How to Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 9345

Getting an error in the middle of your movie binge night has to be the most frustrating thing to endure. When on Amazon Prime, the error code 9345 might interrupt your view. Here is what to do about it. 

As great service as Prime is, it is not spared its share of errors and system glitches. Error code 9345 is one common issue that customers regularly need support on.

This error code is associated with a problem with the payment method used in servicing your Prime account. This explanation may be a bit vague for most to understand but it is the reason behind the failed operation causing the error.

To resolve the Prime error code 9345, you could try to change the mode of payment, update Prime, check the internet connection, or call customer support. 

The cause of error 9345 on Amazon Prime is mostly due to the use of invalid or expired credit card details.

However, this is not the sole reason but the solution is easy to get to if you understand what you are dealing with.

Summary Table: Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 9345

Issue Cause Fix


Amazon Prime Error Code 9345

Expired card details Update or change mode of payment
Poor internet connection Check network connection or

Reset device

Corrupted data files or Cache Reboot or reinstall Prime App
Bugs and Glitches Update Prime Software

Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 9345

Check Payment Method

Issues to do with your credit card details could lead to a failed payment. This is what triggers the error on your screen.

Getting rid of this system glitch requires you to follow the steps as advised below.

First, you need to visit the Amazon website using the address:

next, you will be prompted to enter your login details which you should do. Once logged in, head over to the payment portal and check your information to confirm that your card is still active.

If the card is expired, then you may change the payment method or enter your new card details.

Check Internet Connection 

A poor internet connection tends to create bugs and glitches in Amazon Prime which may lead to the error 9345.

To check and fix the error, investigate your internet connection. To check if the network is working as it should or not, try connecting using your Mobile hotspot.

For issues to do with the router, reboot and re-connect it. This will restart and refresh the router system and will help rid you of the error.

Reinstall Amazon Prime App

Having confirmed that all your card details are correct and functional, you may now restart your app. This will help to refresh the system and clear all corrupted data that may be the reason behind the error.

To do this right, go to settings, click on apps and features than on Amazon Prime App then click on uninstall.

Then visit Play Store, search for Amazon Prime, and Install it.

Update Prime App 

It could be that you missed a few steps in the installation process or that you are running an outdated version of the software.

To check and correct this, go to the App or Play Store system to check for available updates. If you can see any update prompts, install them.

Many times, app developers use new versions to deal with system bugs. So, doing this may help to fix the error.

If there are no pending updates, the issue lies elsewhere and you can try the next resolution.

Power Cycle device 

If the simple restart process did not solve the error, you must run a power cycle process on the device. 

This is an easy solution that requires you to switch off the device and disconnect your modem and router cables.

Give it about a minute before plugging in your modem again. Wait until it is launched before going through the same process with your router.

Finally switch on your Prime box and start the Video app again. The error should be resolved.


As noted above, the Amazon Prime error code 9345 is an easy one to solve. By keeping your payment details and software updated, you may never have to experience this error.

That is with the exemption of internet errors for which you could reset your connection and if nothing changes, call for technical support.


How do I use Amazon Prime on my Smart TV?

First, confirm that your TV is compatible with Amazon prime. Then download the app to your TV and enter your Amazon details and you are all set.

Why won’t Amazon Prime work on my Smart TV?

It could be that the connection or system has a glitch. Try opening the Video App on your smartphone or your PC. If this doesn’t work, restart your smart TV and try again.

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