Google home app can’t find device- how to fix

Google are always out there putting up a great fight with Apple especially when it comes to technological advancements. Well, Apple made Siri and it works quite brilliantly, however I do feel that Google home app is unmatched.

Google home app offers you great diversity as it is not only compatible with both Android and Apple devices, but also offers you great versatility. This is because it enables you to control any device that is compatible with Google Chromecast just by using one single app. Cameras, speakers, TVs name them, so long as they are compatible with Google Chromecast, Google home app go you covered.

In addition to this, Google home app also operates efficiently through voice command when controlling Google Nest speakers which is pretty cool! However, sometimes an issue may arise where the Google Home app fails to detect and connect to your device even if it has connected before.

The first thing you should do when you start experiencing problems with connection on your Google Home app is update the app. Yes that’s right. Some may think that it may be a very tedious process trying to sort it out but it really isn’t. Most times updates are usually released by Google to better how their apps operate and it is no different when it comes to Google Home app. However, an update may affect the operation of the outdated version which may lead to connection problems with your device.

Some of the devices that are compatible with Google home app include:

Google Nest Hub Max
Google Chromecast
Streaming device
Lifx Mini Smart Bulb
Smart bulb
Sony XBR85X900F 85 inch 4K Ultra HD

Steps to fix Google Home app on iPhone

Switch on Bluetooth

This is the first and most crucial step when trying to troubleshoot this small problem with Google app. This is because you are aware that Google Home app relies on Bluetooth for you to be able to connect to the Chromecast compatible devices and control them using your phone. You simply go to the settings app on your phone click on Bluetooth and switch it on. It’s quite simple and I’m sure you have already switched on your Bluetooth a couple of times so it’s not something that’s really new to you.

Open the App store

Once you have switched on the Bluetooth you should try to connect it to the Google home app and see if it will find your device. If not, you should then click on the app store and then see the list of your apps that need to be updated. You can either update all your apps at the same time or specifically click on Google home app and update it. Most of the times your Google Home app may fail to find your device simply because you are using the outdated version.

Close and Re- launch Google Home app

After you have updated you are supposed to completely close your Google Home app on your phone. You can do this by swiping your screen from the bottom edge of your phone and then swipe up the app. This will enable it to close completely. Then go to your apps on the home screen of your phone and click on the app to launch it again. Google Home app will most definitely connect to your devices and enable you to carry on with your usual media activities.

Steps to fix Google Home app on Android

Turn on Location services

The steps are a bit different if you are using an android device but not by much. You should first open your settings app on your android device then click on settings and go to Security & location. Once you click on this, switch on “Use location”. After you have done that you go back to the main settings and click on Apps and Notifications then go to Google Home App and click on Permissions where you will also turn on location.

Open Google Play store

After you have switched on the location services and your google home app still fails to find your devices, you should then go to Google Play store. Once you are here, you should go to My apps and games and check the list of your apps that need to be updated. You can either update all the apps at once, or you can update Google Home app specifically. Just like iPhone devices, the Google Home app on your android device may be unresponsive because you are using the outdated version.

Close and Re- launch the Google Home app

Completely closing the app on an android phone is different as compared to closing the app on an iPhone. When it comes to android devices you are supposed to go to the settings of your device and click on Apps & Notifications. Once you reach there, scroll through your apps and tap on Google Home app then click on Force stop. After you have done this, you can then head to the menu bar of your device and open Google Home app once again. The Google Home app will most definitely find your device and connect to it after you have gone through this whole process.


Just like any other app, you are required to always update the Google Home app on your phone in order for it to operate efficiently throughout. Without doubt, it’s a pretty simple fix whenever your Google Home app struggles to find any of your previously connected devices. Therefore, you should either set your updates on auto download or always be keen on the updates released for your Google home app.


How do I completely close Google home app on my device?

Well, it depends on the device you are using. However, for iPhone you simply swipe up the edge of your screen and then swipe up the app. For android devices you’ll be required to go to settings then close the app from Apps & Notifications.

How do I reset my Google Home app?

You simply open the app then click on settings. Once you have accessed settings, you look at the top right of your screen and click on Reboot. You should also ensure that your device is connected to the Wi-Fi.

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