Wave broadband vs. CenturyLink

Wave and CenturyLink both have affordable internet packages suitable to a wide range of people. However, CenturyLink is more established with a coverage that spans over 40 states. The company also has a long history providing internet access to millions of people. Wave while new does offer CenturyLink a run for its money with its fast internet speeds and awesome TV channels.

When to use Wave broadband Internet Service Provider

Wave is ideal when you are looking for bundled plans combining TV and internet. Their TV option comes with local channels like FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CW. You also get a host of digital channels. You can also get an expansion of other channels as part of their expansion packages. This gives you access to ESPN, AMC, Bravo, Disney, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, USA, FX, TNT among others. The company offers four internet packages with prices ranging from $19.95/mo. to $49.95/mo. This will give you access to 50Mbps to 1Gbps.

When to use CenturyLink Internet Service Provider

CenturyLink works best if you have an existing telephone line as they can use the existing infrastructure for internet. The company also offers fiber in select states in the country. CenturyLink is affordable and of the most reliable ISPs in the country. The company benefits from providing unlimited internet with no contracts. This enables you to leave an internet plans at anytime without worrying about termination fees.

How we evaluate Wave broadband and CenturyLink

It is important to check how the two ISPs compare to each other based on their strengths and weaknesses. Here we check out some key metrics that will influence your decision as to which provider to go with.

  • Data caps: Some ISPs do have data caps that put a limit as to how much data you can use. The best are those that have unlimited internet as you can access the internet with no worries about data caps.
  • Coverage: it is equally important to know which areas and states a network covers. Some have countrywide coverage while others are relegated to specific states.
  • Data Plans: this will relate to the number and type of data plans the company offers
  • Price range: Price is an important factor when you are looking for an ISP

Wave broadband vs. CenturyLink – A Comparison Overview

Wave broadband review

Wave offers you four internet plans from 50Mbps to 1,000Mbps. It is available in States like Oregon, California, and Washington. The company does not have contracts meaning you do not suffer early termination fees. The company offers its internet packages via cable, copper, and fiber. Wave also offers its users a HD receiver at $11/month. With this you are able to get interactive on-screen guides and on-demand TV.  The company also offers TiVo streaming DVR at no extra charge.


  • No contracts for service
  • Multiple internet plans
  • Great TV service


Not widely available

High Speed 50
50/5 Mbps
High Speed 250
250/10 Mbps
High Speed 500
500/10 Mbps
1 TB
Gig Plan
1000/10 Mbps
2 TB

CenturyLink review

CenturyLink is one of the oldest ISPs with roots dating back to 1930s. The Company offers its services via fiber, cable and DSL. It offers are one of the most affordable and you can access an array of bundled packages that combine data, voice and TV. The company DSL services have expanded to over 40 states with its fiber gaining ground. In 2021, CenturyLink was named the best DSL provider and 7th ISP.


  • Ideal for those who want to lock a price plan
  • You do not need a contract to access their service
  • High speed internet ideal for streaming
  • Bundled plans


Their customer care services are not that good

How does Wave broadband and CenturyLink compare?

Comparing two service providers with great internet services can be quite a challenge. But, we have managed to grade this two ISPs on various factors before we tell you which one is the best.

Coverage: CenturyLink has a wider coverage than Wave. It is available in over 36 states where it offers DSL services. You will find CenturyLink in states like Iowa, Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Nevada, South Carolina, and New Jersey. Its fiber is available in 19 cities and still expanding. Wave has less of a presence and is largely available in California, Washington, and Oregon.

Data plans: Wave offers you four major data plan: You have high speed 50, High speed 250, high speed 500, and Gig plan. Prices range from $19.95/mo. to $49.95/mo. Wave Broadband has a more comprehensive data plan than CenturyLink.

Data caps: for each of its data plans wave offers its consumers a data cap. You will have for 300GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB. CenturyLink offers you unlimited internet with no data cap

Wave Broadband
Data plans
50, 250, 500Mbps and 1Gbps
100Mbps to 940Mbps
Price range
$19.95/mo. to $49.95/mo.
$49 to $65
Data cap
300GB, 500GB, 1 TB, 2 TB
Oregon, Washington, California
Over 34 states


Our winner is Wave broadband as it offers you some of the best TV channels in the market with affordable and fast internet. This has led to the service providers popularity constantly increasing. CenturyLink benefits from the fact that it has more years to be established. The large number of people it services evidences this.


What Wi-Fi is better than CenturyLink?

This would be Xfinity Wi-Fi. The company offers extremely fast internet packages of up to 2Gbps. The company also has millions of hotspots spread across the country

Is CenturyLink the worst internet provider?

The company has not received good reviews when it comes to its customer services. In many online reviews, you will find the company has received one star ratings. Their DSL is unreliable in some areas where you get less than the promised speeds

Is CenturyLink a wave? 

No, the two are different ISPs offering a wide range of internet packages

Is wave a good internet provider?

According to most customer reviews Wave has received quite some positive reviews. The company offers some affordable internet plans, which are quite competitive.

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