Whether you are new to online gaming or have been engaging in this activity for long, you must understand the relevance of a reliable internet connection. An internet dongle can help you achieve this as you use Xbox. It allows you to play against different online gamers across the globe. It can even help you engage in different tournaments online. You can only enjoy gaming if you have a fast internet connection. The following steps can help you use the internet dongle for Xbox.

Turn off all the network equipment you have

If you use devices such as the router or modem to get internet in your home, you should first turn the off. Let such equipment remain off for some minutes before you try attaching the internet dongle to the gaming console.

Attach the internet dongle

You should then attach this USB network adapter at the back part of your Xbox console. Use the two available slots at the back of your Xbox to line up the internet dongle. Ensure that you insert the tabs on the internet dongle into the available slots of your gaming console then plug the dongle’s cord into a port located next to it. Do not forget to flip the antennae.

Turn your router and modem back on

turn on router

Once you have attached the internet dongle to your gaming console, you can now turn on the modem and router. Ensure that the router is correctly connected to your internet, and that is broadcasting a signal accordingly. Before you turn on your Xbox console, you should use your computer to ensure that the router settings are all complete.

Turn on your gaming console

You then need to make a few changes on your gaming console to work well with the internet dongle. Turn on Xbox then navigate to system settings from the dashboard. If you utilize an Ethernet cable to connect Xbox to the modem, the wireless function should be turned off. You should then click on network settings so that you can edit the settings. Choose a wireless mode.

Choose the home network’s SSID

Xbox will show you a list of all the networks available. Once you see this list, you should pick your home network’s SSID. Sometimes, you may not see your network even when it has been broadcasting a signal properly. If this happens, pick the option labeled specify unlisted network.

Enter the network security key

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You should now make use of the onscreen keyboard to enter the network security key. Choose the security type you normally use, such as WPA or WEP. Your gaming console will then store such settings. You can now go back to the network settings menu. If you are having trouble trying to figure out the security key, you should ask the person that initially set up the network.

Select test Xbox live connection

Your gaming console will then try to log into Xbox Live. Ensure that all the network settings are correct. After confirming the settings, they should be stored permanently so that you don’t have to keep on modifying them every time you want to play console games using the internet dongle.

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Every gamer can enjoy a better gaming experience by choosing an internet dongle for the Xbox console. This is a small USB modem that can help you connect the Xbox gaming console to your wireless network. The process of connecting an internet dongle to your gaming console is straightforward. You only need to follow the steps we have highlighted above to start enjoying using this device. It can help you enjoy a stable and fast internet connection as you play against other gamers.


What games can I play on Xbox?

You can try playing numerous games on this gaming console. Some of them include Disneyland Adventures, FIFA 19, Forza Horizon 4, Rocket League, and Zoo Tycoon.

Can you play games on the go with the help of the internet dongle?

Yes. This device allows you to access the internet even when you are not home so that you can enjoy gaming from different locations.

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