How to Fix Amazon Prime Error Code 6084


When watching Amazon Prime, it is not uncommon to come across the error code 6084. Signaling a disconnection from the internet, here is a breakdown of the possible causes and ways to fix it.

In my 7 years working with different internet service providers, I have come across tons of technical errors to do with streaming services.

Some like the error code 6084 are popular and are associated with many different streaming devices. In all cases, it represents a disconnection from the internet.

To fix the error code 6084 on Amazon Prime, the best thing to do is to report and wait for the technicians to fix the issue. Alternatively, you may reboot your systems, upgrade internet or reset your router.

On Amazon Prime, Error Code 6084 could be triggered by several factors.It could mean that there is a challenge in your device connecting to the Prime servers.

Fixing Error Code 6084 on Amazon Prime

Refresh Streaming attempt 

If you encounter this issue and along with it you experience an Audio Only glitch, where the screen remains black while audio plays, the internet connection is inadequate.

Solve this by closing the Amazon Prime browser or by power-cycling the streaming device.

Apple TV users can go to the settings option, choose the system, and click on restart. For Apple IOS mobile users, pressing and holding any of the volume buttons will present the power slider.

Drag it in the right direction and wait for it to turn off completely. Only then should you manually turn it back on.

Android TV users can use the main dashboard to access settings. From here, find the About tab and click on the Power menu and finally the “Restart” button.

If streaming on an Android mobile device, long-press the power button to reveal the power menu. Then click on a restart to reboot the service.

Doing this will help to clear out all stored data that may be disrupting the effectiveness of the Amazon Prime application.

Summary Table on Fixing error 6084 on Amazon Prime

Error Problem Solution


Error Code 6084


Issue with Amazon Prime servers Wait for technicians to resolve
Wrong IP or TCP assigned Restart or Reset router
Audio Only glitch Reboot
Slow Internet speeds Upgrade bandwidth or change ISP

 Test Internet Speeds

There is a minimum internet speed required to stream videos. Poor or slow speeds will interrupt viewing and present the error 6084 messages. So, ensure you sign onto a network that supports this bandwidth.

To know your internet bandwidth, you can log into an internet Speed Test website which will display your download speeds after running a quick scan.

Sometimes, you may have adequate speeds yet the connection is still unstable. At this point, try disconnecting all other devices from the wireless network to maximize the speeds.

Restart or Reset Router 

Having conducted all the above assessments in vain, check to see if there could be an inconsistency in your network. This is possible and happens when the ISP assigns an IP from a previous Amazon Prime account.

In this case, you can request a new IP address by using these two methods:

Restart your router 

To quickly and easily force for the assignment of a new IP address, use this simple process. It is the equivalent of a power-cycle and it will reassign an address without clearing out your router’s customized and established settings.

Using the power button on your router which is located near the rear, press it once to cut off the power. Proceed to disconnect the cable from the socket and wait for at least 90 seconds before plugging back in.

Once the restart is complete and the internet connection is established, try to stream your Amazon Prime content again.

Reset the Router 

Settings stored by your computer could be the reason behind the problem you are facing. If this is the case, a simple procedure like the restart you just did, will not be enough.

It could be that there is a more serious and deeply rooted issue in the network causing the error. The only way to solve this by clearing out custom settings previously established. This will include configuration settings such as the ISP logins.

The reset router process is initiated by long-pressing the reset button on the rear of your router.


Caused by a weak connection or a server timeout, error 6084 on Amazon Prime is easy to diagnose and fix. If after diagnosis you are sure the internet connection is strong and that other applications are working normally, uninstall the Amazon Prime app and reinstall it.

This is only advised as a last resort but it will resolve most errors that are associated with a troublesome Amazon Prime connection.


How does Website Cache affect my connection?

Temporary files are created and saved in your browser from all the websites your visit. This is done to shorten your load time on a repeat visit. Unfortunately, these files are prone to corruption.

With corrupted data, the security of the connection is compromised and this leads to disconnection. Clearing the cache deletes all data that is interfering with your Amazon Prime account.

How will changing my DNS setting help?

Doing so might help you get better service or improve your connection.

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