How do I use my phone as a hotspot?

Even though you do not have access to public Wi-Fi networks, you can easily connect your devices to the internet by using your phone as a mobile hotspot. The process is quite simple and efficient. Here is how you can use your phone as a hotspot.

Most modern smartphones come with a variety of impressive features, including the ability to use the phone as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Many iPhones and Android phones have a built-in feature that allows users to activate and configure their hotspot to allow other devices to connect to the internet.   As a result, the mobile hot-spotting feature is a convenient way of sharing your mobile data connection with up to five devices wirelessly

How to share mobile data

Using your phone as a hotspot allows other devices to access the internet seamlessly by sharing your mobile data. It also aids in avoiding insecure Wi-Fi networks that threaten the safety of your data and devices. With an active mobile data plan and a phone with the hotspot feature, Wi-Fi- enabled devices, can tap into your cellular data connection.  As a result, your phone acts like any other modem or router.

However, you have to keep in mind that if you perform heavy  tasks, like streaming high-quality videos or playing online games for long hours on end, using your phone as a mobile hotspot will chew through your battery life and data plan. It is best to subscribe to a hotspot data plan from your carrier to prevent additional coverage charges.

How to turn an iPhone into a hotspot

To use your iPhone as a mobile hotspot, open Settings and navigate and tap on Cellular. Proceed to click on Personal Hotspot to switch it on. Take note of the password and name of the network. On the device that you want to use to connect to the internet, open up its Settings, and look for your iOS device. Proceed to enter the password and enjoy internet connectivity at fast and reliable speeds.

If no devices connect, the hotspot feature on the iPhone will automatically turn off after a while. You can also manually switch off the mobile hotspot by toggling the Personal Hotspot off on your device.

How to use a hotspot on Android

Depending on the version and type of Android you have, you can also turn your Android phone into a hotspot. Android running on versions 2.2 and later operating systems have the mobile hotspot feature. However, your carrier must approve of your tethering if you live in the US.

To turn your Android phone into a hotspot, open Settings and tap Mobile Hotspot & Tethering. On some phones, you will have to tap More after opening settings, and then navigate to wireless & networks to open Tethering & portable hotspot.

Likewise, you will find varied tethering and security options depending on the Android brand you have. Generally, you need to switch on the Mobile Hotspot and configure the network with a preferable name, password, and security level. Experts recommend choosing WPA2/PSK as the preferred minimum security level as it is more reliable than the other options. By setting a password, you prevent unauthorized users from accessing your data, and it also helps in encrypting the data transmitted between your device and any other connected device.

Proceed to connect your laptop or computer to your phone’s hotspot in the same way you connect to any other Wi-Fi network. Switch on your Wi-Fi connectivity and choose the hotspot’s network. Enter the password you saved while configuring the network and surf the internet comfortably.

How to connect a laptop to phone hotspot

connect a laptop to phone hotspot

If your Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping, your laptop can also connect to your phone’s hotspot and share its cellular internet connection, regardless of whether you are using an Android phone or iPhone. It can connect to your phone’s hotspot by either using Bluetooth, a USB cable or by connecting just as you would when joining any other Wi-Fi network.

Once you turn on your hotspot on your phone, open the Wi-Fi network settings on your laptop. Find the network’s SSID name on the list, tap on it and enter the password you configured to begin enjoying fast and stable internet speeds.

You can also connect your laptop to your mobile hotspot through Bluetooth. Begin by pairing the phone and the laptop to enable it to surf the net. It is essential to note that the connection settings vary from one device to another. Generally, open Settings on your phone and then click on Mobile hotspot and tethering. Tap on Bluetooth tethering and pair the devices.

Likewise, Windows laptops can connect to the mobile hotspot on Android phones through a USB cable. Connect the two devices using the USB cable and open settings on your phone. Navigate to Connections, tap on Mobile hotspot and tethering, and switch on USB tethering. However, MAC devices cannot connect with the hotspot on Android phones through a USB cable.

What to expect when using your phone as a hotspot

Using your phone as a hotspot is a convenient and secure way of browsing through the net while on the go. However, there are some pitfalls when used for continuous long hours.  For instance, mobile hotspots consume a lot of data, especially if you have multiple devices connected. As a result, it will quickly run through your monthly data allotment, leading to additional data charges from your carrier.

Another common pitfall of using your phone as a hotspot is that it will quickly use up your phone’s battery life. Hotspot demands a lot of power to function as sends and receives data through the network to its connected devices. Therefore, it makes quite difficult to use your phone for other functions, like calling or sending text messages. It is because of this reason that people prefer to invest in a separate hotspot device, especially if you perform heavy tasks.

State of the problem
Massive usage of monthly data allotment
Subscribe to a hotspot plan from your carrier
Your phone’s battery life will drain quickly
Turn off unnecessary services running in the background, reduce screen brightness, place the internet sharing device on a flat and dry surface, plug in the phone while using it as a hotspot


Just like electricity, Wi-Fi is an essential need for many people. As a result, it is crucial to ensure it is working and within range at all times. However, when it is not possible to connect to a Wi-Fi network, you can quickly use your phone as a hotspot and distribute your cellular data connection with other devices. It is quite a hassle-free process that will ensure that you enjoy fast and stable connections in several devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hotspot free if you are using unlimited data from Verizon?

Yes, a mobile hotspot on unlimited data from Verizon’s data plans is available at no extra charges.

Is it possible to use my mobile hotspot as my home internet?

Light data users can comfortably use their mobile hotspots as their home internet service.

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