How to have unlimited hotspot

An unlimited mobile hotspot is a flexible and convenient option that allows users to share their internet with various other devices. With multiple carriers available, you can access multiple unlimited data plans to ensure your hotspot is as fast and reliable as possible.

Suppose you are on the road, and you do not have access to Wi-Fi resources. In that case, mobile hotspots become handy as they allow users to connect to their cellular internet connection, enabling them to surf the internet. Whether you are using a tablet, a camera, a PC, or another phone, hotspots ensure you have a stable internet connection wherever you go.

All four nationwide carriers, as well as other virtual operators, offer their consumers with hotspot plans. By subscribing to any one of their hotspot plans, you can get unlimited hotspot at a reasonable price.  Despite unlimited data plans having limited hotspot data, they are still better than standalone hotspot plans in terms of price and speed.

What is the best unlimited hotspot plan?

connect a laptop to phone hotspot

Depending on the user, US smartphones have different service plans that provide a variety of features, including data and hotspot provisions. All US cell phone carriers offer standalone hotspot packages, at least to some extent. Alternatively, you can opt to turn your mobile phone into a hotspot using your regular data plan.

Generally, Verizon and AT&T offer the fastest network speed in the market right now. You can get Verizon’s gounlimited plan for $75 per month, allowing users to use it as a mobile hotspot at no extra charge. On the other hand, AT&T’s Unlimited and more plans offer 22GB of unlimited data at $70 per month. The carrier also provides a variety of wireless internet packages at affordable prices.

Another carrier that provides premium quality hotspot plans is T-Mobile, which offers unlimited 3G hotspot speeds on One account and 20GB of LTE hotspot speeds on the One Plus plan. The carrier also has the Magneta Plus unlimited data plan that provides 20GB 4G LTE mobile speeds and an extra 20GB for a limited time.

Sprint also has two unlimited data plans, including the Unlimited Basic at $60 per month for 500MB OF LTE hotspot data, among other features, and Unlimited Premium for $70 per month for 15GB of LTE hotspot.

Along with the four major network carriers available, you can also get hotspot plans from NetZero, Boost, Net10, Karma, and other minor players.  Such hotspot plans range from “free data plans” of 200MB per month from Net10 on Sprint Network, to 50GB per month from Boost Mobile.

For instance, Cricket Wireless offers its Moxee Mobile Hotspot package, a $35 package for 20GB high-speed data, and a $50 package for 40GB high-speed. It also supports 16 devices with dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity.

Data limit
Hotspot allowance
Unlimited data monthly cost
Verizon  ‘gounlimited’
3G data speeds only
AT&T Unlimited and more Premium
22GB per month
T-Mobile Essentials
50gb per month
3G data speeds only
Sprint Unlimited Basic
50GB per month

How to get free unlimited hotspot


While most US service carriers offer unlimited plans to their users, most of these plans have restrictions, often including limited use of such plans on other devices through tethering. Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android device, carriers have different ways to check if a particular user has paid or subscribed to tethering or mobile hotspot. If they find you have not, they disable the feature on your device until you pay for it.

Luckily, there are various ways that you can bypass these restrictions and get a free unlimited hotspot on any device. Specific mobile applications available on Apple Store and Google Playstore claim allow users to use their data however they want.

One of the most efficient applications that enable users to access free unlimited hotspot is EasyTether Full. With this application, you can share your internet with other devices via USB or Bluetooth from your laptop, phone, desktop, or tablet. However, before using it, you have to download the relevant drivers and tablet applications, if you are using a tablet. It is also worth noting that Chromebook users cannot use this application as its operating system does not allow the drivers to install completely.

Magisk Manager is another working solution for accessing free unlimited hotspot. All you have to do is root the phone, download the application, navigate to its ‘Tethering Enabler’ and download the package. Once you install it and reboot your device, you can easily use the hotspot feature on your phone hassle-free.

Likewise, Click Tether is another easy to use application from Google Play that allows other devices to connect to your hotspot device. It has a free lite version and a premium version for $10 that provides a secure connection. Upon downloading the application, all you have to do is follow a basic list of directions as displayed on the screen and your device will become discoverable by any other devices around it.

FoxFi/PdaNet is also an effective mobile network connectivity app that facilitates Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Depending on your phone’s operating system, you can download either PdaNet or FoxFi as some carriers have removed and blocked FoxFi from its downloadable applications. The app consists of an intuitive interface that allows the users to create a secure WPA2 password-protected connection.


While other users have a dedicated device to broadcast their hotspot, it is definitely more convenient to turn your smartphone into a hotspot. Major network carriers offer unlimited plans with high-speed hotspot data at reasonable prices, depending on your connectivity needs. All you have to do is review all the packages and find the most suitable one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get Wi-Fi without a service provider?

You can access Wi-Fi without an internet provider by using public Wi-Fi hotspots within your range.

Is it possible to use a mobile hotspot as home internet?

You can use your mobile hotspot as your home internet if you are a light data user, and you do not have to download large files or stream high-quality videos for long hours.

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