Why is Verizon so expensive?

One key reason for this is the company reinvests a lot of money in its own network. Part of the reinvestment is in purchasing spectrum for its 5G network and additional investments in its 4G network. The company also offers more coverage compared to its competitors.

If you plan on getting your phone and not seeing the “no signal” icon then Verizon is one of the best phone providers. You also do not experience any dropped calls with the provider.

Reasons for Verizon being so expensive

Best 4G LTE Network

One key reason to join Verizon is that it has one of the best 4G LTE networks in the market. The company coverage is also solid covering over 70% of the country. This ensures that customers from both rural and urban areas enjoy reliable and fast services. It also means you enjoy very little dead zones. Coming in at second place is AT&T with 68%.

To access this fast and reliable 4G service customers pay a premium for it. For example, Verizon start unlimited goes for $70/month and for a single line. Their package get more unlimited goes higher to $90/month. This is more than what you get from other service providers like AT&T which offers its starter pack for $65/month.

Verizon unlimited plans

While Verizon is not the cheapest provider in the market it does offer users good value for money. When you consider what you are getting in terms of speeds, performance and coverage then it is worth it.

Start unlimited Plan
Unlimited data

No contract

$70/month + $20 upfront
Do more unlimited plan
Unlimited data

No contract

$80/Month + $20 upfront
Play more unlimited plan
Unlimited data

No contract

$80/Month + $20 upfront
Get more unlimited plan
Unlimited data

No contract

$90/Month + $20 upfront

Here is how Verizon unlimited cell phone plans compare with competitors

Ultra Mobile
Unlimited data single-month plan
Unlimited plan

No contract

$40 unlimited plan
Unlimited data

No contract

Pure Talk USA
$55 Simply smarter plan
Unlimited data

No contract

$49.50/Month + $3 upfront
Simply Prepaid unlimited
Unlimited data

Per 1 month recharge

AT&T Prepaid $65 Monthly plan
Unlimited data

Per 30 day recharge

$50 + $4.99 Upfront
Unlimited prepaid unlimited smartphone plan
Unlimited data

Per I month recharge


Some of the perks you get from Verizon unlimited perks include:

In the Start unlimited you get zero data limits, 480p of video streaming quality, 5G capable device, unlimited data at 600 Kbps for your mobile hotspots and free Disney+ and Apple music subscription.

The play more unlimited gives you access to no data limits, 720p video streaming quality, for your mobile hotspot unlimited data with 15GB of hotspot data, free Disney+ and Apple music one year subscription.

The do more unlimited package gives you access to the 5G network wherever it is available, access to 720P streaming quality, unlimited data of up to 15GB for your mobile hotspot and one free Disney+ and Apple Music subscription for one year. You also get 500Gb on Verizon cloud.

The last package is the Get More unlimited that gives you access to the 5G network, 720p of video streaming quality, Unlimited data of up to 30GB for your mobile hotspot and one year subscription to Disney+ and Apple Music. You also get up to 500Gb of storage on Verizon Cloud.

Prepaid cell phone plans

Verizon also has prepaid cell phone plans that start at a monthly price of $35. This gives you access to the 5GB prepaid smartphone plan. For 15GB of data you pay $45 and $65 for unlimited data plan. You may be wondering why pay that much while there other providers way cheaper than Verizon. The answer lies in coverage. Verizon network is extensive and this means you are going to be enjoying unrivalled connectivity wherever you travel to in the country.

Customer Service

One key thing you need to be on the lookout for when selecting a ISP is customer service. If this is poor then you are going to suffer silently as you wait for your network challenges to be sorted out. According to a report by J.D. Power on customer service, Verizon does quite well coming in at second place with 812 out of 1000 points. The best overall service provider was T-Mobile. For Verizon to be at second place it means it has done some significant investments to its infrastructure and human resource in their customer care department. Support for Verizon is carried out via chat, phone, email and apps. Experiences among customers varies a lot depending on the medium they use to communicate with the company.


To most people Verizon has some of the most expensive data and voice plans in the market. But, you have to realize that the company invests significantly into its network infrastructure to provide superior services. The company also offers extensive coverage that is clear no matter your location. This comes in handy when you are travelling as you can make and receive calls with utmost clarity. If you are looking for cheaper data/call option then you may want to consider plugging into one of Verizon MVNOs. The service providers are cheaper while offering you the clarity and coverage that Verizon network offers. You also benefit from emerging technologies like 5G and one of the best 4G LTE network.


What perks can I get from Verizon network?

When you join the Verizon network depending on the plan you are in should expect unlimited data, text and calls. Coverage will extend to Canada and Mexico. You should also expect perks like free one year subscription to Disney+, Apple Music, ESPN+ and Hulu.

Which network has the best coverage?

When it comes to the 4G LTE network no one has better coverage in the US than Verizon. However, if you are looking at the faster 5G network then AT&T has a slight edge over Verizon. However, this is subject to change as both networks invest more in infrastructure

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