How to kick devices off wifi Xfinity

If you share your wifi password with too many people, they will overcrowd your home or work wifi network and cause a slow internet and constant lag. The best way to resolve this is to kick their devices off your wifi Xfinity.

It’s very easy to see the devices that are online using the Xfinity xFi app and you can also use the same app to remove devices that are connected to your wifi network. You will also get notifications when a new device gets connected to your network which will make it easy to keep track of all the devices connected to your wifi Xfinity.

Reasons why Xfinity is slow

  • Network latency is high. Latency can be affected by a few factors from network throttling to congestion and since Xfinity doesn’t cap speeds, there’s no direct correlation between your internet service and high latency.
  • Bad wifi signal or spotty reception can cause delays.
  • If your computer performance is slow, it will also affect your internet connection.
  • If too many online activities are going on at the same time like watching videos and downloading files can hog a lot of bandwidth.
  • You could have viruses and malware living in your computer and forcing your internet speeds to go at a snail’s pace. Loading up your computer with antivirus software can also slow your computer.

How to tell if someone is using your Xfinity wifi

Everyone nowadays has a wifi connection in their home, but not all run the way to want them to. This could mean you need a new router or someone is piggybacking on your wifi. The good news is there is a way you can detect and block them from accessing your wifi network again. As long as you have your MAC address and an app, you can determine whether someone is stealing your wifi or your connection is just slow.

  • First, you’ll need to unplug all the wifi devices connected to your network and turn them off, then check the wireless signal light on your router. If it continues to flicker, someone is using your wifi.
  • Download the xFi app and sign in
  • Click on the ‘connect’ or ‘people’ tabs on your screen
  • In the ‘connect’ section, you can view all the devices that are currently or previously connected to your network and also the devices that are paused but have wifi access
  • When any device first gets connected to your network, its MAC address, hostname, or the name you gave your device if it’s one of yours will be displayed. However, if the device is connected to the public Xfinity wifi hotspot, it will not appear in your ‘Devices’ list because hotspots are separate from your home network.

If you don’t recognize the device connected:

  • Click on the ‘Devices’ section on the ‘Connect’ tab
  • Select the device you don’t recognize on the provided devices list and click on ‘Device details’ to see the manufacturer
  • A green dot on your router will indicate the device is online and it’s is connected to your home wifi which will help you to identify the device
  • Check the MAC address or hostname of the device in its settings

Removing a device from your Xfinity system using the Xfinity xFi app

If you’re a registered Xfinity internet subscriber, you can easily access Xfinity wifi hotspots at any location while on the go so you can stay connected without any extra cost and can connect up to 10 devices to your account.

  • Sign in to your Xfinity xFi app
  • Create a profile name like blocked devices, unauthorized devices, or something like that
  • Click on the ‘People’ icon then tap on ‘Assign device’ under the new profile you’ve created
  • Click on the unassigned devices you want to block and click ‘Assign’
  • Exit the confirmation screen
  • Click on ‘Pause all’ on your new profile then select ‘Until I unpause’
  • Click on ‘Apply changes’ to activate the information


  • Go to the ‘Devices’ section on the ‘Connect’ tab and click on the device you want to remove
  • Tap on the ‘Device details’
  • Click on ‘Forget device’

This will remove the device from the list of the connected devices and unassign it from the profile it had. This will also delete permanently all the device’s network activity history, so if the device connects again to your wifi network, it will appear as a new device.

Get notifications when a new device connects to your wifi network

  • Log in to your Xfinity xFi app
  • Click on the ‘Notification icon’ at the top left corner of your screen
  • Tap the ‘Gear icon’ at the top right side of your screen
  • Scroll down and select the notification type you want to receive
  • Click on the boxes for each notification
  • Click ‘Apply changes’
  • You will receive a confirmation message once your preferences are updated

Why use xFi gateway network

Reliable fast speeds
Supports the fastest speeds over wifi to ensure optimal performance throughout your home
Consistent coverage
Can use xFi pods to extend your wifi coverage
Control of your home network
Easy to use the xFi app to setup and monitor your home network, set limits on connected devices, and even set parental controls
Provide support
Provides 24/7 customer support, regular software updates, easily reset the gateway and troubleshoot issues from your mobile


Making sure that your wifi is secure is a very important step in safeguarding your internet from potential intruders. By using simple protocols that you can get on the Xfinity xFi app, you can easily prevent strangers from using your wifi, and with the notifications, you can easily know when a new device connects to your wifi network.


Is Xfinity internet 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz?

xFi gateway is a dual-band network which means it can broadcast 2 separate radio frequencies. You can create a different wifi name and password for each band.

How do I prioritize devices on Xfinity wifi?

On your router configuration, search for the QoS and ensure it’s enabled, then select the local IP or the device you want to have priority.

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