Android TV vs. smart TV – Which one should you go for?

We all depend on technology for our entertainment needs. Unlike in the past, where televisions used to display black and white images, they have advanced and even embraced wifi connectivity.

Viewers are always on the lookout for advanced TV sets that they can use at home. Some of the popular options that are in high demand include Android and smart TV. Choosing between these two options is, however, challenging for most customers. We can make your purchase easier by discussing how they differ. Read on!

What are the differences between Android TV and smart TV?

Android TV
Smart TV
Operating system
Google’s Android OS
Firmware updates
Less frequent
Call to action

Android TV vs. smart TV – How do they compare?

Firmware updates

A good TV is one that can easily be updated over the internet connection. That is what you should expect when you choose Android TV. Since this device has continuous firmware updates, it ensures that you always have an up-to-date system and can enjoy recent features. Since smart TV has less frequent updates, it can easily get obsolete. You may therefore be forced to replace it after some time if you want to enjoy recent features. In terms of updates, Android TV is better than a smart TV.


You should also expect a wide range of applications from Android TV. This device does not limit you to only a few options, like in the case of a smart TV. The Google Play store found in an Android TV tries to cover so many areas to accommodate viewers with different needs. On the other hand, choosing a smart TV can limit you since this device does not offer so many options. Since you cannot upgrade the smart TV’s operating system, you may not get access to new apps. Android TV is, therefore, better at offering apps compared to a smart TV.


Most smart TVs are expensive, and yet they are not as good as Android TVs. The problem with an Android TV is that it is not easy to find since the number of manufacturers that create them are limited.  Smart TV manufacturers, on the other hand, are so many, and thus you can easily find this device.  In terms of pricing, Android TV is cheaper than a smart TV, and it can also give you more value for your cash.

Android TV vs. smart TV – A comparison review

Android TV

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If you have an Android smartphone, you should consider getting an Android TV. Making this decision is wise since the device is compatible with different Android phone apps. This is a type of smart TV that contains its own operating system. It is a quality television that can give you access to numerous features, including voice search functionality. Through an Android TV, you get the chance to search for programs or switch channels using your voice.

Apart from streaming content, you can also use Android TV to play different games. Make use of the Google Play store to find all your favorite games. While some of the games come at no cost, others have to be paid for. One of the reasons why many people consider Android TV over other smart TVs is curated content. This smart TV takes it time to analyze the materials you like watching and then displays the most relevant content. It will also recommend certain types of content based on your preferences. If you don’t want to use the curated bar, you can still search for specific content types separately.

Most users also like the Android interface since it is not that hard to learn. This smart TV gives you access to popular streaming services such as Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix. Feel free to access different Google play movies from an Android TV. Since this TV comes with a Google Cast feature, it allows you to cast content from a different device to it.


  • Has a comprehensive app library
  • Allows you to cast content
  • User-friendly interface
  • Regular firmware updates


  • Limited manufacturers

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Android TV specs

Operating system
Android OS
TVPlayer, Plex, NBC, Bloomberg TV, TIvimate and Pluto TV
YouTube TV
4K and HDR functionality

Smart TV

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A smart TV is like a computer since it can connect to the internet. Most smart TV models come with a lot of storage space that you can use to download content. You can use this TV to access numerous apps such as Hulu, Vimeo, and YouTube. It also allows you to browse content on the web and view different photo slideshows.

You can also use a smart TV to access all your accounts on social media. Apart from entertainment, smart TV can also be used as a communication tool. It contains the Skype feature, which enables you to stay in touch with friends. Many people enjoy the simplicity and convenience that comes from using a smart TV.

Every smart TV model comes with a remote that you can use to control it. You will also find the interface user-friendly. Feel free to use a smart TV as your gaming device. If you are a gaming enthusiast, you don’t have to invest more money in buying a PlayStation when you have this device since it can serve similar functions. Since smart TV models come with different USB ports, you can also connect various peripherals to the device, such as a video camera. Such devices give you a chance to upload photos and videos to social media pages.

Though smart TV is quite versatile, it exposes you to some security risks. This is because some smart TVs contain built-in cameras that can make a hacker spy on you. Some people have also become victims of cybercrime due to the use of smart TVs. A smart TV also offers limited apps that are sometimes not very reliable.


  • It is easy to set up
  • Many manufacturers make smart TV models
  • Come with a simple remote


  • Contains limited apps
  • No regular firmware updates

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Smart TV specs

Channels available
Tubi, Pluto TV, Amazon prime video, Crackle and Netflix
YouTube TV
Not available in some models
4K and HDR functionality
Depends on the model
LG, Samsung, Sony, TCL

Verdict: So, which is better? Android TV or smart TV

After comparing these two devices, we realized that Android TV has better capabilities. This is because it uses its own operating system, which can be upgraded. With this TV, you can get regular updates that can keep your device current. This TV also offers a high number of apps including YouTube TV. Since it is open-source, Android TV is less expensive compared to most smart TV models.

We also liked the additional features of this TV, such as Google cast and a voice control remote. Though smart TV is versatile, it does not match the capabilities of Android TV since it has less frequent updates, fewer apps, and a high cost. Though not many manufacturers create Android TV, choosing this device has helped us fulfill different needs. This is what compelled us to declare Android TV as the clear winner.


Is Android TV a smart television?

Yes. This is a type of smart TV that is based on Google’s Android OS.

What should I expect from an Android TV?

Since this TV supports 4K and HDR, you should expect vivid images from it.

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