Geek squad standard vs accidental – Which plan should you pay for?

If you have been looking for a way to protect your electronic devices from damage, you should consider Geek Squad. This tech company offers different plans that can help, such as the standard and accidental plan.

You should get a warranty every time you make a big purchase on a device such as a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. One of the companies known to offer great warranties is Geek Squad. This is dedicated to offering quality service for a wide range of products that customers purchase from Best Buy. Before you pay for any plan available at Geek Squad, you need to understand how they work. Here is more!

What are the differences between the Geek squad standard and accidental?

Type of plan
Period of coverage
Up to 2 years
Up to 5 years
What it covers
Defects in workmanship and materials, power surges, wear and tear
Accidental events such as spills and drops.

Geek squad standard vs. accidental- How do they compare?

Period of coverage

The accidental plan can cover your device for longer than the standard plan. The standard plan covers devices for up to 2 years. If you choose the accidental plan, you can get coverage for up to 5 years.

What they cover

Geek Squad also covers different things under its protection plans. If, for instance, you choose the standard plan, you can get coverage against defects in workmanship and materials, power surges, internal overheating, humidity dust, normal wear and tear, battery failure, and malfunctioning pixels.

On the other hand, the accidental plan can cover your device against unexpected events such as spills and drops that can arise while using the product. This does not cover the product against cosmetic damage.  According to most customers, the standard plan offers better coverage compared to the accidental plan.


Most people choose the standard plan since it is more affordable than the accidental plan. You can pay for either of these plans per month or pay the full amount upfront. Both plans cover the cost of parts and labor.

Geek squad standard vs. accidental  – A comparison overview

Geek Squad standard plan overview

Most Geek Squad customers focus on the standard plan. This covers devices such as computers, mobile devices, electronics, and appliances. When you choose to pay for the standard plan, you can get coverage against defects in workmanship and materials, failures caused by power surges, or normal wear and tear.

If your covered device stops functioning due to internal humidity, overheating, or dust, you can get it repaired. The standard plan also covers such devices in case of battery failure or malfunctioning pixels for devices with a pixel-based display. If you pay for the standard plan and your device’s battery fails after some time, you can get it replaced.

The standard plan can cover your device for at least two years. It, therefore, extends the manufacturer’s warranty for one more year. It covers the device against incidences that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover.

You can either pay for the standard plan the day you buy a product from Best Buy or within 14 days. If you want to pay for the plan after buying a product, you can talk to one of the customer representatives at a local Best Buy store. If anything happens to the covered device, you should file a claim. Feel free to call the Geek Squad agents if you have any queries regarding the standard plan.


  • Excellent warranty for the price
  • It can cover your device for two years
  • It covers most electronic devices
  • The plan is transferrable


  • This plan cannot cover a device against accidental damage.

Geek Squad accidental plan overview

Unexpected external events happen from time to time while using different devices. For instance, you could be using a laptop then end up pouring a drink on it. This can easily damage the device and prevent you from accomplishing certain tasks. Geek Squad can have your back in such circumstances if you choose to play for accidental coverage.

Once you pay for this type of coverage, it can expire after a couple of years. You can even extend the coverage for up to five years. The coverage begins the day you purchase the product. Once you pay for accidental coverage and your device is damaged, Geek Squad can either repair or replace it.

If the extent of damage is severe, Geek Squad can replace the product with another one of the same quality and kind. If the service provider cannot find a device of the same quality and make, it can choose to reimburse you for the replacement device with a gift card or voucher of the same value as the original product.

Though this plan offers coverage for accidental damage, it cannot cover a product in case of cosmetic damages. Things such as dents, scratches, or tears on the product are therefore not covered. Take note that the accidental plan will not cover a device damaged in falls from elevated grounds like windows or balconies.

If, for instance, your product is run over by a vehicle or falls for a moving vehicle and gets damaged, you may not get compensated. The accidental plan also fails to cover devices damaged due to complete liquid submersion.


  • This can cover your device for up to 5 years.
  • It can prevent you from expensive repairs in case of unexpected events
  • You can either get a device repaired or replaced


  • This does not cover cosmetic damage.


Geek Squad is a subsidiary of Best Buy that offers support and repair services to its customers. You can get support via the internet, on-site, or even with a Best Buy store. This service provider also offers different protection plans that you should consider paying for. The most popular ones among customers include the standard and accidental.

Verdict: So, which is better? The Geek squad standard or accidental plan?

After comparing them, we discovered that both plans are good. The standard plan stands out since it can offer better coverage and comes at an affordable rate. Though the accidental plan can cover your device for longer, the standard plan can cover more incidences that often happen to devices. We, therefore, choose the standard plan as the clear winner.


Does Geek Squad cover accidental damage?

Yes. Geek Squad offers a plan that covers accidental damage.

Does Best Buy cover accidental damage?

Yes. Since Best Buy works hand in hand with Geek Squad, it offers coverage for accidental damage.

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