Dish vs Cox – Which is the more affordable TV service provider

For sure, TV service providers have really upped their game especially when it comes to delivering reliable TV services at competitive prices.

Dish and Cox are among the few TV service providers who have really taken the market by storm. This is because they provide their customers with TV packages that are very budget- friendly. Yes that’s right! However, both TV service providers will require you to sign yearly contracts in order for you to subscribe to their TV services.

When to use Dish TV service provider

You should definitely consider the TV services of Dish if you are looking for a TV service provider who will offer you a wide variety of TV packages. And this is not all as their packages not only guarantee you a lot of channels, but are also pretty affordable even to the average citizen.

When to use Cox TV service provider

This TV service provider is best suited for you if you are looking for budget- friendly TV services. Without doubt, the key selling points of this company is the prices of their TV packages. In addition to this, they also set standard monthly rates throughout that don’t hike even after offers.

Dish vs Cox Feature Comparison

Dish (Winner)
No. of TV packages
Cost per month
$59.99- $94.99
$25- $69.99
No. of channels
190- 290
75- 140

How we evaluate Dish and Cox

You may be wondering how we evaluate TV service providers such as Dish and Cox. Well, we do follow a specific criteria in order to arrive to a conclusive assessment of the both of these TV service providers. This includes us looking at a number of key features that we believe are a “must have” when we look at TV service providers:

  • Number of TV plans– we look at the variety of TV packages offered by the TV service providers.
  • Cost per month– this is the amount of money you are required to pay for TV services at the end of every month.
  • Contract– we also consider whether you are required to sign a yearly contract in order to subscribe to their TV services.
  • of channels– the number of channels you will be able to access when you subscribe to their data packages.

Dish vs Cox – A comparison overview

Dish review

You have probably heard about Dish if you are a big fan of watching TV at home. This is because they are well known for providing you with a wide variety of TV channels at affordable prices. Their packages allow you to enjoy all kinds of shows as their packages consist of sports, movie and even kid channels. All you have to do is simply subscribe to their monthly TV packages and enjoy watching TV at the comfort of your couch throughout the year.

No. of channels
America’s Top 120
America’s Top 120+
America’s Top 200
America’s Top 250


As you can see Dish does offer you a number of TV packages that you can choose from. Their America’s Top 120 TV package is ideal for you if you are looking for a package that will provide you with most of the popular channels. This is pretty good for family use as you will be able to enjoy channels where you can watch your news, while your kids will also be catered for as it comes with kids’ channels too. The America’s Top 250 package on the other hand, comes with 290+ channels. I mean, 290+ channels are a lot of channels and that’s because it comes with all the channels you can think of including all the movie channels. You’ll definitely enjoy this package if you are a movie lover. It is also important to note that you are required to sign a 2 year contract when you subscribe to their TV services.


  • Compatible with Google Alexa.
  • Wide variety of packages.
  • Offers a large number of channels.
  • Decent pricing.


  • Doesn’t showcase HBO.

Cox TV review

Cox are one of the most versatile companies and offer a variety of services to their customers. The services they offer include both internet services and TV bundles. And this is not all, as they offer top- notch reliability every single time they provide you with their services. Cox is also one of the TV service providers in the land who will offer you TV packages that come at budget- friendly prices.

No. of channels
TV starter
Contour TV

Cox don’t really have a lot of packages however, this shouldn’t be a reason to turn you off as these two packages are still good enough. Yes that’s right! The TV starter package comes with 75 + channels which you can watch throughout the month. It is best suited for anyone who is looking for a budget TV package which will still provide him with most of the popularly watched channels. However, Cox got you covered if you are an outright TV lover with their Contour TV package. This package comes with up to 140 + channels and a DVR decoder which you can even record programs on HD settings and watch them later. This feature is pretty convenient as you can even control it using your smart tablet. Cox TV provide you HD channels at no extra cost which serves as a big plus to their subscribers.


  • It provides HD channels.
  • TV packages are budget- friendly.
  • You can record programs through their DVR decoder.
  • Standard monthly rates.


  • It doesn’t offer a lot of channels.

How does Dish and Cox compare?

Number of TV packages

Without doubt, you will have a wider variety of TV packages to choose from if you subscribe to a TV service provider that offers a large number of TV plans. Here, Dish offers you with more TV packages that you can subscribe to as compared to Cox. Therefore, you will definitely have more room to choose on which TV package you would like to subscribe to when you subscribe to Dish TV services. This is because Dish provides you with 4 TV packages while cox only has 2 TV packages.

Cost per month

We all try to get the best TV services without having to experience a huge dent in our wallets at the end of every month. Well, Cox provides you with TV services at more affordable monthly prices as compared to Dish.Their TV package prices range from $25 to $69.99 which is budget-friendly to everyone willing to subscribe to TV internet services. Dish on the other hand, charge you from $59.99 to $94.99 for their monthly TV internet services.

Number of TV channels

It is always important to subscribe to a TV internet service provider that will offer you with a variety of TV channels. Dish provide you with TV plans that consist of more TV channels as compared to Cox. You will be guaranteed up to 290+ channels when you subscribe to the TV plans that are offered by Dish. Cox on the other hand, offer you up to 140+ channels which is also a lot but less than what Dish offers their subscribers.


Without doubt, Cox will provide you with reliable TV services at the most affordable prices today. However, Dish is the overall winner in this comparison as compares to Cox. This is because they will provide you with a wider variety of TV packages and TV channels and are also not too costly.


Do I have to sign a contract to subscribe to Dish TV services?

Yes, you are required to sign a 2 year contract.

How many TV packages does Cox offer you?

They offer you with two TV packages which include, TV Starter and Contour TV.

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