How to fix Roku error code 014.50

Nothing sucks the joy out of a good evening than having to deal with an error code on your Roku TV screen. We get into the different ways we can try to fix this error.

When looking for a TV that will give you access to streams of audio and video content, it doesn’t get better than Roku.

Error code 014.50 appears on your screen when the device is unable to connect to the local network. This could be due to poor signal strength or incorrect verification details.

Whatever the reason behind the error 014.50 on Roku is, to fix it, you need to try a set of consecutive steps that will work to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

To maximize on uninterrupted streaming, regularly check your local network to ensure you are correctly connected to the service.

Fixing Roku Error Code 014.50

Now that you understand the reason behind the error 014.50 is related directly to the local connection, you can proceed to break down the root cause.

Fixing the error needs you to isolate the symptoms.

The first thing to do is to try reconnecting to the network. If this doesn’t work, try disconnecting the Roku device by clicking on the “Forget Network” tab from settings.

Then proceed to scan for available networks within your range. From the presented list, select your network and enter the security key as prompted.

As this is a one-time error, you may have forgotten your password so be careful when typing it in to be sure. Alternatively, you can have your password written and stored away safely if you are prone to forget it.

Restarting the Roku device then reconnecting to the internet will help settle this minor issue. It is an effect of small inconsistencies in the network and therefore you shouldn’t worry much.

Follow these steps to fix the Roku error code 014.50

  • Switch off your router and disconnect the power cable
  • The light on your device indicating the wireless connection should go off before you remove the data cable from the router or modem.
  • Give it a minute after all cables have been disconnected. Afterward, turn on the wireless modem and ensure that it is functioning effectively.
  • Now you can proceed to the activation process which requires you to press the continue tab on your screen
  • Finally, select the Roku device and enjoy your viewing.

Summary Table on Fixing error 014.50 on Roku

Error Problem Solution



Roku Error Code 014.50


Frequent internet disconnection Restart Roku device
Disconnected or damaged Cables Reset Network Settings
Inspect and reconnect cables

Reset Device

It could be that your device’s software has been compromised as a result of corruption in the system. To fix this, you must restore the factory default settings of your Roku router.

You will do this by logging in to your Roku account. Then head on to the settings tab and select the “System” option.

Click on the “System Restart” and “Factory Reset”. Wait for the device to come back on and check to confirm the issue is solved.

Reset Network Settings 

As a last resort, when all the above fails, you may need to reset your internet connection. This will flash your modem’s memory back to the default settings.

This means that you must reconfigure the settings as you did the first time you started using Roku. It also means that any other devices connected to the network are forgotten and must be reset.

This step is done by logging in to your Roku account. Once in, head on to the settings tab and click on the option “system”.

Proceed on to select “System Restart” and click on the “Network Connection Reset” button. This will prompt the device to reset and restart. When it comes back on, go to the “Settings” tab and click on the “Network” tab.

Then click on the Wi-Fi option and select “Setup a new Wi-Fi Connection”. From here, you can confirm your preferred network and finish with “I am at home”.

For further options, click the “Automatic” tab and confirm with a password. Then check to see if the problem is resolved.


As established, the Roku error 014.50 is nothing to panic about. Signaling a disruption within the local area network, reconnection is about identifying the root cause and dealing with it.

With this information, you should be able to identify the challenge and undertake the necessary steps to fix it.


What does the Roku error 014.50 signify?

It means that there is no connection established between the device and router.

You will not be able to view any videos at this time. The lack of data transfer gives the diagnosis that there is a disconnection to the wireless channel.

What should I do if my internet signal strength reads as “Strong” yet I am not able to connect to my TV?

Try and enable both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands on your router. Alternatively, restart and reset all internet and Roku configurations.

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