Is Asus AiProtection good?

If you and the rest of your family spend a lot of time on the internet, you should focus on safety and privacy. You can protect yourself by using a router that has good security features.

Most Asus routers available today come with a feature known as AiProtection. Most internet users that have some experience using this feature are impressed with how it works. It is a good security feature to have since it can help you assess your home network’s security level, block malicious sites, offer vulnerability protection, and give you access to different parental management features. Here is more!

Introduction to Asus AiProtection

Every time you access the digital space without any form of protection, you should know that you are not safe. The digital space is faced with so many forms of threats every day. Based on statics there are more than 10,000 attacks on Mac, iOS, and Windows devices every day. Due to the high number of cyber threats in the modern world, most digital users understand the relevance of cyber-security.

Most people use Asus routers to access the internet. These are quite popular since they most reliable wireless routers ever made. You can rely on this router since it can help you access the internet fast. If, for instance, you like browsing, streaming, or downloading files, an Asus router will not let you down. One of the things that make ASUS deliver an excellent networking performance is the incorporation of AiProtection.

AiProtection is a powerful security feature that can keep you safe every time you are online. The network monitoring feature is built into Asus routers. It is designed to monitor your home network in real-time and eliminate any possible threats. Asus AiProtection is good since it can easily detect things that can affect your home networks, such as viruses and malware. This security feature can block any intrusions that tend to crawl from certain websites, which can infect your current device.

Since Trend Micro powers this feature, it always remains up to date. AiProtection is a good security feature that you should consider using if you have an Asus router. This feature is not available in all Asus router models. If you plan to purchase a new router and want to benefit from this feature, ensure you confirm if the specific Asus model you want has this feature.

How Asus AiProtection works

Many Asus router users like AiProtection because it works differently. You can benefit from this feature in the following ways.

  • Router security assessment

Asus AiProtection can help you assess the level of security on your home network and help you figure out the specific settings that you should update or adjust. You can use the available colored indicators to assess the level of security in your home network. If, for instance, the indicators are green, they show that your home network is probably safe. If you, however, see red color, you should consider making some changes to boost the security. Some of the changes you can make to enhance your home network’s security include disabling WPS and UPnP feature or creating a strong password and username.

  • Blocking malicious sites

This security feature is also crucial since it can prevent you from accessing malicious sites. If, for instance, you try to access a malicious site through your smartphone or desktop, you will see a warning message from AiProtection that can prevent you from proceeding. With this Asus security feature, you will not keep on accessing websites that contain malware since they can negatively affect your devices.

If, for instance, one of your devices is already infected, AiProtection can prevent personal data on this specific device from getting compromised. It achieves this by detecting and blocking the connection of the device with a malicious server.

  • Vulnerability protection

Most Asus router users also find AiProtection to be good since it offers vulnerability protection. The security feature can therefore prevent the devices connected to your home network from DDoS attacks and spam. It can also block any malicious packets from the internet from getting to different devices. Other than that, AiProtection can also protect your data from getting into the wrong hands.

  • Parental controls

If, for instance, you have young internet users that spend their holidays online, you should look for ways to ensure that they are using the internet safely. You can prevent your kids from accessing inappropriate content from the internet through the use of Asus AiProtection since it offers parental controls. With this feature, you don’t have to keep on worrying about young internet users watching porn or any other adult-related content since you can block access to such sites on specific devices.

You can even set a specific schedule block time if you don’t want your kids accessing the internet past their curfew time. The parental controls give you access to so many parental management features in one place. Feel free to view, add or update different security settings according to your preference.

Asus AiProtection comes in the following forms

AiProtection Pro (Features)


AiProtection Classic (Features)
24/7 auto updates
Parental controls
Auto updates
Malicious site blocking
Intrusive prevention system
Site blocking


Whether you access the internet through a laptop or desktop, you should always think about online security. One of the security features that some Asus routers come with is AiProtection. This is a good feature that can keep you safe as you use the internet. Most users are impressed with how AiProtection works. Secure your home network today with the help of Asus AiProtection.


Can Asus AiProtection make my home network secure?

Yes. This is a reliable security feature that is found in some routers. Asus routers that come with AiProtection are considered to be the most secure.

Can AiProtection slow down the internet speed?

Since this security feature does not hog the resources of Asus routers, it may not affect the internet speed. You can therefore continue to enjoy fast internet speed even when you enable this feature.

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