How to Install Zoom Cloud Meetings on Roku

How we hold meetings nowadays has significantly changed due to the internet and online meeting apps ease of use.

With the high internet penetration, more organizations and people are embracing working remotely. Zoom is one of the best and most popular online meeting platforms. This is due to its user-friendliness and availability which has led to a widespread adoption among the masses. Additionally, it is affordable and has a friendly pricing model. You don’t even have to install the app on your device; you can simply use the cloud platform. It allows you to share images, text, videos, and even files with others besides holding conferences and meetings. The platform is compatible with most devices.

Unfortunately, there’s no Zoom channel in the Roku channel store at the moment. However, we will show you how to use the meeting app on Roku.

Installing Zoom Cloud meetings on RokuThere are various ways of using Zoom on Roku. To use the app on Roku, you need to mirror your screen from a casting device to Roku. Firstly, turn on and connect your Roku streaming device to the Wi-Fi network. Next, make sure that your Roku and casting device are connected to the same wireless network. Login to your Roku and go to the home screen. Open Settings and select ‘System’. Under System, click on ‘Screen mirroring’ and then select ‘Screen Mirroring mode’. Finally, click on the ‘Prompt’ option to enable screen mirroring on Roku. With your Roku device all set, it’s time to get a casting device with Zoom.


For Android users, go to the Google Play Store and install Zoom if you haven’t done so already. Once installed, open the app on your phone. Next, open Settings on the same phone, go to Settings and select ‘Connection & sharing’ from the list. On the next screen, search for Multi-screen, Cast, or Smart view again depending on your device and turn it on by toggling the button. From the list, select your Roku streaming device. Your smartphone should now appear on the Roku TV screen. On the phone, open the Zoom app and log in. Now, you should be able to make video calls or attend meetings on Zoom via Roku. You will have to use your phone to control the app and not Roku.

iOS or Mac

Currently with the latest update, Roku supports streaming of content from Apple devices via AirPlay 2. With this feature, you can mirror Zoom from an iOS device or Mac to your Roku device. The only thing that you need to ensure is that both the device and your Roku should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for this to work. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Control Center and tap on ‘Screen Mirroring’. Next, select the Roku device and start mirroring to the screen. For Mac, at the top of the menu bar, select the AirPlay icon and then click on your Roku device from the dropdown list. You should now be able to use Zoom on Roku from your Mac.

Windows PC

For a Windows PC user, first, connect both the PC and Roku to the same Wi-Fi network and then open the Zoom Cloud Meetings desktop app or a web browser and go to Sign in on the next page and then, on the web browser menu, find and select the ‘Cast’ option. This prompts Windows to search for all nearby devices. Once it locates your Roku device, click on the ‘Source’ drop-down box. Under it, click on ‘cast tab’ and then select the Roku device. With the both devices connected, you should be able to see your windows screen on Roku.

Mirroring steps in pictures

Go to the connections menu on your Android and search for Multi-screen, Cast, or Smart view

 Zoom Cloud Meetings on Roku  

Toggle the button to turn it on

 Install Zoom Cloud Meetings on Roku

On iOS or Mac, use AirPlay 2

airplay 2

On your iPhone/iPad, open the Control Center and tap on Screen Mirroring.

Next, select the Roku device and tap on Tap to start mirroring

How to Install Zoom Cloud Meetings on Roku

Open the Zoom Cloud Meetings app and start sharing 

How to Install Zoom Cloud Meetings on Roku: A snap shot

Installation process
Action required
Enable screen mirroring on Roku and using a casting device, open Zoom Cloud Meetings and cast it on your Roku connected TV screen.
–          Roku streaming device

–          Stable internet connection

–          A casting device with the Zoom app

Final Thoughts

Though Zoom Cloud Meetings is not yet available as a standalone app in the channel store, this doesn’t stop you from using it on your Roku device. Screen mirroring or casting is the only viable method of using the popular app on Roku. With this, you can easily communicate and share your screen on a wider screen making it more interactive.


Can I use the Zoom Cloud Meetings web version when casting to Roku?

Yes you can. Simply open the web browser and launch Zoom. Follow the above steps and instead of casting the Zoom app, you then cast the web browser with the Zoom tab.

Can I screen mirror my iPhone to a Smart TV with Roku using a HDMI cable?

Yes, you can mirror the phone. However, you will need an HDMI cable and an original Lightning Digital AV adapter.

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