How do I transfer my straight talk service from one phone to another?

One of the things that draw many people to straight talk is the affordable cost of phones. This is a famous prepaid carrier that allows you to keep your number and continue using the network you are used to.

If you want to transfer your straight talk service from your current phone to another, you can do this with ease. Consider moving the sim card that you have been using on your current phone to the new phone. Alternatively, you can still do this by activating the new phone from Read to learn both methods.

Introduction to straight talk

This is a virtual network operator that does not have its own cell phone towers. Straight talk works by partnering with other networks to offer coverage. One of the things that made straight talk quite popular is its partnership with big networks such as T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. Once you choose to be a straight talk customer, you will access only a single network depending on your device and location.

If, for instance, you have purchased a Galaxy Phone, there is a high likelihood that it utilizes Verizon towers. The cell phone provider offers different phone models and accommodates even buyers on a budget. Customers can pay for the full price of a device or choose the 24-month financing option. This is a good deal since it may not strain your finances.

Though straight talk has some merits, some people are not impressed with the slow data speeds that this provider delivers. If, for instance, you like streaming music or video or surfing the internet, this cell phone provider may be disappointing. It does not have the best data speeds, and the customer service is poor.

How to do the transfer

Moving the sim card

The process of transferring your service balance from your current phone to another is straightforward. You need to remove the sim card from your phone then transfer it to the new phone. Though this should take you seconds, it will only work if your current phone uses straight talk’s T-Mobile or AT&T network. Apart from that, the new phone should also be compatible with the exact straight talk network you have been using.

Before you start transferring the sim card to the new phone, you should also confirm that the phones have the same sim card sizes.If the three conditions are not met, then transferring the sim card to your new phone will not work. After you have transferred the sim card, you should confirm if the new phone has recognized the sim. Once the SIM has been recognized, you can now confirm if you can send messages and make phone calls using the new phone.

If you cannot make calls or send messages after the transfer, do not hesitate to reach out to straight talk for assistance. You should also confirm if you can utilize cellular data to send MMS messages or surf the internet. If you realize that making calls and sending messages is possible but using cellular data is impossible, you should set the APN settings on the phone.

Activating the new phone

If you are searching for a simple way to do this, you should choose this method. If you don’t have an account on, you should start by creating one. Once you have created the account, you should notice the phone that you are currently using is categorized as an active device. If the new phone you want to start using is from, it must have come with its own sim card. Click on the straight talk option, then indicate that you have a sim card.

Look for the sim card number and enter it in the required section. You may also need to give your phone’s IMEI. You can now accept the terms before clicking on the option labeled continue. You will be asked to specify if you would like a new phone number or keep your existing number. Once you click on the option to transfer the number you have been using, Straight talk will figure out that you are a customer that wants to transfer your service. This method gives you the chance to transfer your service balance and phone number to another phone.

If you did not get the new phone you want to use from, you should consider buying a sim card. Pay attention to the size of the sim card you choose since they come in different sizes. Pick the right size for your new phone. As you purchase the sim card, you should also ensure that you get one for the specific straight talk network you wish to use.

Here is a summary of the two methods

Moving the sim card
·         To do this successfully, your current phone should be using either the T-Mobile or the AT&T network.

·         The new phone should also be compatible with the network you have been using.


Activating the new phone
·         Create an account on, then choose activate

·         Indicate that you have a new straight talk phone and sim card

·         Key in the sim card number and accept the terms, then click continue.

·         Ensure you indicate that you want to keep your phone number before submitting your request.



Straight talk offers some impressive deals. If you have been using a device from this cell phone provider and would wish to transfer your straight talk service to another phone, you can do this with ease. Choose either of the options we have discussed above to make the transition.


Can I transfer my remaining service balance to a new phone?

Yes. This is only possible if the new cell phone is eligible for the plan you are using. If it is not, you should consider buying a new service plan for the phone.

How can I tell which network my cell phone is on?

You can find this information on the phone’s manual or through an online search.

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