How to install Kodi 17 Wookie build & Wizard on Firestick

Kodi builds are designed in such a way that they will install different add-ons to your Kodi and even shortcuts to some specific add-ons. You also get a highly customized version of Kodi with various add-ons and is very efficient since Kodi builds are pre-installed with add-ons so you don’t need to manually install the add-ons which will take up a bit of your time. Some of the latest add-ons include TV shows, movies, kid’s channels, gaming, music, and more.

Installing Wookie wizard Kodi 17 on firestick is not very complicated. You can use the same process to install any Kodi add-on or build. However, if you plan on using the Kodi add-ons to stream content, it’s best to use a VPN to protect you from spying ISPs, keep your online activity anonymous, and give you access to geo-blocked add-ons and content. You can use ExpressVPN, it’s secure, fast, and easy to install on any device and it has a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the service.

Installing Kodi 17 Wookie wizard

Kodi is a huge platform for entertainment that’s why it has lots of high-quality Kodi add-ons and builds to take you to the next level of entertainment experience. Here are the steps to follow when installing the Wookie Wizard on Kodi.

Before installing any wizard or build on Kodi, clear any data on your Kodi

  • Launch Kodi
  • On the main screen click on ‘System’ then click on ‘File manager’
  • Select ‘Add source’ on the left side
  • A popup screen will appear then click on ‘None’
  • Type in the web address and click ‘Done’
  • Click on the text box under ‘Enter a name for this media source’ and type in ‘wookie’
  • Click ‘Ok’
  • Go back to Kodi main screen by pressing the return button or the back arrow
  • Click on ‘System’
  • At the top left side click ‘Add-on installer icon’
  • Click ‘Install from zip file’ then select ‘wookie’
  • Wookie will instruct you to click on ‘Click me – succumb to’
  • Wait for the add-on enabled notification. Wait a few minutes for the Kodi 17 wookie wizard to download. Once the popup screen appears click ‘close’
  • Go back to Kodi main screen
  • On the left side click on ‘Add-ons’
  • Click ‘Program add-ons’ then select ‘Video add-ons’
  • Click on ‘wookie’ then select ‘Install wookie’
  • Different wookie packages will be displayed and you can select the one you want to install
  • Click ‘Install’
  • A popup screen will appear then click ‘Continue’ to download wookie
  • Once the download is complete, exit Kodi then reboot your device by unplugging and re-plugging your device’s power cable
  • Restart Kodi and wait for 10-5 minutes for the add-ons to update then your Kodi 17 wookie build is successfully installed

How to remove a Kodi build and add-ons

While most Kodi builds work without any problems, you may have problems with one or you just want to remove it. You can remove Kodi builds and restore it to its factory settings, but before you install or remove builds or third-party add-ons, you should activate ‘Unknown sources’

  • To remove Kodi add-ons on a firestick
  • Open Kodi and on the left side click on ‘Add-ons’
  • From the menu that appears click on ‘My add-ons’
  • Select ‘All’ or filter the add-ons you want to remove
  • Click on the ‘trash can’ icon

You can follow the same procedure to remove multiple add-ons

To remove a Kodi build

  • Before you start, you should ensure you have the fusion repository that lets you install multiple Kodi add-ons. If you don’t have it, you can quickly download it.
  • Once you’ve installed fusion, go to ‘System’ then select ‘Settings’
  • Click on ‘Add-ons’ then select ‘Install from zipping’
  • Click on fusion if its in the list with other repos
  • On the next screen click ‘start here’ then select the The x.x.x means that this zip file is the latest version
  • After installing the file, go back to your Home screen then click on ‘Program’
  • Select ‘Add-ons’ then click on ‘Fresh start’
  • Click ‘OK’ and you’ll be prompted to restart Kodi. Once Kodi reboots, it will be restored to its factory settings

Clearing errors in wookie for Kodi 17

You may face some problems when using wookie for Kodi and one of the most common errors you’ll find is the ‘wookie wizard not working’ that usually happens because of the data cache. This means you’ll have to clear data to get your wookie wizard working again.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open Kodi
  • Go to the wookie for Kodi add-ons that have been installed
  • Click on ‘Clear cache’
  • Once the cache is cleared, the wookie wizard error will disappear

Different Kodi builds

The Kodi is a high powered media player that is enhanced by its add-ons that you can opt to add one-by-one or install a Kodi build that has a library of popular add-ons with a unique theme that changes how Kodi looks and feels. Some of the best Kodi build add-ons include:

Kodi build
Download location
Download size
Video add-ons
Xanax build
365.18 MB
Titanium build
209.41 MB
Route 66
142 MB
No limits magic build
430.44 MB
481/42 MB


Using a build in Kodi is an excellent way of getting loads of Kodi add-ons with only a quick installation. However, before you can install Kodi build you need to be sure it’s what you want because not all builds will suit your needs.


How do I use a Kodi build?

Using a Kodi build is very simple, you just need to install it and choose from the different categories what you want from either movies, tv shows, kids channels, fitness, and more.

Are Kodi builds legal?

You can legally install and use Kodi builds, but the add-ons you access on the build may not be legal. To ensure your security and privacy when streaming, always use a VPN with Kodi.

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