Philo TV vs. Sling TV – Which platform is best for you?

Philo and Sling TV have a good number of similarities as far as content and cost go, but which one of the two is better?

When it comes to pocket friendliness, both Philo TV and Sling TV have managed to keep their prices pretty low, especially when compared to other available live streaming platforms in the industry today. This is likely why they are limited in content as far as sports and news go, but they prove excellent for lifestyle and entertainment. So, which way should you lean?

When to use Philo TV

This live streaming service is best suited for people that are not too big on watching TV, or on consuming content that is ideally new. It is characterized by older content, especially as far as entertainment and lifestyle go. As a streaming service, it allows you to download an app, and you can watch it across multiple internet enabled devices such as your TV, laptop, phone and even your tablet. With this, you will not be required to buy a decoder.

When to use Sling TV

As a live streaming platform, this service is most ideal for consumers who prefer a balance between entertainment, sports lifestyle and news. It has what would be considered new content, and is ideal for a family. Just like Philo TV, it comes with a downloadable app, and can, therefore, be used on such devices as a smart TV, laptop or desktop computer, phone or tablet. This feature makes a decoder unnecessary.

Philo TV vs. Sling TV Feature Comparison

               Philo TV
               Sling TV
On Demand TV
Number of Channels
Monthly Subscription
$30 to $40

Philo TV vs. Sling TV – What Criteria did we use to evaluate them?

Because both of them are live streaming services, we focused our attention on the kind of options they offer based on;

  • Number of available channels
  • Cost of different bundles
  • Cloud DVR storage
  • Value for money

We also sought to find out which one of the two offers a more comprehensive approach to live streaming, and which one is more ideal for a family setting of various viewership needs.

Philo TV vs. Sling TV – A Detailed Overview

Philo TV Review

Philo TV is currently one of the most used live streaming platforms currently, and this ca largely be attributed to the fact that it is incredibly affordable, especially when compared to other streaming services. To watch your favorite content, you will only be required to pay a subscription fee of $20 a month. This allows you access to 55+ channels centered around entertainment and lifestyle.

One notable feature on this streaming service is that it does not support any add-ons, meaning that you cannot be able to customize the channels that you would like to watch. With other streaming services, you can be able to choose other channels to add to the existing list as provided by the service, but at an extra cost.

As with cable TV that allows you to record programs on DVR, Philo TV comes with a storage option in the form of Cloud DVR. This proves extremely convenient because you an be able to store a good deal of content within a short time. The recorded content remains available to you over a period of one month after which it is discarded.

Philo TV also supports on-demand viewing, and it comes with a substantial library from which to choose the content you would like to watch. As earlier mentioned, it is ideal to use over internet enabled devices, and you will have no need to buy a decoder.

The main demerit to using Philo TV is that it does not come with news and sports channels which are pretty expensive, and this is likely why it comes at such a price. Once downloaded, it comes with a free 7 day trial period.

Bundle Cost
Cloud DVR
Unlimited – Keeps recorded content for 1 month
Streams per account
Maximum of 3


  • Affordable
  • Comes with unlimited cloud DVR
  • Great for lifestyle and entertainment content
  • Comes with a free 7 day trial period


  • Does not come with a sports and news channels selection
  • Does not support add-ons

Sling TV Review

As the first ever live streaming service to be developed and availed in the market, Sling TV has been around a good deal of time, and it enjoys quite a bit of popularity. Unlike Philo TV that remains static as far as channel customization goes, Sling TV allows for bundle choices so you can pick the one that suits you best.

When it comes to bundles from which to choose, Sling TV provides 2 main options which are Orange Sling and Blue Sling. Orange Sling is the more basic of the wo, but it comes with a nice balance of sprots, news, entertainment and lifestyle even though the sports channel selection is not as wide as that of others.

Each bundle comes with 30 channels each, and you have to pay $30 a month after the initial monthly fee of $20. You can also have both Blue and Orange bundles at a cost of $45, and add-on channels at a cost of $5 each.

For DVR storage, you are allowed up to 10 hours, but you can get an extra 40 hours for an extra $10 a month. You do not require a decoder for it, and it also allows a 7 day free trial period.

Bundle Cost
$30 – Upgradable to $45
Cloud DVR
10 hours – Upgradable To 50 hours
4K/ HDR Content
Not available
7 days free trial


  • Pretty affordable
  • Supports bundle customization
  • Allows for cloud DVR storage
  • Comes with free 7 days trial period


  • Limited cloud DVR storage

Philo TV vs. Sling TV – How do they compare?

Number of available channels

When you subscribe to Philo TV, you will have access to a total of 55 channels which are based on lifestyle and entertainment. There are no channels supporting news and sports, and you may have to find cable TV for this. With this service, the bundle is static and cannot be changed.

On the other hand, Sling TV comes with 50 channels which is less that Philo TV’s. However, it comes with news and sports channels as well, and it allows for customization and add-ons, making it better than Philo TV. 

Cloud DVR

For any person that prefers to record their shows, cloud DVR is very important. This is what makes Philo TV better than Sling TV since it comes with unlimited cloud DVR and it stores your content for a period of one month.

Sling TV allows for a measly 50 hours, and it remains available only for a couple days, setting it back a huge deal as far as recording goes.

Streams per Account

With a Philo TV subscription, you will be able to stream content on three different devices at any one given time. This is also pretty much the case with Sling TV which allows you a maximum of three streams at a time on three devices.

Since they both support the same number of streams, neither is set above the other in this regard. 


If you are lifestyle and entertainment consumer that likes to save on coinage, you might want to get yourself Philo TV that comes with a wide variety of these. However, Sling TV proves the better option since it comes with more subscription options, is cheap and also balances between entertainment, lifestyle, news and sports.


  1. Does Philo TV come with a catchup feature?

Ys, it does. It comes with a 72 hours catchup.

  1. Is Sling TV accessible on gaming consoles?

No, it is not.

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