Linksys Compatibility Guide

Are you looking to get a Linksys router and are wondering whether or not it is going to be compatible with your Internet Service Provider? Good news is Linksys devices are compatible with many ISPs, and a couple are outlined below. 

When it comes to internet connection in the home front, home owners often times have to choose from a wide range of Internet Service Providers, as well as other devices such as modems with which to pair their referred routers. One of the main concerns and factors to consider when choosing the said devices and ISPs is whether or not they are compatible. So, is Linksys compatible with all ISPs? Yes, most Linksys devices are compatible with all Internet Service Providers, as well as other devices such as routers from other manufacturers. With a Linksys router, you can be able to receive internet services from your preferred ISP, but this is also dependent on your location, as all ISPs are not always available in all parts of the country. 

Below is a breakdown of some of the most common compatibility concerns where Linksys devices are used, and a guide on how to connect to different ISPs and devices.

Linksys Compatibility FAQs and How-To Guide

Is Linksys compatible with Spectrum?

Yes, Linksys devices are compatible with Spectrum and are easy to connect to the same. To connect your Linksys router to a Spectrum modem, use the ethernet cable provided together with your router to connect the router to the modem. In case your router has an inbuilt modem, you can turn the modem off for easier connection to the Spectrum modem. 

Does Linksys work with FIOS?

Yes, Linksys devices work with FiOS. To make the connection, all you need to do is use an ethernet cable to connect your router to an FiOS compatible modem. FiOS is particularly an excellent choice for pro gaming, and you can use the 4 ethernet ports on your router to enable multiple connections at the same time. 

Will Linksys Velop work with Airport?

The Linksys Velop system is well equipped to handle connection from various Airport networking devices such as Airport Express, Airport Extreme and Airport Time Capsule. To find out how to connect your Linksys Velop to various Airport devices, follow this link. 

Will a Linksys router work with AT&T?

Linksys routers are built to handle AT&T networks, and you will be able to experience high speed internet throughout your home. All you need to do is connect the router directly to your AT&T modem via an ethernet cable. 

Does a Linksys router work with Comcast?

Yes, Linksys stand alone routers work pretty well with Comcast Xfinity. They are able to distribute a pretty strong signal throughout your home. You can also use Linksys Wi-Fi extenders on the same network. 

Will TP Link work with Linksys?

Linksys devices are not just built t be compatible with many ISPs, they are also equipped to work with other device brands. If you are using a TP Link modem, you will be able to connect it with your Linksys router with ease. Also, if you are using a Linksys modem, you will be able to connect it to your TP Link router for internet connection. 

Will Linksys outer work with a Motorola modem?

Like Linksys devices, Motorola gadgets are also made to be highly compatible with devices from other manufacturers. If you have a Motorola modem, you can be able to link it to your Linksys router and enjoy high speed coverage throughout your home. 

Can I use a Linksys router with CenturyLink?

Yes, it can. If you are using a CenturyLink network and modem, you will be able to connect them to a Linksys router for internet connectivity in your home or office space. To get connected, use the ethernet cable provided together with your router and connect it to the modem. Make sure that this connection is always in place to enjoy internet at all times. 

Will a Linksys router work with Frontier?

Yes, Frontier is compatible with most, if not all, Linksys router. However, this service provider also makes a clear recommendation to FiOS users who wish to use a Linksys device for internet connectivity. if you are an FiOS user, have in mind that the best device to make your connection with from Linksys is the Linksys Max Stream EA7500. 

Can I use a Linksys router with a Netgear modem?

Yes, you can. Linksys and Netgear devices are built to work with other devices from different manufacturers, and they have no trouble working with each other. If you have a Linksys router that you would like to connect with a Netgear modem, all you need to do is connect it to the modem using an ethernet cable that is usually provided together with the router. With this connection, you will be able to enjoy high speed internet and wide coverage throughout your home. 

What to do when your Linksys router keeps disconnecting from your ISP

If you are using a Linksys router or modem and you keep getting disconnected from your Internet Service Provider, there are a number of factors you need to take a look at and possibly fix. Some of the most common are tabulated in the section below.

Possible router connection problems and recommended solutions

Possible connection problem 
Recommended solution 
Poor ethernet cable connection 
Make sure that the ethernet cable connecting your router to your modem is fixed properly, and that it is not partially broken.
Outdated firmware
Try and update your router firmware to allow it the opportunity to work better. Outdated firmware inhibits the proper functioning of your router. 
Dead spots
Make sure that the devices you are trying to connect to your router are within the internet’s transmission range.


As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of internet transmission devices, Linksys as a company has made sure that the bulk, if not all, of their gadgets are compatible with other devices from other manufacturers, as well as a good number of Internet Service Providers. For this reason, when you are using a Linksys device, you do not have to worry much about compatibility to networks and devices. 


Can bad weather lead to poor internet transmission from my router?

Yes, it can. Weather that includes extreme rains and strong winds could cause poor transmission.

Can customizing my router’s settings allow better internet coverage?

Yes, customizing the settings allows for every device to get internet coverage with ease, and the router works to optimize your experience as you use it.

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