What does Asurion investigate?

If you have filed a claim with Asurion, the insurance provider has to investigate whether the claim is valid. The investigation process involves going through the submitted documents, checking for past claims, and looking at the specific issue you are filing for.

According to a survey, fraudulent claims are on the rise in the insurance industry. This can make the insurance provider spend more cash than it should on repairs and replacements. To avoid this, Asurion has to verify that each claim that customers file is accurate and legitimate. By conducting investigations, the insurer can then decide how to proceed with claims. Here is more!

Filing claims under this insurance provider

Since modern smartphones come at a high cost, most people choose to insure them. One of the phone insurers that enables customers to protect their devices is Asurion. This phone insurance provider works with major carriers such as Verizon and AT$T. The costs and deductibles, therefore, vary based on the carrier. This insurance plan can cover your device against accidental damage, malfunction, and even theft and loss.

If such things happen to your phone, you can file a claim. You can do this online through the company’s website. You have to provide all the required details as you fill the online form. Ensure you include details such as what happened to the device, your carrier, your billing and shipping address and the device’s make and model. You also have to pay the deductible depending on either damage or theft. The company also requests your personal information, including your contacts.

How Asurion does investigations on claims

Once you file a claim, the phone insurance provider investigates it. It can either approve or reject the request based on what it discovers. One of the things that Asurion has to verify is if your device’s problem is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. If it is covered, Asurion can deny the claim. If your phone is damaged, the insurance provider has to confirm whether the type of damage is covered under the plan before approving the claim.

If, for instance, your phone is stolen and you have filed a claim, the insurance provider will verify if you reported the matter to the police station. The insurer checks if there is a police report that can prove that your phone was indeed stolen. As you report the matter to the police station, you should ensure that you get the case number, phone number of the police station, and the badge number of the specific officer handling the case. Even if Asurion does not ask for this information, it is required according to policy terms. Failing to submit such details increases the chances of the claim being rejected.

Apart from this, Asurion also checks for proof of purchase. One of the documents you have to submit while filing the claim is a receipt showing you bought the device and are the actual owner. If the phone insurer cannot see any proof of purchase in your claim, it may reject it. This is a crucial document that helps Asurion separate valid claims from fraudulent ones. Apart from proof of purchase, the insurance provider also checks if you have submitted a copy of your ID.

The insurance provider can also investigate any claims you may have made in the past. It goes through past claims looking for red flags. If this is not your first claim, the insurance provider will check how often you have filed claims over a certain duration, as well as the nature of the claims. This information can help Asurion figure out if your claim is legitimate.

Since this company has a lot of experience in dealing with customers, it can look for patterns to check whether certain customers are likely to commit fraud. During investigations, the company utilizes data analysis to keep track of such patterns. It also uses computer software to detect any fraudulent billing from the customers that file claims.

If the insurance company suspects suspicious claims, it can also go through your social media accounts. Doing this can help them find useful information. For instance, if you claim that your phone was stolen and you keep on posting photos of yourself with the said phone on your social media platforms, the insurance provider can easily tell that your claim is not legitimate.

What Asurion investigates


It focuses on the issue you are filing for


This enables the company figure out if a problem with your device is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
Whether a stolen phone has been reported to the local authorities
This can help the insurer verify if indeed the smart device was stolen.
It checks your documentation.


Things such as the receipt can prove that you are the owner of the device, while a government ID verifies your identity.


Any past claims
This is done to determine the legitimacy of your claim.




Have you bought an expensive phone and have insured it under Asurion? This can help protect your investment since the plan covers it against theft, damage, and malfunctions. If you experience any of these, you can easily file a claim. Though most phone insurance claims that people make are legit, Asurion has to do some investigations to rule out any suspicious claims.  If everything checks out after investigations, Asurion will either replace a lost phone or repair a damaged one. The insurance provider informs customers whether the claim was approved within 24 hours. If the claim is approved, you can get a replacement with two business days.


Why does Asurion ask for the IMEI number during filing claims?

The mobile equipment identity number is unique to each phone. If a phone is stolen and the owner files a claim, Asurion can blacklist it. This prevents a customer from making any other claim on it in the future.

Can I get in trouble by filing a false claim?

Yes.  Asurion tries to combat fraud in different ways. For instance, it can cancel a customer policy if they make false claims.

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