CenturyLink C1100T vs. C1100Z – Which is the better modem for your internet needs?

Generally, modems and routers play a significant role in determining speed issues and the overall service quality that you receive from your Internet Service Provider. CenturyLink is one of the internet service providers that offer modems and routers; however, you need to pay to lease them.

Before settling for any internet service provider and choose what products to use, it is worth looking at which modems, routers, and other devices provide the best service, stable connection, and most coverage around your home or office. It is also important to understand what each device does. This way you can easily settle for one that matches all your internet needs and preferences.

In this article, we will be comparing two popular CenturyLink modems – the C1100T and the C1100Z. These two modems have created a reputation for themselves due to their impressive performance and reliability. However, when compared against each other, there are notable differences. So, which is the better option?

What are the differences between the CenturyLink C1100T and the CenturyLink C1100Z?

Model Features
CenturyLink C1100T
CenturyLink C1100Z
2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
2.4 GHz
Network Standards
802.11 b/g/n
802.11 b/g/n
Wireless Data Rates
Up to 300 Mbps
Up to 300 Mbps
No. of LAN Ports
Security Type
Remote Provisioning, Monitoring and Management
USB Ports

CenturyLink C1100T vs. C1100Z – How do they compare?

Speed and Performance

The CenturyLink C1100T is a dual-band system, while the CenturyLink C1100Z is a single-band system. Even so, they are both high-performing Wi-Fi 4 router/modem combo devices. They deliver wireless data rates of up to 300 Mbps and are backwards compatible with other Wi-Fi devices within their generation. Based on this comparison feature, we can deduce that the CenturyLink C1100T exceeds the CenturyLink C1100Z when it comes to speed and performance.

Ports and Connectivity

Generally, the ports on your router facilitate wired connections when the need arises. The CenturyLink C1100T and C1100Z seamlessly meet consumer expectations as they both come with 4 LAN ports. When it comes to comparing their USB ports, you will realize that the CenturyLink C1100T has a USB 3.0 port that allows for file sharing, while the CenturyLink C1100Z does not have any USB ports in its structure.

That said, the CenturyLink C1100T has more number of ports, setting it on a higher ground in this regard.

CenturyLink C1100T vs. C1100Z – A Comparison Overview

CenturyLink C1100T Review

CenturyLink Technicolor C1100T Vdsl2 Modem 802.11n WiFi Router
  • C1100T VDSL2 Wireless Gateway Modem for CenturyLink
  • Designed according to the latest ECO standards

While the CenturyLink C1100T doesn’t have the advanced Wi-Fi technology like other CenturyLink modem/router combos, it is one of the high-performing internet devices in its class. It is particularly designed to work with slower speeds and to accommodate the needs of anyone who has subscribed to a low-speed internet plan but still need a CBRAS connection. Unfortunately, it does not work with bonded internet.

It allows for a coaxial connection that significantly boosts the signal and ensures network decongestion. When it comes to configuration, the CenturyLink C1100T is complaint with the TR-069 model, which allows you to quickly configure your modem without having to ask other users to pause their already ongoing online activities.

Unfortunately, the 5GHz band isn’t available for this modem but this doesn’t mean that the modem cannot achieve faster speeds.


  • Easy to setup and Install
  • Ideal for low-speed internet subscription plans
  • Fast, stable, and reliable internet connection
  • Has a USB port


  • No support for 5GHz

CenturyLink C1100Z Review

The CenturyLink C1100Z Wireless Gateway is one of the most renowned modem/router among most CenturyLink Internet subscribers. It offers both ADSL2/2+ and VDSL2 support for higher compatibility, which in turn improves your online experience. While it has the same output as a regular N300 router, we cannot sideline the fact that it provides the adequate range and exceptional performance for common internet tasks, as well as heavy multimedia use, including online gaming and streaming audio/video content.

Besides that, the device features Gigabit Ethernet WAN/LAN ports, which are designed to enable a reliable connection to a single CPE on either DSL or GPON network. When it comes to security, it supports the WPA2/WPA/WEP security technologies and features a hardware WPS button that allows you to enjoy quick and easy setup using a button. In addition to that, it is compatible with the infamous TR-069 Remote Management that allows for quick and easy remote troubleshooting from CenturyLink when you run into common router/modem issues.

Unfortunately, the CenturyLink C1100Z does not have USB ports for resource sharing and storage. While this may be a challenge to some, it is something that you can easily work around.


  • Easy to setup
  • Comes as a 2-in 1 device (modem/router combo)
  • Wide area coverage and a stable internet connection
  • Budget-friendly


  • Lacks a USB port
  • Only operates on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi


The CenturyLink C1100T and the Century C1100Z are both high performing Wi-Fi 4 router/modems that are designed to meet all your internet needs and overall preferences. They deliver incredibly high data rates and are powerful enough to accommodate high bandwidth applications including 4K streaming, online gaming, and data downloads. While both are ideal for small to medium sized homes, whichever you end up settling for entirely depends on your specific internet needs.

Verdict: So, which is better – CenturyLink C1100T or C1100Z?

With all factors considered, the CenturyLink C1100Z is the better modem/router. It is definitely the best option if you are trying to avoid spending too much when buying a modem and router. Because it is a 2-in-1 device, it means that you do not have to incur double costs on two different devices. In addition to that, it delivers incredibly high data rates at 300Mbps, which is just enough to accommodate all your internet-related needs. While it only operates on the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi band, it offers exceptional area coverage around your home and office.


  1. Does the CenturyLink C1100T have 5GHz?

Not at all. There is no 5GHz support on this 2-in-1 device. This, however, does not tamper with its performance.

  1. Should I buy my own modem or lease one from CenturyLink?

If you want to buy your own modem, you should ensure that it is compatible with CenturyLink broadband services. However, if you prefer to lease one, then you should be prepared to pay $15 every month. All in all, leasing is a great option for short-term subscribers, while purchasing your own network devices is a better option for long-term users.

  1. What can I do with an old CenturyLink modem?

You can always return it to CenturyLink, donate it, sell it, or use it for other purposes.

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