T mobile home internet vs. CenturyLink

When it comes to choosing the right ISP you do not want the hassle of complicated pricing and hidden fees. T mobile has one of the most simplified pricing plans in the market. In fact, you just have one internet plan and the price does not go up or down. CenturyLink offers its services via DSL, cable and fiber and as such has pricing plans depending on which package you go with.

When to use T mobile home internet Service Provider

T mobile internet is ideal if you are tired of choosing internet plans with contracts. The company offers you one plan at a flat rate of $50/month inclusive of taxes. You do not experience price hikes or hidden fees. On the downside you do not experience exceptional internet speeds like other service providers and this can be a bit frustrating. You also do not have to worry about data caps or contracts.

When to use CenturyLink Internet Service Provider

CenturyLink is ideal for you if you have the necessary infrastructure in your city. This means you have DSL, cable or fiber. The company offers you a variety of internet plans each ideal for specific income groups. At the top of pyramid you have the fiber internet with 940Mbps. The company has a couple of bundled offers for TV, internet and voice.

How to evaluate T mobile home internet and CenturyLink

In order to make a decision as to which service provider is better, we need to compare them in the following metrics:

  • Data plan: This relates to whether the company offers different download speeds to its customers at varying prices.
  • Coverage: This shows you which parts of the country the ISP covers
  • Data cap: This is a limit imposed by the ISP from which you are charged if you cross it
  • Contracts: This determines the beginning and expiration of your contract. If you terminate it early you are charged fees for it.

T mobile home internet vs. CenturyLink – A Comparison Overview

T mobile home internet Review

T Mobile game plan is to break into the internet market with its 5G technology. To do this they offer only one internet package at $50/month. With this you do not need to worry about hidden fees, price hikes, data caps and contracts. The internet plan is available to over 30 million people living across the US who rely on its mobile technology to communicate. The downloads speeds are okay and you should get an average of 54Mbps. This is almost 10 times what you would be getting from a normal cable service provider.

On the downside you will experience some erratic speeds that are more than those offered by cable companies. The quality of your internet connection is also largely dependent on how close you are to the T mobile tower. There is also no TV with the service provider meaning you do not get to enjoy any cost savings with bundled services.


  • Simple pricing
  • Decent download speeds
  • No contracts
  • No data caps


Inconsistent speeds

Starting price
Price after 12mo.
Download speed
Upload speed

CenturyLink Review

CenturyLink offers its customers internet via DSL, fiber and cable. The company has a long history of existence and has being offering its services to over 37 states and fiber to 25 states. CenturyLink plans range from $50 to $65. Here you get speeds of between 100Mbps to 940Mbps. The company used to impose some sort of data cap but these were scrapped and you now enjoy unlimited internet.

CenturyLink DSL services are widely available in the country where telephone infrastructure exists. The plans range from 15 to 940Mbps. While affordable and widely used DSL users do suffer from occasional internet congestion especially during on-peak hours. It is recommended that you schedule any heavy downloads to late nights or early mornings when traffic is not congested.


  • Unlimited data plans
  • Gig fiber option with speeds of up to 940Mbps
  • No contracts hence no cancellation fees
  • Widely available


Poor customer service

Download speed
Data cap
Simply unlimited
CenturyLink fiber

How does T mobile home internet and CenturyLink Compare?

  • Pricing

T mobile just has one pricing plan the $50/month while CenturyLink has pricing for its cable, DSL and fiber. Here you should expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $100. This makes T mobile more affordable than CenturyLink.

  • Coverage

CenturyLink offers you better coverage than T Mobile as it is available in over 37 states where it offers DSL and cable. Its fiber is available in 25 states and this keeps growing.

  • Download Speeds

 CenturyLink has a clear edge over T Mobile as it offers speeds of between 100Mbps and 940Mbps. Its fiber is more reliable and consistent than T mobile internet which can be a bit of a challenge when you are further from its mast.

  • Data limits and contracts: T Mobile has the most flexible internet plan as it does it charges the same flat rate. You do not have data limits no contracts. This makes it easier to leave the service plan without worrying about early termination fees. CenturyLink did have data caps but this have being eliminated.
T Mobile Home internet
$50 – $100
Download speed
Upload speeds
Data caps


T Mobile is our winner with its simple package for $50/month. This is ideal for those people who are tired of complicated pricing structures by ISPs. CenturyLink has also simplified its internet plans by eliminating data caps. When it comes to reliable and fast internet CenturyLink fiber has an edge over T mobile. However, it comes with the shortcoming of not being widely available.


Can I switch plans with T Mobile?

No, the company offers you one internet package at $50/month. This does not have any hidden charges no do you experience price hikes

Does CenturyLink sell modems?

The company does have its own modems for rental but you can also purchase your own after consulting with their webpage

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