Is there an extra charge for 4k boxes from Comcast?

If you are searching for a cable company that can help you stream content in 4K, you should focus on Comcast. This is among the few cable companies that offer such standard resolutions.

Though Comcast markets a free streaming 4k box, you should be ready to pay extra charges to get it. For you to enjoy a 4K box from the company, you should be an internet subscriber. Leasing the 4k box from Comcast will cost you $ 5. You also have to rent a router and modem from Comcast at the cost of $ 13 per month. One of the 4K streaming boxes that you can get from the company is known as Flex. Find out what you require to start enjoying this 4K box from Comcast.

Introduction to Flex

This is a streaming box from Comcast that is available to the company’s internet subscribers. Choosing it can help you enjoy a lot of content in 4k resolution. This is one of the advanced resolutions that displays clear images. It exposes you to so many channels, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO, where you get to stream content in 4K.

Flex allows you to rent or purchase different shows and movies, depending on your preference. It also offers live TV streaming services such as Xumo and Pluto. If you enjoy listening to music, you can do this through iHeart Radio, Pandora, Amazon Music, and Xite. This is a reasonably priced 4K box that allows you to conduct voice searches across different apps. Your package should include a voice remote that you can use to give it voice commands when you want to switch between programs.

The problem with such 4K boxes from Comcast is that they don’t give you the liberty to add new apps or remove some of them. Flex only receives more apps when Xfinity chooses to add them.  Some users are also not impressed with numerous commercials that are hard to skip while viewing content using this box.

Inside the Flex unit, you should expect the Xfinity Xi6 box, a power cable, HDMI cable, and the XR15 remote. Since the remote uses the aim anywhere technology, you don’t have to point the device to change the channel.

Once you have requested the 4K box, you can install it in less than five minutes and begin watching all your favorite shows. Comcast makes the activation process a breeze so that you can spend more time watching than dealing with a complex setup process. You only need to power it on. You will have to answer some questions then connect this 4K box to your wifi. Once you do this, you can sign in to streaming services such as YouTube and start looking for the right content.

Though the setup is simple, you may not enjoy a smooth user experience with this box. Flex offers different guides, including one for the premium channels and tabs for on-demand and live programming. It also has some filtering options that you can use to find specific content fast. Most users reveal having problems when it comes to trying to find on-demand content.

What do you need to get a 4k box from Comcast?

For you to start enjoying streaming 4K content from Comcast, you have to meet the rental requirements that Comcast sets. This 4k box is available when you rent the manufacturer’s router/ modem combo. When the streaming box known as Flex was introduced, the company introduced it as free. This misled some of the potential buyers since they later learned about the extra charges that they had to incur to get it.

A few weeks after introducing the 4K box, Comcast’s spokesperson revealed that the rental requirements would soon be dropped, but this did not happen. Apart from the rental requirements, leasing the 4K box will cost you an extra $5. If you test the 4K box and are not impressed, Comcast gives you the freedom to return it at any time.

Though the 4K box from Comcast is not free as advertised, most people find it to be more affordable than 4K boxes from other companies. If you are new to Comcast but would like to start working with this company, you should first find out if Xfinity internet is offered in your locality.

A summary of what you should expect from a 4K box from Comcast

Flex box Specs
Size:  1 x 5 x 5 inches
Allows you to view content in 4K
It is not free
Audio: Dolby Atmos
You can conduct voice searches.
Storage: None


Gives you access to numerous streaming services
No local channels
Remote: XR15
The remote fits in hand well and has useful buttons like volume, power, and channel selection.
The 4K box does not offer the best user experience.
Wifi: 802.11 ac
Easy installation
Numerous commercials


4k boxes are known to give viewers an immersive experience. If this is what you need and have been working with Comcast, you can get such a box from the cable company. One of the 4K boxes that Comcast offers is Xfinity flex. This can handle excellent resolutions such as 4K UHD. The company claims to offer this box for free, but this information is inaccurate. You have to pay extra charges for 4K boxes from Comcast. For instance, leasing the 4K box will cost you $ 5. You also have to meet the rental requirements to get this box. This comes at an additional cost of $ 13.


Is the 4K box from Comcast worth it?

Yes. This is a 4K enabled device that can help you enjoy viewing numerous on-demand movies and live channels. Though it has some flaws, its many benefits make it quite valuable.

How can I start enjoying 4k content from Flex?

You only need to set up the box correctly. After this, the box will be set to the highest resolution possible for your television, including 4K.

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