Roku TV vs. Roku stick – What makes up a good streaming device?

Is your current TV missing streaming video apps? You can solve this by choosing a smart TV or a video streaming stick. Both are valid options that can give you access to numerous apps.

Focusing on Roku can help you get a good streaming player for your home. The manufacturer offers both Roku smart TV and Roku stick so that you can choose an ideal option. Though both streaming players can fulfill your needs, they are quite different, and learning about them before spending your cash is essential. That is where we come in. Our guide reviews both the popular Roku TV and Roku stick to help you make an informed decision during your purchase. Here is more!

What are the differences between Roku TV and Roku stick?

Roku TV
 Roku stick
35 x 2 x 3 inches
0.8 x 0.4 x 3 inches
Less portable
More portable
1 year
1 year
9 Kg
0.8 ounces
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Roku TV vs. Roku stick – How do they compare?

Design and portability

One of the key differences between Roku TV and the Roku stick lies in the design. The Roku TV looks like a regular TV in terms of the design. It comes with a big screen and has different ports for connectivity. Since this is a heavyweight streaming device, it is less mobile.

The Roku stick is a small stick based streamer that you plug into the back part of your regular TV. It can convert a traditional TV into a smart one. Most people are impressed with the compact design of the Roku stick. Since this is lightweight, you can even bring it along with you when traveling and continue watching your favorite shows from different destinations.  Roku stick, therefore, has a better design and is more portable than Roku TV.


Roku offers different streaming devices at varying price points. The Roku TV comes at a higher cost than a simple Roku stick. If you don’t want to get rid of your current TV, you should get a Roku stick that can easily connect to it. Most people prefer the Roku stick in terms of the pricing since it is a pocket-friendly option compared to Roku TV.


Roku has partnered with different brands to produce various Roku TV models. Some of the Roku TV models don’t deliver the best performance. For instance, users of specific Roku TV models reveal issues such as low sound and picture quality. Most users of the Roku stick are pleased with the excellent performance of this streaming device. It offers detailed images and quality sound. Choosing the Roku stick can, therefore, help you enjoy a better streaming experience than Roku TV.

Roku TV vs. Roku stick – A comparison overview

Roku TV

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Though many companies now produce smart TVs, Roku continues to gain more popularity across the globe. Choosing this smart TV gives you access to subscription services such as Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Video, Showtime, Sling TV, Hulu, and Now TV.

Though you have to pay for specific content, Roku TV also provides you with certain apps that contain some free content. Such apps include Crackie, YouTube, and PBS Kids. Apart from the diverse content, many people choose Roku TV since it has a simple interface. The home screen contains a grid of all the apps you frequently use.

Many users like the way the menu options of Roku TV are brief. Apart from the settings options and regular search feature, you can also use the channel store to access additional apps. Roku TV also contains a section known as my feed, which gives you suggestions about what type of content you should watch.

When it comes to the design, the Roku TV has the same appearance as a regular TV. It, however, comes with its own operating system. It has a large screen and a classy finish. You should notice different features, such as USB pockets, HDMIs, and a headphone jack. Since the Roku TV features a quad-core processor, it allows you to load different apps in a matter of seconds.


  • Has a lot of content
  • The package includes a quality remote
  • It is fast and straightforward to use
  • Encourages private listening


  • It is expensive

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Roku TV specs

Operating system
Roku OS
Channels available
The Roku channel, NowThis, ABC News live, USA today
YouTube TV
4K and HDR functionality
Bluetooth connectivity

Roku stick

If you want to stream but don’t have a high budget for a smart TV, you can still access different apps by purchasing the Roku stick. This is a small streaming device that plugs into your TV to make it smart. The video streamer not only comes at a low price but also offers an excellent 4K picture. Due to its slim design, this streaming stick can easily fit into the HDMI socket of your TV.

Roku stick is also a convenient streaming player that can help you continue entertaining yourself even when on the move. Like Roku TV, the streaming stick comes with a remote that you can use to control your TV. The remote also contains shortcut buttons for popular services such as Netflix and Red Bull TV.

Many people also like this streaming device since it has a straightforward setup. Once you plug it in your TV, you should follow the guide that appears on your screen to complete the installation process. The Roku stick will also check the connection and determine the form of video quality your TV can receive. This streaming device can support 4K video at 60fps. It is also a quality streaming player that offers HDR support. According to many users, this streaming stick delivers crisp pictures and detailed images.

Using the Roku stick can help you access all your favorite services, including BBC iPlayer Demand, All 4, and ITV Player. For more functionality, you should consider downloading the Roku app if you wish to control it through a mobile device. You can even send videos, music, and photos from a tablet to your TV.


  • Features private listening mode
  • It is affordable
  • Comes in a compact design
  • You can control it using the remote or a smartphone
  • Excellent image quality


  • You may experience some lag when using Bluetooth headphones.

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Roku Stick specs

Operating system
HBO, Sling TV, Netflix, PBS kids and Vevo
YouTube TV
4K and HDR functionality


Since stick based streamers came into existence, there have been numerous debates regarding how they perform in relation to smart TVs. Roku produces both smart televisions and stick-based streamers to attract different customers. If you have been wondering whether to choose the Roku TV or Roku stick, you should first assess your needs and budget.

Verdict: So, Which is better? Roku TV or Roku stick

When we compared Roku TV to the Roku stick, we discovered that the Roku stick can save us money while still giving us access to more than 500,000 TV episodes and movies. Though Roku TV also had a lot to offer, we could not ignore some of the complaints users raised regarding this streaming device. Many people have reported sound and picture quality issues from some of the Roku TV models. On the other hand, the excellent capabilities and simplicity of the Roku stick impressed us. This made us choose the Roku stick as the clear winner.


Does Roku TV have Bluetooth connectivity?

No. Despite this, you can still listen to what you are watching wirelessly using the private listening feature.

Can you control the Roku stick using your voice?

Yes. It comes with a voice remote that makes this possible.

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