Linksys N300 vs Netgear N300 – A Comprehensive router guide

The advantage of using a router in your home network is because it helps reduce network traffic through the creation of collision domains, or the creation of broadcast domains.

Many of our customers complain about being able to discover their neighbors’ networks while trying to connect to their own. Some complain of weak internet signals such that it immediately goes offline as soon as a home electronic consumer gadget is switched on, like the microwave.

Well, the interference experienced on the wireless radio frequencies and the consequent range limitations are avoidable if you can find the best position for your router, or you can also consider using a unique username that your neighbors will not easily adopt. So, while the above might solve your problems, it would also help to find a router that has incorporated the latest performance-enhancing technology such as beamforming and QoS.

So, if you have been experiencing the above problems with your router, we have a few suggestions, the Linksys N300 and the Netgear N300.

What is the difference between the Linksys N300 and the Netgear N300?

Linksys N300
Netgear N300 (Winner)
Connectivity Technology
Wi-Fi, Wired
300mbps at 2.4 GHz
300mbps at 2.4 GHz
3 x 9.5 x 7.5 inches (portable)
10.24 x 8.98 x 2.56 inches (bulky)
Item Weight
7.13 ounces
5.76 ounces

Linksys N300 vs the Netgear N300- How do they compare?


The orientation of your home should not be the reason you cannot enjoy faster Wi-Fi signals on all the connected devices in your network. The Netgear N300 will blanket your home with strong Wi-Fi signals and will cover all the areas of your home for as long it is operating at the estimated range. Faster router speeds are known to offer a good experience when online gaming and they also enhance your experience with HD video.

The Netgear N300, therefore, offers faster download speeds at 300mbps while the incorporated Wi-Fi technology will ensure that all the devices connected to your network experience faster data transfer rates. The Linksys N300 is also best known for the high download speeds, which are available at 300mbps, meaning that the bandwidth-intensive online engagements can be catered to with minimal latency.

The Netgear N300, has been equipped with the QoS technology which ensures that the important bandwidth-intensive applications are supplied with the necessary resources to carry out their operations in a seamless manner. The application can also be used by the admin to effectively manage their internet resources and helps in the reduction of costs via the efficient use of internet resources.

To enhance the performance of routers, manufacturers equip their units with advanced technology, for example, the Linksys N300 has incorporated the MIMO antenna technology that utilizes a combination of multiple antennas and multiple signal paths to gain the knowledge of the communication channels thus an intelligent router for your network. The benefit of this technology to a router is that it enables the unit to achieve higher data rates.

Netgear N300 has incorporated the Wi-Fi/ wired connectivity technology, while the Linksys N300 only features the Wi-Fi connectivity technology which minimizes its performance.

Security features

The incorporated security features on the Netgear N300 router are comprehensive, for example, you will be able to create a separate network for your guests who will have zero access to your home network and the USB hard drive that you might have installed on your router. Another significant security feature is the parental control option that allows parents to restrict Wi-Fi access on their kid’s devices.

They can also filter certain websites that they have determined unfit for the kids. Lastly, the N300 Netgear router offers secure Wi-Fi connections via the WPA/WPA2 security. WPA offers a sophisticated data encryption system complete with a better user authentication feature, the WPA 2 on the other hand, provides stronger data protection complete with network access control.

The security protocol provides Wi-Fi users with a high level of assurance, thus the authorized users can access the wireless networks. The security features incorporated in the Linksys N300 are not very different from the one found in the Netgear router, only that the Linksys offers, an additional SPI firewall.

The latter protects your network by examining the incoming packets against the already existing connections but rarely takes into account the packet’s connection traffic. So, as you use your router ensure that you have enabled the SPI firewall as it will protect your internet connection against external threats and denial of service.


Almost all the features of the Linksys N300 are the same as those incorporated on the Netgear N300, they however run different applications that help users with setup and management. The setup process of the Linksys router is a simple three-step process via the Linksys connect, Netgear on the other hand, has been equipped with the Netgear Genie application that provides users with a personal dashboard, the above could be hard for novice user.

And if you want to add devices to your network you have been provided with the Push and Connect button; installation of the genie application is through the browser, to your smartphone, iPad, or tablet.

Linksys N300 vs the Netgear N300- A comparison overview

Linksys N300 Overview

Linksys N300 Wi-Fi Wireless Router (E900)
  • High speed for fast wireless transfer rates
  • Up to 300Mbps

The Linksys N300 router comes in a portable user-friendly package that will not damage your bank balance to install. The router also offers faster data transfer rates during downloads, and here you will get up to 300mbps. The unit also offers expanded wireless coverage, which is better than what the 802,11g products offer.

And even better is that the routers, Ethernet ports have been configured to support auto-crossover, so users will not need to invest in the crossover tables.


  • Incorporated wireless N technology, which enhances networking
  • The incorporated four Ethernet ports are used for the wired connections
  • The unit has incorporated wireless security necessary to block unauthorized access
  • Set up is through software


  • Installation is a bit hard
  • The range is a bit limited

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Netgear N300

NETGEAR Wireless Router - N300 (WNR2000)
  • Supports Windows 8
  • Fast downloads and online gaming with speeds up to 300 Mbps

The Netgear Wi-Fi router’s Genie application is pretty easy to install and set up on varied devices, such as the smartphone, iPad, or tablet. And when it comes to security you can be sure that your kids and the users of your home network are protected from external attacks or prying eyes. The Unit has also incorporated a couple of innovative advanced technology meant to enhance performance such as the QoS.


  • Offers reliable connections
  • Media sharing is easy
  • Offers a better Wi-Fi range
  • The unit has been equipped with reliable security applications


  • The speeds are not fast enough
  • Firmware not very convenient

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The only major difference between the Linksys N300 and the Netgear N300 are the integrated applications that are to be used to enhance performance. So if you were to choose one, ensure to get the one with the applications that match your needs.

Verdict; so, which is the better router? The Linksys N300 or the Netgear N300

The Netgear N300 is the better router because it features a rather easy to deploy structure, it is fairly portable and offers both the wired and wireless connectivity options, thus allows users to scale their networks, more so in a business environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Linksys N300 default password?

Your Linksys N300 default password is “Admin.”

  1. Can my Netgear N300 support 5GHz?

No the Netgear N300 does not support 5GHz.

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