Does Asurion use genuine Apple parts?

No, it does not. Asurion works with third parties that help it repair smart devices. These third parties do not use genuine apple parts since they don’t have access to them. The company also tries to keep repair costs down. Though phone insurance such as Asurion may have some appealing features, many customers are not … Read more

Does Asurion cover water damage?

Smart devices are a significant part of our lives. During the rainy season, you may find it hard to keep your smartphone completely dry. According to a study, one in five smartphone users has their phones damaged every year. Signing up with Asurion can help you enjoy coverage for different things to save some funds. … Read more

Does Applecare cover lost AirPods?

No, it does not. This plan from Apple only offers protection against malfunctions and accidental damage. If you lose your AirPods or they get stolen, you can only replace them without relying on this protection plan. Apple has changed the way most customers listen to music. The company offers wireless headphones known as AirPods, which … Read more

Does AppleCare cover dog chewing AirPods?

Yes, it does. Applecare considers this to be accidental damage. If a dog chews your device, you can take it to the Apple store to get it replaced. Since Applecare also covers the charging case and the cable, Apple can replace it if a dog chews it. Since Apple started selling AirPods, many customers have … Read more