How to Rename Your Roku in 2021

Despite the rise of Smart TVs, most users are still switching to streaming players as alternatives to cable TV. This is not only due to price but because of several advantages that they stand to gain. Roku has emerged as one such streaming player as it’s not only budget-friendly but can also stream almost anything.

Roku comes in the form of a player, streaming stick, or as a TV with an easy setup procedure. It offers various types of content ranging from free channels to paid ones. All you have to do is set it up and then visit the Roku Store and download the appropriate apps for content. The challenge that comes with Roku is if you have more than one Roku device in your home. You’ll discover that it’s not helpful to give these devices almost similar names as it poses a challenge when you want to distinguish between the two. The only solution is to give your Roku devices unique names.

To rename your Roku in 2021, you can do so using the Roku mobile app or your Roku account. If you want to change your Roku device’s name, we will walk you through it.

Reasons to rename Roku

When setting up your Roku device, you might have already renamed your device. However, afterward, you may notice that you still need to change the name. If you have more than one Roku device, then it’s important that you give each of them a unique name to distinguish between the two. For example,  if you have two Roku devices and they both have the same names or are named similarly close making it hard to differentiate them, then it’s time to change. For example, ‘Roku 1’ & ‘Roku 2’, then you’ll discover that it’s not helpful as it poses a challenge when you want to distinguish the two. Secondly, when you want to control your Roku using Alexa or switch them using the Roku mobile app, it’s still hard to tell your devices apart. Another reason to rename your Roku is if you feel the name is too old.

Steps to rename your Roku

Despite having been allowed to rename your Roku device at installation, to help users solve this issue after setup, Roku allows the users to rename their devices to something friendly and easier to remember. For example, you can rename your Roku depending on the installation location. Now, let’s get into the steps.

First Method: Renaming Roku using the Roku mobile app

Since most of us own smartphones running on either Android or iOS, it makes this method suitable. If you don’t have the Roku app installed on your phone, go to the app store on your phone and install it. Connect both your Roku device and your smartphone with the app to the same Wi-Fi network. On your phone, open the app, and navigate to the top right corner of the screen. Tap on the Settings or a gear-like icon to launch the settings page. On the next screen, tap on the ‘Edit Name’ button and enter a new name for your Roku device. Your device is now renamed. If you want to rename another Roku device, then go back and tap on the ‘Switch Roku Device’ option below the ‘Edit Name’ button, select the specific device & rename it, then finally exit the app.

Second Method: Renaming Roku using Roku account

Another method for someone that doesn’t have access to the Roku mobile app or isn’t interested in installing it is using the Roku account. This method does not require downloading or installation of any apps. All you need to use this method is the credentials to the account that you first created when installing your Roku device. On a web browser on your smartphone or PC, enter this link in the address bar and click on Enter to visit the Roku page. When asked, enter your Roku account details and log in. On the next screen, scroll down the list to ‘My linked devices’ and select it. On the next page, scroll through the list and locate your Roku device. It’s important to note that if your Roku device already has a name, then the name will be displayed, otherwise you will see its serial number instead. To find out your Roku serial number, on your Roku, go to ‘Settings’, then select ‘System’, and finally click on ‘About’. If your Roku device has a name, select it; otherwise, select your Roku device’s serial number. Select the ‘Rename’ link and enter a new name for the Roku device. Finally, confirm the changes, and now you have successfully changed your Roku device’s name.

Setup steps in pictures  

Go to Settings and get your Roku serial number

How to Rename Your Roku roku   

Open a browser and go to my Roku Account and log in

How to Rename Your Roku

Scroll and click on My Linked Devices and select your Roku device


Select and rename it 

Rename Your Roku

How to rename your Roku in 2021: A snap shot 

Renaming process
Action required
Use the Roku mobile app
–          Smartphone

–          Roku mobile app

–          Connect the Roku device and your smartphone with the app to the same Wi-Fi network.

Use the Roku account
–          Web browser

–          Roku account credentials

–          Roku device name/serial number

Final Thoughts

Using one of the above methods, you will be able to swiftly change your Roku device’s name. These methods take less than a minute making it easy afterward to identify your Roku device.


What if I can’t see the Settings screen on my app?

If you can’t see the Settings screen on your app, try updating the app or uninstalling then try again.

Can I update an old Roku device?

Your Roku device automatically updates itself when you turn it on and connect it. However, you can also manually check for updates from your Settings menu.

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