Are Linksys Routers Good for Gaming?

The best gaming routers are essentially equipped to handle high speed internet and extremely heavy tasks on multiple devices without lag or latency. There are many brands that produce high end gaming routers. So, are Linksys routers any good for gaming?

Linksys, as a router and related devices manufacturer, has been around for a good amount of time. The company boasts a wide range of high speed routers that can be used in homes, offices and other settings. Among these is a range of gaming routers that are used widely for recreational gaming and even pro gaming. So, are Linksys routers good for gaming? Yes, Linksys routers are good for gaming, especially those that are designed and built to be gaming devices. Gaming routers made by Linksys are built to be fast and reliable, and are adequate for using in high speed professional gaming. Below is a breakdown of some of the best characteristics of Linksys Gaming Routers. 

Features of Linksys Gaming Routers

Large processors and high speed RAM

One of the strongest features of Linksys gaming routers is that they are fitted with large processors that facilitate the execution of extremely heavy tasks with ease. With a Linksys gaming router, you will be able to run high speed gaming and experience superior graphic quality without lag. High processor speeds allow for fast data transfers from the router to connected devices. In addition, they come with high speed RAM that also works to ensure information is processed and transferred really fast.

Use of multiple bands

For high speed internet transmission and adequate device prioritization, it is important for a router to have multiple bands through which to operate. With Linksys gaming routers, you will find that there are dual band and tri band devices. Dual band routers come with a dedicated 2.4 GHz band, as well as a 5 GHz band that works to support internet transmission with ease. With tri band routers, each device comes with three bands; a dedicated 2.4 GHz band, as well as two 5 GHz bands. 

Multiple ethernet ports

While all Linksys routers have the capacity to work wirelessly, it is important to have the freedom to use ethernet cables to connect your devices. Linksys routers come with multiple ports which is an ideal characteristic for gaming routers. This way, you can connect multiple consoles as well as screens at the same time to enjoy high speed internet in multiple devices. 

Wireless Standards

A good gaming router ought to be compatible with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ac), and all recently produced Linksys routers are compatible with these standards. With a Wi-Fi 6 router, you will be able to run high speed games without experiencing lag. It is recommended that you buy a router that also allows you to upgrade your Wi-Fi standard whenever they upgrade. 

Wide transmission range

Many Linksys gaming routers are built to handle internet transmission over wide ranges that span more than 1,500 square feet. With this kind of transmission range, you will be able to work with ease, and to experience high speed internet transmission from all corners of your home. This way, you do not have to worry about buying a Wi-Fi range extender or a repeater for better internet transmission. 

High internet transmission speeds

Gaming is an activity that requires high speed internet at all times, and it is an added advantage when you have a gaming router that transmits at high speeds. Linksys gaming routers are made to deliver very high internet speeds that allow for extremely fast gaming without lag. For this reason, they are popular among gaming communities globally for their ability to be reliable. 

MU-MIMO technology

One of the best features in Linksys gaming routers is MU-MIMO technology that allows for the router to prioritize all connected devices, so that you do not experience lag in any of them when you are using the router. Your uploads and downloads will be given as much backup as they need, allowing them to run concurrently in a smooth fashion. 

Low network latency

One of the biggest features you want to see on your router is low network latency. This way, your router takes very little time to transfer data packets from your computer to the gaming server. A low network latency router makes sure that the game refreshes in time, and that you do not experience missing frames when you are gaming. 

Best Linksys Routers for gaming

Linksys Hydra Pro 6E

This is easily one of the fastest and most efficient routers from Linksys. It is a MU-MIMO technology compatible device that is able to prioritize all devices in use. Apart from this, it is also a tri-band device that delivers top speeds of 6,000 Mbps. 

Linksys Max Stream MR9600 

This router is a dual band device that is excellent for gaming. With it, you will be able to run high speed gaming with lots of ease. When it comes to max transmission speed, this gadget delivers a top speed of 6,000 Mbps.

Linksys WRT32X AC3200 Gaming Router

This router is a dedicated gaming gadget that allows for high speed gaming, largely because it comes with an in-built prioritization engine. With it, you can be certain that your games will refresh fast and that you will not experience any lag. This router delivers a top speed of 3,200 Mbps which is pretty decent for a gaming router. 

Features of Best Linksys Gaming Routers

Router Name 
Number of bands 
Top transmission speed
Linksys Hydra Pro 6E
6,000 Mbps
Linksys Max Stream MR9600 
6,000 Mbps 
Linksys WRT32X AC3200 Gaming Router
3,200 bps


Linksys routers are all-rounded in their performance, but if you are looking to zero in on one that is good for gaming, you will have an impressive assortment from which to choose. Be certain to select a high speed router that is also MU-MIMO technology compatible for great experience. 


Does the Linksys Max Stream MR9600 have a dedicated gaming user interface?

No, it does not. It, however, has the technology to deliver high quality gaming experience. 

Do multiple antennas enhance network transmission?

Yes, many antennas allow for stronger internet transmission. 

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