IPhone is not automatically connecting to wifi – Here’s The Fix!

Many iPhone users report that at some point, their phone suffers a Wi-Fi issue where it does not connect to Wi-Fi automatically. Take a look as we provide a detailed guide on the troubleshooting and fixing of this problem.

IPhones fail to automatically connect to Wi-Fi for a number of reasons. However, the majorreason it fails to automatically connect is due to IP conflicts between the router and phone.The best way to fix this is by simply restarting both the phone and the router.

Troubleshooting your IPhone’s Wi-Fi issues

To diagnose and fix this problem, you need to troubleshoot your IPhone. You can do this manually using the steps provided below or by using a troubleshooting program.

Troubleshooting tool
TestM for IPhone
Wi-Fi connectivity tests, hardware tests for speakers, earpiece and network card
Phone Doctor Plus for IPhone
Resolves Wi-Fi issues, inner and outer hardware diagnostics test
Phone Diagnostics for IPhone
Fixes no Wi-Fi error, camera and flash test,GPS testing
Apple Global Server Exchange (GSX)
Fixes Wi-Fi issues, GPS and location tests, inbuilt repair tool
PhoneCheck IPhone Diagnostic
No Wi-Fi test and resolution, runs full diagnostic checks, inbuilt repair tool

Troubleshooting steps

Restart the Wi-Fi connection on your phone

The first and most natural thing to do first is to restart the Wi-Fi connection. Go to Settings and turn off your Wi-Fi manually rather than using the slide down menu. Wait a minute and turn the Wi-Fi back on. Restarting the Wi-Fi fixes issues related to IP conflicts and if this was the cause, the issue will be fixed. But if the problem remains, try the next diagnosis

Turn off Bluetooth in settings

Turn off Bluetooth in settings

Once again, turn off Bluetooth manually by going to Settings and unchecking the Bluetooth to off. Avoid turning it off through the slide down menu. The reason we switch off the Bluetooth is because it may conflict with Wi-Fi. If your Bluetooth was on, or turned off through the slide up menu, switch it off manually and try connecting to Wi-Fi. This may fix the problem. If it doesn’t, go to the next

Check whether Airplane mode is on

More often than not, people forget to switch off Airplane mode after turning it on. When Airplane mode is on, your device will not be able to connect to any networks including Wi-Fi. Sometimes, you may turn it on accidentally. If Airplane mode is on, use the slide up menu and toggle it off to fix the problem. Try connecting to your Wi-Fi network and see if the issue is resolved.

Issues with Wi-Fi assist

Issues with Wi-Fi assist

The Wi-Fi Assist feature was introduced to IPhone in the ioS 9 update. As the name suggests, it was introduced to improve and stabilize Wi-Fi connections automatically.It’s also responsible for automatically turning off Wi-Fi and switching to your mobile data if your Wi-Fi connection is too slow or weak. Turn off Wi-Fi Assist and check whether the problem is fixed. To do this, go to Settings – Cellular and scroll down to the Wi-Fi Assist option, then turn it off. This may automatically solve your Wi-Fi issue.

Restart your device

One of the first things you should do is turning off the phone and then backon. Sometimes, your device just needs a break and restarting it may do the trick. This is why restarting your phone is always recommended if you’re having any phone trouble. Wait 30 seconds and turn your device back on. A restart will fix the problem, but if doesn’t try the next step.

Restart the modem

Sometimes, the issue may not even be your phone. Instead, your router or modem may be the one with the issue. After you’ve restarted your phone, the next logical step is to restart your modem or router or both if you use both. This is a great fix especially if your phone connects with other networks with no issues. If you find that you IPhone only does this with a specific network, restart the router and this will resolve the problem.But if the issue persists, try the following diagnosis

Turn off location

turn off location iphone

One of the most reported successful fixes of IPhone auto connect problems as been turning the location services off. It gets things back in order in no time. To turn off location, go to Settings and tap on the Privacy setting. Go to Location Services and tap on System Services. Toggle Wi-Fi networking off.

Forget the said network

If the above fixes still don’t work, it’s time to forget the network in question. Forgetting means clearing all information such as the saved password and IP from your phone. To do this, go to Settings once again and go to the network. Click on the name of your network and this will take you to a menu where you’ll see ‘Forget this network.’ Tap to forget.

Wait a few seconds and connect to the network again. Type in the password and your IPhone will automatically reconnect to the network.

Update your IPhone software

Apple provides lots of small updates through the year and it’s important to update your phone once the updates come out. Wi-Fi issues may arise when you fail to update due to software bugs. Software bugs affect a lot of aspects other than Wi-Fi and this is why we recommend you regularly update your phone. If you’ve set Automatic Updates on, you won’t need to worry about this as your device will do it automatically during inactive hours. But if updates are manual, you need to check for updates in Settings from time to time. Updating the software fixes this problem often.


If the issue persists even after doing all the above steps, it is time to take your phone to a professional. There might be a hardware issue and components that need replacement. All in all, it is important to take care of your phone by constantly updating software to avoid this and many other problems.


  1. What is the main cause for Wi-Fi issues on IPhone?

Outdated operating system is the major cause for Wi-Fi problems in IPhones. Ensure you always update the software by setting automatic updates on

  1. What should you do if my Wi-Fi still doesn’t connect automatically?

If this problem persists, consider taking your phone to a professional as it may be a hardware issue.

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