Are TP-Link av500 and av600 compatible?

Powerline adapters have been designed and manufactured in such a way that they are backwards compatible. When they are mixed and matched, however, the entire network tends to run at the speed of the slowest one. Let’s take a look at the compatibility of the TP-Link av500 and TP-Link av600 in expanding the stability of your network.

When trying to set up and use internet in your house, there are areas that may be out of your router’s range therefore you may be completely unable to connect to your Wi-Fi or you may experience weak signals as you try to access your Wi-Fi network. TP-Link has designed its av500 and av600 powerline adapters to extend your Wi-Fi network and generally sort out your connectivity issues. The av500 and av600 are backwards compatible based on their design, speed, connectivity and in-built technology therefore they can work together efficiently in the event that you would want to mix and match them.

These two adapters free up your Wi-Fi and provide you with more capacity to connect other devices. Even better, you are able to use your already existing powerline instead of having to go through the hassle of installing additional cables to help extend your Wi-Fi.

To start with, what are powerline adapters and how do they work?

network adapters

Powerline network adapters are devices that are used to transmit data over the electric wires in your house, which makes them transform your electric circuit into a data network. They work by joining the adapters to your router and to your electronic devices using network cables. They are used as an alternative to running in-wall Ethernet cables across your house or offices and they help you reduce elements of unstable Wi-Fi such as slow connections and weak signals.

For the TP-Link av500 and av600 adapters to work, you need two of them that you will join with a few network cables. You should plug one adapter directly close to the main router and create a link between the two using a network cable. This adapter can go on anywhere around your home or office as long as they are within the same electrical circuit. Afterwards, you should pair the second adapter through another wired cable to your other devices such as a game console, computer or television that is another room. These then connect automatically across your network and they do not need software for them to work.

In short, by plugging them into your electric sockets, they connect your wired devices that were previously unable to connect to the internet using your already existing powerline.

What are the features of TP-Link av500 and av600 powerline adapters?

TP-Link av500
TP-Link av600
Up to 500 Mbps
Up to 600 Mbps
300 m
300 m
Power consumption
Powerline security
128-Bit AES
128-Bit AES
Standards and protocols
Homeplug AV
Homeplug AV
2.4 GHz
2.4 GHz


So, are the TP-Link av500 and av600 compatible? Why?

Yes, they are. The TP-Link av500 and av600 are compatible because they both operate using the Homeplug AV Standard technology. When you use them together, you are able to experience a certain level of stability from your network and good rates of data transfer from your various applications as long as they run within a range of 300 meters in length. In this section, we will look at the features that make the TP-Link av500 and av600 compatible.

Design and structure

TP-Link av500 and av600

The av500 and av600 are both white in color and have a minimalistic design that are similar to each other. In any event that you choose to use them together, they blend into each other and into your power source.  Additionally, they both have a thickness of about 28.5mm.

You can easily install both the TP-Link av500 and av600 though a simple plug-in action. The difference is that the av600 does not have a power pass through therefore you may need to get spare wall sockets for you to be able to make use of it to its maximum potential.

In-built technology

The TP-Link av500 and av600 have both been optimized with Homeplug AV Technology that makes them compatible for use together. Because of this, they both allow for HD streaming across your home theatre or HDTV devices.

The TP-Link av500 has a powerline throughput speed of up to 500 Mbps while the TP-Link av600has a powerline throughput speed of up to 600 Mbps which both operate over a cable length of 300 meters. The speeds of these two adapters allow you to use any applications that would require heavy bandwidth use such as streaming 4K HD videos, game consoles or downloading large files.


The TP-Link av500 and av600 are both equipped with 128-bit AES encryption which makes them compatible to each other. This type of encryption is considered to be the most secure method of encryption that is currently being used in modern devices. Because of this you are able to ensure a secure data network across your entire household.

To connect both the TP-Link av500 and the av600, you use the same connection procedure which adds to their compatibility. The first step is that you need to plug in each powerline to a powerhouse around your household, the next step is that you are required to connect your device through a network cable and the last step requires you to press the pairing button for it to activate itself.

TP-Link AV500 Nano Powerline Adapter, up to 500Mbps (TL-PA4010)
  • Requires two Nano Powerline Adapter for usage
  • This package includes only one adapter. Need to purchase the starter kit to receive two adapters
TP-Link AV600 Powerline Ethernet Adapter - Plug&Play, Power Saving, Nano Powerline Adapter, Expand Home Network with Stable Connections (TL-PA4010 KIT)
  • Fast speed: Wired connection with high speed data transfer rate, ideal for HD video or 3D video streaming...
  • Plug and Play: No new wires and no configuration required; Step 1: connect 1 adapter to your router. Step...


In as much as the TP-link av500 and av600, it is important to note that sometimes the network efficiency may be slightly altered with because your network changes to run at the speed of the slowest powerline adapter. These two powerline adapters have the ability to transfer your computer data, photos, videos and music over the already existing electrical wiring system in your household just like it would over in-built wall Ethernet cables. Even better, powerline adapters are a more affordable and convenient option to extend your Wi-Fi throughout your house.


Are all TP-Link powerline adapters compatible with each other and with other adapters from other brands?

Yes. The TP-Links adapters all adopt the HomePlug AV or the HomePlug AV2 Standard which make hem backwards compatible with each other. The only difference is that the powerline rate usually drops to the lowest one when you use them together.

Also, they can only work with other brands only if they adopt the same standard but it is more practical and efficient to use adapters from the same brand.

Can many powerline networks simultaneously exist in the same power circuit?

Yes they can. What happens is that you will have to separate them with different network names.

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